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Kolkata, India

#1984 Feb 11, 2014
Troll wrote:
Idians put up a rinky-dink grocery store and act as if they are gods and the customers are their worshippers.
check out who heads microsoft.,PepsiCo..etc etc..is guess those are all rink dinky groxery stores...got it white trash?

“Repent and worship God”

Since: Jul 13

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#1985 Feb 11, 2014
Darkjaemess wrote:
All peoples have self-determination, honor and pride, only black Christians have low self-esteem, slave complex and wannabe cracker mentality.
Were you a victim to that personally?
Arun- The African Indian

Sacramento, CA

#1987 Feb 18, 2014
Lily_is_back_bitches wrote:
<quoted text>
what makes them better? is it their poverty, or their darkness, or their annoying accents, or the fact that they stink, or how sleezy their men are, or all the curry, or .......
I totally do not understand your hate towards Indians??

First off, you are African American and why the hell have you straighten your hair? you look more like a mix off WHITE/Native American/a little bit of African... you have no god damn right to call your self African American. why don't you call your self white when the dominant race in you white?

all the girls I have dated in America are African Americans and they are amazing people, but this girl rite here is a shame to African American communitie, Bicth seems to be tripping living off of food stamps and got no crack money.

I am south Indian and my great grandfather is African and I am proud of it.

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Since: Mar 11

Columbus Ohio

#1988 Feb 18, 2014
So much hate in this country and it doesn't seem like any group has a monopoly on it

Merrylands, Australia

#1989 Mar 2, 2014
Right on.they stink and are just general wankers go back to Bollywood they look down on other races we should look down on them have you seen the rat temple you tube that yuk

Clearwater, FL

#1994 Apr 18, 2014
I work with people from india they own all lodging in florida they stare judge an think they are the elite my boss makes us walk his dog pick up poop to they are not nice people and love material items an money basically nazis.
your indian daddy

Brighton, CO

#1997 May 22, 2014
Lily...open wide...here comes lunch,....

Alwar, India

#1999 May 27, 2014
well...first india is such a populated country dat we r used to competitions in every field 4m admission in schools to gettin jobs dis factor is responsible for da confidence n do or die attitude...in some cases it may manifest as over confidnc
Second every country has its issues...n a dirty history..so lets just agree to respct diversity...
Third...ppl have no right to call ppl of some particular community racist wen dre own comments are full of derogatory terms...fourth dont hyperventilate over dis question...will be good for ur heart n head
Ps..m an indian...n m not racist

Neutral Bay, Australia

#2007 Oct 21, 2014
indian_guy wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm hearing from several African Americans that "Indians have self hate", "Indians will sell themselves to white people", "Indians want to be accepted by white man", "Indians are racist".
I find it a bit hypocritical, considering that Inter-racial stats between Indians and whites are very low while IR stats between blacks and whites are very high. Not to mention, a whole forum where probably 40 - 50% of the threads are about AA women and AA men having some sort of verbal warfare.
Unfortunately I married one and more unfortunately have met many. They truly do think they are better than everyone. The egotistical prick even tried to tell me that Indians built Australia. I told him, go and say that to randoms in the street you'll get your arse kicked. Indians started migrating in the last 50 years. Around 30 years ago there was 1 indian living in my town. I've noticed that once they go into other countries they feel empowered. The ones here who work in fast food restaurants think they have it made. I'll never understand why. This idiot I'm married to couldn't even pay our rent for 3 years straight, but thinks he is king. He honestly thinks he knows everything. They don't just hate black people, they hate whites too. It's kinda funny, some of them think they are whiter than whites! I fully understand why they are so hated.

Dallas, TX

#2012 Mar 26, 2015
They do and most Americans know that

Brookhaven, PA

#2014 Aug 17, 2015
indian_guy wrote:
<quoted text>
No, actually she's saying India is poor when her own country is 100 times poorer. India actually has the 2nd highest GDP per capita (1st being China). Ethiopia doesn't have sh*t. Go look up the stats and post again.
And you don't know any Indians, so don't judge them. How would you like it if someone called you a criminal based on what they see from the white media. Aint too pleasant is it....
Anyone who knows me in real life knows that i aint racist but knows that I speak some truth.
India was colonized by British howeber , the British had no love for them. The British left food on the docks for more than I don't remember the amount of days. The people never received the food and more than 30 million Indians died from starvation.

Indians have a lot of self hate often the British emperor should send for Swedish prostitutes to dance in India and the Indians believes they was pure and better.

So they tried to assimilate and was unsuccessful. That's another reason why Indian women and men go for white they have been inundated with messages that white is better. I had someone tell me that their Indian baby daddy was not allowed out by his mother in the summer because she didn't want him to be darker.

Indians will dime out blacks if given a chance this culture of people believe in more than one god. They have millions. They are strange group. After saying this I believe that they are entitles to like whom they want. I just guess they don't realize that the color in their skin comes from the East African Slave trade.

Omaha, NE

#2016 Jun 7, 2016
Lily_is_back_bitches wrote:
<quoted text>

what makes them better? is it their poverty, or their darkness, or their annoying accents, or the fact that they stink, or how sleezy their men are, or all the curry, or .......
Not trying to be rude, but not Indians are like that. I myself am an Indian girl and people mistake me for being another race because I have light tan skin. And yes, India does have poverty, but I come from a kinda rich family (sorry if that sounded snobbish) I don't have an accent, I grew up in America. I don't stink, I have good hygiene and I hate germs. And my dad is not sleepy he works very hard just so we can stay in America. I agree Indians have way too much pride. I don't take too muck pride because I understand my country still need to fix some things.
Indian curry lover 123

Foxboro, MA

#2017 Jun 20, 2016
Indians are the best okay. They are known for there smartness and did you know Indians get better jobs than America's. Indians are so lit. They are goals af and they are smarter than you will ever be

Foxboro, MA

#2018 Jun 20, 2016
I think this is bs because Indians are actually really nice
I'm best friends with an Indian and she is the most nicest person I ever met. She is so smart and hilarious. And some places in India might be in poverty but the rest of India has such high standard living. In the big cities they all live in huge houses with amazing cars. Lily you have no right to say that about them. And in the town I live in, all the Indians live in million dollar houses. Not being rude or anything, all the African Americans live in tiny houses and have 2004 version Toyota cars. Lily, you are a hipacrit. You are being so racist while calling Indians racist. Well they aren't like you, they are super sweet.

Malden, MA

#2019 Nov 25, 2016
oh gods

Hyattsville, MD

#2020 Dec 24, 2016
Ugly Chinese women will eat a white man's feces. I'm black, that's ok with me, I'll take a fine white woman that he's avoiding.

Pomona, CA

#2022 Sep 5, 2017
I've been raised in southern California my whole life, and I have had the pleasure of having friends from all types of cultures. One thing I know about Indian familys are friendly and hard working people.... but in some ways are prejudice and they talk about it too. I still have my long time friends who are indain and they tell you there is a reason why they don't allow mixed race marriages. If there is ever a mixed marriage it's bc they where born here in the states or they abandoned the traditions and where shunned by thier family.

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