White kids get shotguns for christmas

Bronx, NY

#67 Jan 18, 2011
now we know who the rednecks are on topix


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#68 Jan 18, 2011
ziya wrote:
now we know who the rednecks are on topix
Anyone who challenges you?

Bronx, NY

#69 Jan 18, 2011
Does Anyone Care wrote:
<quoted text>My Mother and Father raised me with High Morals and to Respect Others and to "Respect Guns" . I grew up in the country with wildlife that runs on all 4 Legs not the F--king Hood Rats that run on 2 Legs . My Father showed Me how to shot and handle a gun and I went to classes at the age of 10 for Hunting and Safety . In fact EVERYONE that wants to Hunt in my State has to take a "Hunting and Safety Course" before they can hunt with a gun .
So I don't expect you to Understand beings your a Hood Rat Too
an you legally purchase a gun at 10? can a 10 yr old legally hunt alone? NO

my point it wouldnt be against the law if it was SANE to give 10 yr olds real guns


Bronx, NY

#70 Jan 20, 2011
AxeMeAnything wrote:
<quoted text>
Anyone who challenges you?
who challenged me?
im talking about the ones who admit to have been given guns when they were babies and try to defend it
Jawga Boy

Gay, GA

#71 Jan 20, 2011

My 12 year old just killed her!

With double ought buckshots!

Ahhhhhh, it won't be long before I'll smell deer sausages in the mornings!

Huntington, IN

#72 Jan 20, 2011
canday wrote:
uuuuu shooot your eye out raaaalllphieeee.love that fxcking movie
l0l :) havent cn that n years, was als0 0ne 0v my favs!

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#74 May 3, 2013
so as i said white kids get guns for christmas and bdays

five yr old gets rifle for bday and kills his sister
very tragic

San Francisco, CA

#75 May 3, 2013
Why not buy the little whippersnappers guns?

Heck, why not buy them whiskey and cigarettes too? While you're at it make sure they are licensed drivers by age 10. In some countries children that age are ready for marriage. What's stopping us? In other places in the world there are child soldiers, so enlisting them early in the armed forces might not be a bad idea. At least they will have the firearms experience.

Children want to be adults anyway, so make sure they get a head start in life.


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Let's BUZZ Lower Manhattan....

#76 May 3, 2013
Rico In Rica wrote:
One rare incident of white lunacy does not mitigate the second-by-second daily onslaught of Negro violence, inbreeding, rape, crime, stealing, incest, murder, illegitimate breeding, historic stupidity, child molestation, filth, disease, and laziness.
No, but it sure soothes their Bruised Black Ego...lol!

Its Hellywood

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#77 May 3, 2013
Hopefully all the little white psychos kill each other. God willing. I can't stand those little white D-bag kids. You all know the type. They're around 10 years old, think they own the world, parents don't discipline them, and they're obnoxious and ugly. You just know they are going to grow-up to be date rapists and scum bags. So you see, white guys are losers and dirt bags from birth. No wonder real women have turned away from these psychos.

United States

#78 May 3, 2013
If raised correctly, it doesn't matter the age.

I knew not to hit or harm others by the age of four. When I was unfortunate to see a horror film on TV, I cringed in total disgust and was disturbed by the sight of it. I didn't go crazy and on a violent rampage. It made me despise violence all the more.

However, there is a line I'll cross and it's only in self-defense of my well-being and life, and same to protect anyone else, even a stranger.

So the kids with guns, alone, is not the problem. Giving undisciplined, out of control little brats a gun is a very dumb thing to do. The father and mother (if she wants to and is fit to) should hold all firearms until the kids prove themselves to be against unjust violence, even against insects. They need to be raised to respect ALL living beings in the utmost manner; only kill in hunting for food but also show that animal total respect and be thankful for the food it'll provide them.

The age is not so much the problem; it's the mindset.

I'd rather a disciplined, moral 8 year old child hold a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with slugs, rather than a 30 year old adult who has shown the clear signs of criminality and lack of discipline, lack of respect for life, etc.

It's all in the personality of the individual.

If you fear kids with guns then, this only proves that most or all the kids you've ever seen and were friends with were certainly not disciplined correctly. That's your experience, so I guess cannot entirely blame your view on the subject because of this.

