White Men And Latino Men Are So Ugly
Brit chick


#128 Oct 19, 2012
It's only mixed race light skinned black guys who can be handsome, true sub Saharan african blacks are hideous
Beaver-toothed Billy

Harrisburg, PA

#129 Oct 19, 2012
mhusa wrote:
this thread is retarded.
Maybe he's faking being retarded. Lots of folks on this forum fake being retarded so they can heckle and jeckle. Being genuinely stupid makes the faking easier.



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#130 Oct 19, 2012
Jada wrote:
I mean seriously,the media plays with your mind, by portraying and showing these plastic tv and movie stars full of makeup and dress, to make us believe in white supremacy.
In the real world these guys are ugly as sin, without any variety like black guys, in hairstyle,skin tone,or ways.
I prefer my chocolate men, who come in a variety of tones,hair,and ways, and its all natural. Latino guys get all their little hyped up swag from that black blood thats in them from way back,and they horribly copy off black guys in all sorts of things from music to talk. lol
And white guys are just all around fake and ugly. They have to dress up and either be of souther european blood to have any sort of style to them, if not its all bland, and even then, we all know the southern european white guys, have black blood in them from way back when the moors took them over, so all these guys get everything they got in their style and look from black men.
Thats why i prefer,date, and will have children by my natural black men.
Good for you. Why are you broadcasting it?
Beaver-toothed Billy

Harrisburg, PA

#131 Oct 20, 2012
Jada wrote:
Thats why i prefer,date, and will have children by my natural black men.
So accrding to you there are no Hispanic natural black men.
You really expect peaple on this forum to believe that idiocy?
I think that your desperate need to deny Hispanic whitenesss makes you more than willing to deny the black Latino diaspora as well.

United States

#132 Oct 23, 2012
Are you kidding, blacks wouldn't have shit in America if it werent for the white man. They would still be running around with bamboo covering their penis's in Africa and have a 20 word language. Yea, whites stole there style and their stinky ass odor, greasy hair, and their poop complection. Sun doesn't bother blacks cause thats what their heritage lived under. Burnt to a damn crisp since the beginning of time. OOoooohh, the wites want that.
Jada wrote:
And another thing, i've noticed while in school and at work, is that white guys and latin guys, all seem to get red, and their skin seems to get really affected by the sun.
I know so many white guys and latino guys that always need sunscreen whenever it gets hot out. Why is this?
I've heard that white people get sun burned and die from skin cancer at alarming rates, is this true?
So that may explain why latino guys get the same thing, since they have a lot of european genes in them as well from back in the day.
Thanks for answering my questions guys!

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#133 Oct 23, 2012
Black men are the best looking because they look so much like this.


Rochester, NY

#134 Nov 16, 2012
Leave wrote:
<quoted text>
Most women don't like Mexicans, if they like hispanic/latino they like central American, south American. Mexican people, men and women are ugly.
Hey why are you bringing mexican women into this? There are some mexican women who love white men including me:)
I am not dark or fat or airy or smelly or poor. But I agree that mexicans are ugly the ones i have seen. I do not look anything like them i guess because im a quarter white but if you saw me I would look italian or some southern european. I am pale not as pale as white people but still light compleceted and thin and I am not poor. Would you ever date a mexican girl like me?
Leroy the truth Jones

Harrisburg, PA

#135 Nov 16, 2012
Thread's moronic!

Latino men can be identical in apperance to Nordics, Southern European. Which shows the profound ignorance that the thread starter is rtryung to diseminate. Self hatred us often the motivating factor for this.
Leroy the truth Jones

Harrisburg, PA

#136 Nov 16, 2012
Thread's moronic!

Latino men can be identical in appearance to African Blacks, European Nordics, Southern European whitex, Northen or southern Orientals, Mestizos etcetera. Which shows the profound ignorance that the thread starter is trying to diseminate. Self hatred us often the motivating factor for this garabage.
Wow Racist Much

Curtis Bay, MD

#137 Mar 21, 2013
Wow this thread is filled with pretty much a bunch of racist as*holes. (If you weren't being racist, then im not talking about you :}) Im mixed (black, WHITE, hispanic, asian, egyptian, israeli, polish, and austrian) Anyway, I myself don't find white people very attractive, but thats my own prefrence (and for the one who said most white people are homosexual, you are ovbiously living under a rock because the people in my school that are white, most of them are straight, and dating black people.) Being gay has nothing to do with your race or ethnic background. Now im gay (big wopp make ignorant comments if you wish) but I have dated all types of guys, my last boyfriend was white, even though I mostly date black guys, either way the original poster is a fat fu*k who is only saying this because people don't want to date her.

Howell, MI

#138 Mar 21, 2013
that's not blacks.. that's aboriginals..

actually no it is sometimes blacks..

Jenkintown, PA

#141 Apr 20, 2013
White men are good looking. A lot better than blacks in all honest opinion. Go to Europe sometime. Or Australia. Stop being a hermit and actually go outside and observe the world.

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alright alright.....

#144 Apr 21, 2013
Everyone is going to have their type so let it be people. I personally prefer a Mediteranean looking white man then a Nordic. I like some tint to them not too much and dark hair that makes their light eyes pop.. its a thing of beauty...

Howell, MI

#145 Apr 21, 2013
you think Usher is ugly?? maybe medium?? not ugly..

Howell, MI

#146 Apr 21, 2013
Jay z is kinda ugly I guess.. though..

Howell, MI

#147 Apr 21, 2013
black men even look different from one another that's why they have tribes fighting one another..

Howell, MI

#148 Apr 21, 2013
the blacks who have squinty eyes almost like Asians are the best looking blacks..

Howell, MI

#149 Apr 21, 2013
the madchens??? or something??

Howell, MI

#150 Apr 21, 2013
er maybe ethiopians..

Howell, MI

#151 Apr 21, 2013
well you think that snoop dogg is actually ugly?? I don't think he's that ugly.. i'm not a woman though.. I mean

he's not smoking hot but he's not that bad either..

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