What white female celebrities date bl...

Brooklyn, NY

#597 Oct 15, 2012
<quoted text>
Eva longoria isn't white
Its too bad some of u white guys
cant fathom whats going on here caucasion women know what they want
a well endowed brotha, GET OVER IT'

Fiesole, Italy

#598 Oct 28, 2012
istherehope4 wrote:
<quoted text>
there is no fkn comparison lil girl wtf can you not see. The top women that black men have always put on a pedestal seem to always be with or marry white men can you comprehend. Top rate white women are not with black men and they dont marry them. The only way they are going to go to a black man is if she has baggage or is old. That is not a top rate woman. The women you bring up are not top rate white women.
What is the criteria that equates to a top rated female? Seem very subjective? Are we talking super models/super wealthy/or worldly known as a sex symbol?
Sho nuff

Elgin, OK

#599 Nov 11, 2012
Y'all some racist folks
Sho nuff

Elgin, OK

#601 Nov 11, 2012
No self respecting white woman would mess with black trash
Sho nuff

Elgin, OK

#602 Nov 11, 2012
And I hate to tell you brothas aren't the only ones that have big members

Covington, GA

#605 Jan 6, 2013
now i see the brothers point i personally don't care about irr i think its needed but unlike most people i don't have a preference when it comes to race and the ones i met who do were usually very shallow superficial and ignorant however i'm seeing alot of sistas are praising other women to marryfor money and you see why yall get treated like hos how you want equality and independence when you lookin for a man to take care of you i will never tell a woman my financial status and tend to stay away from those that seek that in a man i grew up on the streets around hos and pimps and when i got older i noticed that many women have the same traits as them ho's but i can understand they plight more so than the women i encountered who had a job and they own place and car but they rather spend yo money i feel like if you marry it should be for love not money this reminds me of mariah carey marrying tommy mottolla her fuckin boss and he treated her like shit and most men who marry these type of women treat them like objects cause in his mind its like if it asn't for my money and status you wouldn't look twice at me so there fore its like i paid for you so i own you its wrong to feel that way but these women put themselves in that position my mother worked 2 jobs to support us by herself she never need a man to do what she need so ladies save your excuses she grew up in the projects with seven siblings and that didn't stop her from eventually receiving her masters i mean lets get real here some women are just hos and the ones who marry for money are just hos with a ring on they finger and i do notice there are more bw/m relationships in movies than bm/ww hollywood is run by white men and they want to project themselves s the strongest most desirable etc hence why there is more white leading men than black and black men are always being stereotyped in movies and tv and the music industry forces these brothas to coon and romote ignorance in the black community i know rappers quite a few of them are very creative insightful and clever but are forced to project these negative stereotypes i am not anti white i am anti racism i have talk to former fbi cia agents and there is and has been since the late 60's early 70's that the government systematically destroyed the black community from within thats why theres so much division amongst us originally black people had a thirst for knoledge and encouraged one another to further our education huey p newton was illiterate when he graduated high school and managed to get his phd the cia took revolutionary groups and turning them into gangs by killing one gang member from a different street and told them it was the guys on say 18th street that did it and the cycle goes from there black folks need to wake up yes alot of things are race related if you date outside your race thats cool but a lot of blacks date outside their race to get back at one another and because they secretly hate themselves their culture and their people and some just feel they fit in more with other races based of their environment but we need to kill this notion of race and see one race and thats the human race however i feel that white men are the most guilty culprits of racism my family have taken in orphan whites and treated them like family we don't see color but we are not blind to the world we live in and i just read a report that over half of white america in 2013 have anti black and hispanic sentiments 51% hates black 57% hated hispanics although many hispanics are black as well so i'd say 54% hate blacks and in hollywood is no different oh btw i spoke wit a famous white actress not gonna say names but she said she was very attracted to black men but for her to be seen in public with him or even have an ir love scene with them would be career suicide its sad cause most of them have to deal with fake marriages with guys don't even love just to feed the ego of the racist whites in hollywood

Houston, TX

#607 Mar 18, 2013
anyone could date who ever they want if a white women crave chocolate meat she will crave it :p gee people in these color preference:/
this country needs to sto

