What white female celebrities date bl...
Da thruth

Winter Garden, FL

#497 Sep 30, 2011
As bm,we are all mixed up by white men from days of slavery. You couldnt imagine how painful it was to see master to come to your slave cabin to take the wife,young daughters,or even mammas,to forfill their sexual desires.But on the other hand,while master was out on slave row during his nightly sex tours, His wife,young daughter,and mamma would constantly sneak those PRIZED BUCKS through tha back doors. What goes around comes around.. As black men we know that white men biggest fear of a black men is having his daughter or wife getting tapped by a black man.AS FAR AS MAIN STREAM MEDIA GOES,THE MEDIA IS STERIOTYPICAL,THAT IS RAN BY WHITE MEN.ITS TRUE SISTAS Have to sleep with white men in movies halle berry[monsters)kerry washington(lakeview terrace)beyonce(caddillac records)whitney(the bodyguard)The list goes on and on.Could you imagine Meagan Fox in a movie being banged by Will Smith

Lake Forest, CA

#498 Oct 1, 2011
This dick thing by black guys is all they've got, and even that's a myth. Black guys are the garbage of this society: what they contribute is low IQs, loud mouths, ugly looks, clownish looking clothes, stupid behavior, crime, gangs, AIDS, dumping their women on the welfare system instead of supporting them, and parasitism off white society. Few would even hold a job except for "affirmative action". In a previous age, white women would probably rather commit suicide than touch one of these grotesque beings with a stick. Why is it different now? The stupider white bitches end up with them because they are fat or ugly, or because they've been brainwashed by the liberal media. The liberal media acts as a free, 24/7 hype machine for black guys. By the time a white female is 20, she's seen this hype for 18 years. If they got the same hype that shit was ice cream, they'd eventually be asking for a shit sundae. As for the actresses, they know there's no quicker way to get free publicity from the liberal media than hook up with a black guy - the blacker and uglier, the better. It's all about brainwashing folks.

Little Rock, AR

#500 Oct 6, 2011
mr keep it real wrote:
<quoted text>what's also funny is that white men tried to be like black men,and so do other non black men.
Also because of racism,and hatred white men have created allows for the top a list,and famouse black women to marry,and date white men,yet the white girls can't.
What evil white men have sowned.
Pamela Anderson will screw anybody!

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#501 Oct 9, 2011
Lee Lee wrote:
This is so pathetic..if any of these White Women that you mentioned wanted to be with BM they are free to do so...I think most of them just know howmuch BM lie..cheat..have baby mama drama and are abusive so they steer clear of you. On the other hand there are famous WM that are married or dating BW and have done so for years..Robert De Niro...Robin Thicke...Justin Chambers..George Lucas...Mr Big..mark Ecko...Wolfgang puck...Shia Lebeauf..Sean Penn..and many more that I just can't think of right now. It's really sad that BM have to come up with reasons instead of facing pure fact...all that ''career would be over'' crap is just a pathetic excuse.
When you are done licking tha slavemaster's nuts mammy let us know.

“Maybe One Day...”

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#502 Oct 9, 2011
oh yes yes wrote:
I'm adding to that list even though my comment is way late > laura Dutta, Joy Enriquiz, Jordana Brewster, Vanessa Minnilo, Jessica Alba (mexican), Adriana Lima, Jessica Beil, Minka Kelly, Rachel Uchitel, < all dated Derek Jeter who is half black. and the list contiues May Anderson, Porschia Coleman, Hope Dworaczyk, Joumana Samaha < dated Jason Kidd who is half black, Amanda Bynes, Nicole Kidman, pamela anderson ( before she was famous). and more layla roberts, michelle ruben, kaya jones, smantha phillips, chanel ryan, summer altice, asia argento, shannon malone, pris hilton ( publicly denies it though)< all dated vin deisel
you notice that the guys you mentioned are damn-near white right?
marieanne t

Miami, FL

#503 Nov 2, 2011
is nothing as good as have sex with a black man,last time lasted 40 minutes,5 orgasms and a big wide 9inc heavy heavy comer
mr marvelous

Toledo, OH

#504 Nov 2, 2011
Bridgette nelson and FLAVOR FLAAAAAAVE! Lol
mr marvelous

Toledo, OH

#505 Nov 2, 2011
White chick gets banged by black d**k and start feeling likes she can take over the world. Look at Sara palin...she became gvnr of Alaska AFTER jalen rose smashed lol. Motivation+confidence=blackdik

Courtland, CA

#506 Nov 23, 2011
i like black pussi.

