Black men hate natural hair.

Hyattsville, MD

#83 Feb 2, 2013
Black hair can be smooth too, with the right products and tools. That's stupid that straight hair is always considered "European". Most whites don't have naturally straight hair, their hair is wavy and curly mostly. Asians and Indians have the straightest hair of all races. Anyway, men love smooth hair, and I do as well even though my hair is curyly wavy. I think straight smooth hair looks neater, touchable and sexier and if I wear it that way, I'm still natural as in having no chemicals in my hair. I just decided to flat iron it like everyone else.
Specialribbons wrote:
<quoted text>
No, YOUR logic is warped. You wear it because you don't like your natural hair most likely. And why is that? Because the media repetitively smashes the idea into your head that your natural hair isn't beautiful, and that what IS beautiful is sleek, smooth, shiny European hair.

Hyattsville, MD

#84 Feb 2, 2013
Stop with the argument that black men hate themselves because they don't like unkempt crazy looking black hair. Most black women look nuts with afros. Slick in back in a bun, please. Keep it natural but tucked away and neat looking.
long island girl wrote:
You're right black men suffer from self hate issues. They hate a black woman's natural hair. But if her curls are really defined, then black men would assoiciate that with being less black, less African and therefore be more attracted to her. Black men hate themselves anyways. Black men hate my naturall hair but White men love it.

Hyattsville, MD

#85 Feb 2, 2013
Well said.
shybrotha wrote:
<quoted text>we don't hate natural hair, it's that natural hair isn't for everyone, especially in my opinion,when it's only an inch or two, or a short "dope boy" fade hair cut,and by no mean am I trying to disrespect anyone but those women may not be as "sexy" as they thought, and the same goes those worried about their skin tones,you just
have to find someone into your style or look,just experiment till you find what works for you not what you saw somewhere else so you won't regret it.You're all beautiful,and to each their own.

“me! chee hoo! LOL!”

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#86 Feb 2, 2013
I always wondered how much kink in black peoples hair

Howell, MI

#87 May 8, 2013
i want to fid hair growth formula so i can have more hair of any type.. I adore hair.. large hair.. much hair.. like kellis..

hair is for guys too the black race has this strange impression that hair is only for women..

white people know that men are supposed to have a lot of hair on em too..

actually I don't een think people from India respect hair growth.. or china..

i mean they never grow their hair..

Howell, MI

#88 May 8, 2013
big fat giant afro or whatever.. i mean yeah sometimes afro is boring .. but hair is freakin cool period.. pleas god.. no i'm sorry barber shops i'm sorry that i like my hair so much.. please stop trying to cut it off and go study chemicals so i can grow more of it..

when i die i wanna atleast be able to say i wore my hair long atleast once maybe if i send myself to jail it will let me grow my hair but i think they cut it off in there..

Howell, MI

#89 May 8, 2013
And everyone thinks that dreadlocks are a sign of you being in a gang or war.. but I used to want them and now i'm not allowed to have them anymore??

no well i kinda wanted an Afro dreadlock combo i actually I was gonna have an Afro and then perm some of the hair and straighten it..

but not all of it..

that way it would be a ball of Afro hair and I would have a braids of straight hair which i would wrap around the Affro..

or wear them pointing in a direction such as down.. which would make the hair look more like a hat.. but whatever.. and then the Afro would still be there.. along with the straigtened portion..

I get creative..

Howell, MI

#90 May 8, 2013
well whites do stuff to their hair a lot..

They dye it other colors and stuff..

I would uh.. straighten mine I guess and wear it in some weird direction..

see whites they like their hair but sometimes they also want something different..

I think that people with straight hair have more flexibility in the way they can re-design the hair..

which is what they are lucky with.. not necessarily the original form of the hair but that's just my view on it..

mean they don't have to put chemical in it to shape it a certain way..

but they do have to put something in it when they want it curly and black looking..

which they do sometimes for disco.. but usually not..

Howell, MI

#91 May 8, 2013
mean i they change their hair when appropriate.. to a blacker style so why can't blacks change their hair when appropriate to straighter style..

Howell, MI

#92 May 8, 2013
I get so angry when i got to the barbershop because i don't know how to tell the guy that i don't want it all cut off and just want it shaped..

Howell, MI

#93 May 8, 2013
well i want an amount of hair that is impossible to reach that is the future to me..

beautiful technology to help us live a more full version of ourselves I want more hair than usual.. so I would want my Amount of hair regardless of what I do to it to go beyond.. and I want the design to be as if it were my own personal tattoo..

Howell, MI

#94 May 8, 2013
And rapperas and black artists are never creative with their hair well once in a while ..

other races really aren't either but I jjust i wish I coul be I just want some crazy crazy design..

man i've seen this one black guy and his hair was permed and wrapped up it looked great..

Howell, MI

#95 May 8, 2013
i've never seen such a great hair style on a black guy..

Howell, MI

#96 May 8, 2013
I don't like snoop doggs perms there is no wrap in them no the guys hair looked like a pillow

Howell, MI

#97 May 8, 2013
snoop dogg does pimp perm but there's no real effort into his perms..

Howell, MI

#98 May 8, 2013
so like what if someone came up one day and said look at my million dollar perm lol yea right.. took a million dollars worth of work to get this design in my hair..

Howell, MI

#99 May 8, 2013
you know what would be crazy if someone had bling inside of their tattoo.. like a not a tatoo but like a carving in their body with jewlery in there where their skin should be..

or what if someone cut their arm off on purpose and replace it with platinum or solid gold..

Howell, MI

#100 May 8, 2013
stick to chains.. your right..

Howell, MI

#101 May 8, 2013
making yourself look different and customizing yourself boosts your self-esteem..

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#103 Jul 30, 2013
I can give less than one crap about what/ who loves/ hates what. My hair is natural, and I don't care what anyone has to say about it. My hair, my rules.

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