Potomac, MD

#608 Mar 19, 2013
this county needs to get over racism, soooo many white ladies are throwing it away, meanwhile they should be a lot more white ladies married to black men and having babies...or give black men more a chance. Its a great match!
Once you go black

Glendale, AZ

#609 Mar 30, 2013
BBC wrote:
once you go black
you never go back
probably cuz of a big bbc
and none stop f*cking action in bed
The real meaning is that your own race wont want you afterwards.
to hell with racism

Monroe, MI

#611 Jun 1, 2013
Sho nuff wrote:
No self respecting white woman would mess with black trash
say that to my face you f*****g punk!
to hell with racism

Monroe, MI

#612 Jun 1, 2013
Patrick wrote:
Black men are the scum of the earth and absolute bottom of the barrel! Violent, abusive deadbeat degenerates are probably the best words to describe them. Not all the filty lies and propaganda in the world could change the facts. 13% of the US population yet account for 59% of the homicides. Blacks also have an illegitimacy rate of close to 70% and rising. Yea, they sound like a real prize for White women. Haha, only the ignorant, weak minded, and brainwashed tramp types go for black males because they can't get White men.
your moms the scum of the earth for having a nothing like yourself. just go die worthless crap!

Ardsley, NY

#613 Jun 10, 2013
This is rediculous! Does anyone here have any sense?
I am cheap black toy

Arbil, Iraq

#614 Aug 5, 2013
Black men feel small but when with a white girl feel better hahaha. So cheap. Also then british home secretary and justice minister said white girls are easy meat... he was right they are... whether you are of any race they just throw themselves at you. And I can tell you if they dont think their own type of men aint good why should we think themselves are then. In a race men the men aint good enough so are the women visa versa.

Burnsville, MN

#615 Nov 28, 2013
Paladin wrote:
Let the groids feel that they are sexy! I mean after centuries of horrible slavery, it's the least we can do for them.
you need to eat a, big black dick

Southgate, MI

#618 Dec 17, 2013
mr marvelous wrote:
White chick gets banged by black d**k and start feeling likes she can take over the world. Look at Sara palin...she became gvnr of Alaska AFTER jalen rose smashed lol. Motivation+confidence=blackdik
u mean Glen Robinson son

Butler, AL

#621 Jan 28, 2014
u white racist males and u jealous black bimbos will come up with every kind of excuse u can when white women and black men are dating,u just can not stand it..there are many more black males and white females that are dating and are married in hollywood than the list shows,,also,,u should see all the white female entertainers that are with black men,,LOL..why don't u white racist and u jealous blkwomen get over it,black men and white white make love for real in real life,,instead of some dumb soap opera..LOL
alexander never mind

Baker, LA

#623 Feb 7, 2014
some white guys cannt get it, it impossible for you to get it, you are not every womens cup of tea.. the actresses mentioned are the ones you know about , the ones that are doing and you don't have a clue that are doing with brothers would probably blow your mind... a lot of women love brothers and you just think or hope she feel a certain about black men the way you do(white men).... nothing could be further from the truth .... I don't care how hard the media portrays you as the ultimate a lot of white and Asian and latin women don't buy it.......peace to the living


#624 Mar 24, 2014
What is the problem here? There's white people with different features and black people with different features. It's a huge world and lots of people with different offerings in looks and personality. What is this obsession with the colour of someone's skin?? Bizarre I reckon.
Each to their own and the world has opened up massively in the last ten years and so races are obviously gonna mix more. Why not?

Utica, NY

#625 Apr 30, 2014
Vlad Tepes wrote:
Let's talk about dominance.
Who speaks whose language?
Who brought who here?
Whose pic is on da loot?
insecure white guys like you who have artificial power and a savage who would steal men that's why your women love us your girl got some BBC on the side they pay us every women love us for us and not our money how many black teachers sleep with white students but on the other hand 90% of the cases are black students ramming white teachers your women are sluts in high school college and in the working world they give us your money I would be made to if I didn't have the tool to keep them

Panama City, FL

#626 Apr 30, 2014
The answer to the question in the thread's title is very little......and no, it's not because these women are "afraid of harming their careers", it is because most are simply not attracted to black men, either socially or physically.

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