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#507 Nov 23, 2011
The sad thing is they are all naming American chicks that have all settled for white guys mostly. It's like so what Brad Pitt once dated a black chick, there is a difference between having a preference for only dating outside your race or having happened to experience different races in your dating pool/life.

No one is disputing that some white women have dated non-wm's, so, I think it's more of a case that famous white chicks rarely choose a black male to settle down with, but famous bm will take unknown white chicks at the switch of a button. And famous white chicks will only just sleep one night, not make husband or are only interested in bm when they are older or have a slxxty character.

Weatherford, TX

#509 Dec 1, 2011
mr marvelous wrote:
White chick gets banged by black d**k and start feeling likes she can take over the world. Look at Sara palin...she became gvnr of Alaska AFTER jalen rose smashed lol. Motivation+confidence=blackdik
It wasn't Jalen Rose fool, it was Glen Rice. Do some investo.

Greenbrier, AR

#510 Dec 3, 2011
theMAN wrote:
Hey guys Im a white man from eastern europe. I think Black americans MALES need to integrate with the rest of americans and stop feeling sorry for themself. You werent targeted beause of your race or appearance but because thats how history turned out. Do you see Bosnians who get massacred every 20 years by the Serbs go around hating everyone and every serb? They get on with their life and integrate. They dont look to "breed" with the enemy's females to get back at them like what some sick Black American males do. Do you see the Basque in Spain wanting to segregate themself, have conspiracies and revolve their lives about how many of their women are scre*ing spaniards ? If i give examples of how many other ethnicities on this EARTH have had injustice, I can fill an encyclopedia set. It appears as if you people are the only ones crying and hating and conspiring, and fuelling racism. What you Black males are doing is making normally neutral white males become Defensive and start to Hate you. I am european from a country that has always been subjugated by other empires, and have no business with American history BUT when iok ok come across your racist crap online it makes me to Dislike you people, and I will start to Hate you because of it even though not everyone is the same. But I will also turn others to hate you and probably teach my children that you people are racists who hate whites and want to destroy white culture, because that is true by what I am reading.
..........ok ok look....got all yall panties upin a wad about black men dating white women??? WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! You're just upset because Sally is racially curious. Or your exwife is vacationing in Miami with some well hing negro named Tyrone. TO all my white brethren..."HELL GO GET YOU SOME CHOCOLATE"!!!! Hell we(black men) aint gonna hate....we encourage you....and if you got good credit...YOU IN DA GAME. White men need to hook up with black women....oh wait a minute, yall have been, ie...Thomas Jefferson...slept with black female slaves, as much the same as most white slave owners did!!!! Hold up..what are yall complaining about again?????

Greensboro, NC

#511 Dec 10, 2011
Okay, i see that this is a older post,but I still would like to make a comment. Why is everyone so hostile? I saw this one remark from this Eastern European man who was saying he was starting to hate "black American men" Why???You say that you read forums on the internet and "black men" complain about everything that happens to them, and people from other countries have been subjected to the same things as black people, but they choose to mingle with them instead of hating them. That's great, but not everyone thinks like you do. I am an African American woman, and have seen for myself hatred towards me, for no reason. I have many friends. White, Asian, Indian, European, Hispanic, and we all get along just fine. We ask each other about the stereotypes of each others race and talk it out. We don't try to blame each other for things that have happened in the past, so my question to the Eastern European guy is, why hate ALL black people just because of the actions of a few? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me??? Why am I deemed "uneducated" just because my skin happens to be darker? Why should I fear what someone would say if I chose to date a white guy??? I do agree with the person that said a lot of people HIDE behind the internet, because you know you would never have to come face to face with a person. But, would you get on national television for instance and still say how much you hate someone??? I think that would change a lot of tunes if faced with that decision.
Just the facts


