Why do BM continue Street Harassment ...

Why do BM continue Street Harassment of BW & Girls?

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Falls Church, VA

#1 Sep 23, 2013
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Things Street Harassing Black Men Actually Have Said To Me…

One of the common things mentioned in regards to street harassment is about men who demand that women smile on the spot. Never mind how I feel that day or my disinterest in being emotionally policed or performing emotions versus feeling/experiencing them. Never mind that my “Resting Bitch Face" seems to upset the patriarchy beyond measure. The demand for smiling is about control and nothing else. But honestly, being demanded to smile is on the bottom of my list of the offensive stuff said/done to me during street harassment because Black men say/do much worse to me. The absolute worst would be the rape threats, threats of other violence, purposely bumping into me or pushing/groping. In addition to the aforementioned, these statements below hurt me even more than the demands to smile, which simply irritate me.

"You ain’t shit." Now it would seem like this is an escalated response, perhaps after some initial harassment and my reply to the initial harassment. But no, this has actually been the first thing out of some Black men’s mouths. Not even "ay girl" and then it later escalates to this. Several times this has been their first phrase. I don’t reply. I do make eye contact. I make them look at me and recognize the full gravity of what they’ve said. Most of the time they drop their eyes.

"Hey, B*tch virgin." When this happened I just looked at the man without reply. He then said “I dunno why you givin’ me that look; I didn’t say ‘virgin’, I said ‘birgin’‘cause I know you ain’t no virgin.” What/who the fuck is “birgin/Birgin?” This man seriously made up a word/name on the spot! Even if this is a word, his intent was to escape his original stupidity, not to use an obscure word.(He also intended to place me in the “virgin vs. whore” patriarchal ) He looked genuinely embarrassed and pathetic, but only because other Black men nearby laughed at him versus the usual two reactions to street harassment that they have which is to join in the harassment or pretend it isn’t happening. Not once has a Black man stood up to another one for harassing me.

Only once has this ever happened in over twenty years of experiencing street harassment and it was a White man who stood up to another White man who harassed me. Even so, only once in over twenty years? As a Black woman, other than from my father, I’ve never had any man be protective of me anyway I feel that Black men hate me.

I do not desire nor expect it. It would be nice if some men called out misogyny when it happens as opposed to being accomplices or ignoring it.)

"Well fuck you then, bitch." Every Black woman that I know has heard this phrase. It comes after my rejection of a man’s initial request (maybe for a conversation [which usually means a soliloquy on their part] or my phone number). My rejection reply is usually "no thank you, have a good day" or just "nah." Since these men are entitled (especially when it comes to Black women), we should be “thankful” for their harassment since this White supremacist society has informed them that Black women are not desirable, and they choose to accept this without dissent) a “no” is some sort of grave injustice in their lives where misogyny is the only adequate response to restore their lost sense of phallocentric power.

"That bitch is fine/that bitch got a nice ass/titties." This comment surfaces when it’s a group harassment effort. The men sometimes choose not to speak to me but to speak about me as an object, and loud enough so that I can hear, with the hopes of restoring their sense of power (and sense of homosocial bonding) through degrading me. Usually other insults or sexual statements trail this one. Some include “I bet that bitch has good pussy” or “I bet that bitch can fuck she wants black d*tch.”


Cigar Face

United States

#2 Sep 23, 2013
STFU crakkka!!everyone know your a cave beast.

Falls Church, VA

#3 Sep 23, 2013
Cigar Face wrote:
STFU crakkka!!everyone know your a cave beast.

I tell the truth and post it!

I told you I'm harassed on my job by BM and I used to be harassed on the streets when I was younger and lived in a Black community!

That' same form of harassment comes when a Black man ask me out and I'm not interested in them their "Offended".

I don't understand why?

If I see that your not a good Match for me; why can you respect it? Most Black men are sorry anyway and have "Far too much baggage"; temporary workers, 3-4 OOW kids, No investments or retirement, have bad decisions that follow them!

Very sad and VERY YOU!

You were just too "selfish, self centered and narcissistic" to have kids by your white wife; all you thought about was yourself FOOL!

Now your Old Sickly and Alone!

Falls Church, VA

#4 Sep 23, 2013
Cigar Face wrote:
STFU crakkka!!everyone know your a cave beast.

Not only that but I get harassed by Black men in my office occasionally. The same behaviors they do on the streets is the same or similar behaviors on how many Black men treat Black women!

Which is why I don't date them. Funny, Black men act like I don't have the right to turn them down and they get "pissed"!

If I'm nice to you it doesn't give you a right to harass me I'm I say "NO"! You don't have no come my way and insult me all the time just because I have no interest in dating you!

I find it funny that MOST Black men were supportive of the harassment and say to over look it until it kept happening and I actually had to get loud on a couple of them!


I'm generally pretty nice to folks but that doesn't mean Ill be a "Jump Off or Accept a Broke Fool" just because I talk or Im nice to you!

Black men are so damn backwards!

Atlanta, GA

#5 Sep 28, 2013
Cigar Face wrote:
STFU crakkka!!everyone know your a cave beast.
was this you?-


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#6 Sep 30, 2013
Bm are way too agressive with their approach. I was at a gas station the other day and two bm rode pass me as I'm exiting the store and yelled "Ay gurl come here". I felt in danger like I was about to be kidnapped. I quickly walked to my truck and drove off. Don't they know this is unattractive and Im not a "gurl". Not all bm but majority of them are aggressive when courting.

Baltimore, MD

#7 Sep 30, 2013
A lot of it isn't even about getting the girl. It's about showing off to their friends. Since the only barometer of manhood is too see how many women they can have sex with or at least go after. Some of these guys probably don't even enjoy sex as much as they do talking about what they did with their friends.

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