However, there are different cultures and groups of people out there which are quite foreign to people you've obviously grown up around; you'd be surprised to see how well they discipline their children to hunt with guns, or go target practicing, even let the kids home alone with the guns if they had to.

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#79 Jan 11, 2014
Milkman Dan

London, UK

#80 Jan 11, 2014
over in England you can get have shotgun as young as 8 provided your dad has licence. this is so young people on farms etc can shoot and handle guns.

but our "vibrant" population (mainly city dwellers) don't see why you should need a licence and but illegal handguns from "homies", then always hit innocent bystanders when they "pop a cap" to impress the homies.

but in the country we hardly get any "diversity" at all. also, they know many of us DO have shotguns and know how to shoot straight.
Blacks Are Worthless

Miami, FL

#81 Jan 11, 2014
For the continued survival of our race by maintaining superior firepower we Whites have always given our innocent children the weapons, training & sheer will & ability to shoot to kill violent blacks bent on committing savage acts of rape, murder, robbery, carjacking, home invasions, drive by shootings, flash mobbing, cowardly race specific knock out attacks, arson, drug use & welfare fraud, lately other races have conferred with us on how to protect themselves against the mindless black sociopathic madness that spreads like a diseased cancer, George Zimmerman has been approached by some wealthy American patriotic groups to head a new national awareness coalition on stopping black instigated violent crime by any means necessary up to & including "the gravest extreme" in defense of self & George Zimmerman is all too well familiar with that type of situation.
Billy from Philly

Toledo, OH

#82 Jan 11, 2014
White kids get shotguns for Christmas.

Most White Kids are raised in a family with a gun in the house and with 2 parents.

72 percent of Black Kids are raised in a single family home.

Blacks are killing each other everyday in every city.

What the F--k is wrong with you Blacks !!!!!!

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#83 Jan 11, 2014
ziya wrote:
then shoot their mothers..he aparently got this rifle for christmas from his dad,
HOLMES COUNTY, Ohio — Buelah Mike was dealt a crushing blow in the new year. Her 46-year-old daughter, Deborah McVay was killed Sunday night and her 10-year-old grandson is charged with her death.
"He's bad, but there's some good in him," she told Fox 8 News.
McVay and two of her four children lived just a few feet from Mike's trailer on Township Road 511 in Big Prairie, just west of Millersberg. It was there, in a converted garage, where investigators said the boy grabbed a .22 caliber rifle from his bedroom and shot his mother to death.
His 15-year-old sister was standing nearby when it happened. "He went in his room, and obviously he got the gun, and loaded it and shot my mom," the girl told Fox 8 News.
When will America ban guns?!

Billy from Philly

Toledo, OH

#84 Jan 11, 2014
I have been raised in a house were we all went hunting. At a early age my Father showed me how to shot a gun .

ALL CHILDREN that want to hunt in Penn. HAVE TO take a Hunting and Safety course in order to hunt.

Today I'm part of the course and I NEVER saw a Black Boy at one of them.

That's the reason NO BLACK should ever have a Gun.

Billy from Philly

Toledo, OH

#85 Jan 11, 2014
-patricia- wrote:
<quoted text>
When will America ban guns?!
People died for that right and a FOOL like you wants to do away with that right !!!!

Take your Head Out Of Your ASS.
Milkman Dan

London, UK

#86 Jan 11, 2014
-patricia- wrote:
<quoted text>
When will America ban guns?!
what does "smh" mean? secret ebonic codes? and guns should be taken away from black men anyway.

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#87 Jan 11, 2014
Billy from Philly wrote:
White kids get shotguns for Christmas.

Most White Kids are raised in a family with a gun in the house and with 2 parents.

72 percent of Black Kids are raised in a single family home.

Blacks are killing each other everyday in every city.

What the F--k is wrong with you Blacks !!!!!!
Most of the white mass shooters were raised in two parent homes! Wtf is wrong with you whites got two parents and still fkd up in the head

91% of suicides are white mostly white men, wtf is wrong with you whites!!!!!

White suicide is three times higher than blk homicide annually. matter of fact, about 3,000 whites are killing themselves a month. EVERY month! Wtf is wrong with you whites!!!!

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