#512 Dec 10, 2011
Alphamale wrote:
There are many white female celebrities who openly express their desire for black men and/or date black men. Some examples include Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, Gemma Atkinson, Amii Grove, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Nicola T, Chanelle Hayes, Keeley Hazell, Chantelle Houghton, Jennifer Metcalfe, Imogen Thomas, Emma Bunton, Melanie Slade, Danielle Lloyd, Cassie Sumner, Sophie Reade, Joss Stone, Roxanne Pallet, Carmen Elektra, etc. It does seem that the very beautiful young white girls, predominantly in the music/tv/glamour industry, are extremely attracted to the alpha male attributes, and reportedly the size of the manhood, possessed by black males - usually successful big black athletes. And across the board, white girls are beginning to openly flaunt the desires they hold for black men. Fore instance, recently the famous porn actress Bridget Kerkove admitted that if she had got her way, she would have worked ONLY with black men, and was always secretly disappointed when she had to make love with a white man. She merely tolerated numerous scenes with white guys, alongside her favoured blacks, and admits that she subscribes to the old adage that 'once you go black, you never go back'. Certainly, as racist taboos gradually disappear, interracial romance, between white girls and black men in particular, is beginning to really flourish.
I be dam !

A Black man is worth a F--k afterwords .

Epsom, UK

#513 Dec 11, 2011
mr keep it real wrote:
<quoted text>Carmen wasn't even in hollywood at first. She was just a regualr white girl in Los Angeles. She started dating the mexican rapper B real,and then went with Dennis.
She was a regualr girl of the street. Kim,and Kourtney are mixed. Cocoa was a nobody also,just a regual chick from cali.
Kendra is a playboy bunny who does have a thang for black males,but she ain't a hollywood actress.
Nicole Kidman who did she date?
And who did Pam Anderson date?
Nicole kidman dated lenny the singer from america who is black from 2003 to 2004.

Saint Louis, MO

#514 Dec 19, 2011
i think it is so sexy that so many celbrity white women lust after black men and want to get in their pants wear short dresses nylons and heels for black men p.s leave them alone that's their deal
Concerned in Carmel Ind

Troy, ID

#515 Dec 20, 2011
too much mongrelization.

Rotherham, UK

#516 Dec 22, 2011
All white woman who breed with black men are disgusting tramps. They contribute to the destruction of their identity, and produce inferior offspring. There's nothing 'cool' about this.

Hightstown, NJ

#518 Dec 27, 2011
mr keep it real wrote:
<quoted text>sorry to hurt your feelings black girl,which I know you are one. Shia lebeof said he never dated Rhianna cause he wasn't diggin her.
And White racist don't know about a white R&B crooner. MTV,And VH1 don't play videos anymore. And he is now not even on urban radio,he is on adult contemporary black music stations now.
Only sistas know of him.
You busted.
Well said!!! Within the first few words I also could tell that the comment was a response by a typical stereotypical bitter black female!! Spewing the same canned propaganda instead of being objective as usual.

Hightstown, NJ

#519 Dec 27, 2011
I think that dating is the last stand for the white men who want to maintain total control over society. It's really smart when you think about it. They understand that the best way to keep a man's social value down regardless of how successful, intelligent or accomplished he may be is to make dating him taboo. No black man(even men like Obama) can ever truly reach society's mountain top if there is a stigma placed on dating them. Look at how white women are treated even when they date very successful and/or famous black men. I look forward to the way when an actress like Anne Hathaway can date a black man in America if she chooses and not have to worry about racist backlash from society.

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