Latina women hating on black women.

Dallas, TX

#3868 Jun 9, 2013
Burrito wrote:
Black men just use saltines and tortilla flippers. You Latrinos and Crackers are naive and flat out stupido. I have received so many BJ's and rim shots from Latrinas and Saltines that I could write a book on how to exploit them. Go back to Mexico. No one wants you here. The only thing a Black man wants is your cooter. You beaners are at the bottom of U.S. society for good reason. Stupido!
<quoted text>
Did you really just say that hispanic women are used for cooter? lol Let's do a simple google search shall we:

-Marriage statistics by race: WW-51%, HW-35%, BW-26%
-Single mother birth rates by race (2010 stats):WW-35.9%, HW-40.8%, BW-72.1%

I'm sure you can figure out who is being used for cooter on your own.

As for beauty, Venezuela holds the most Miss Universe/ Miss World titles at 9 combined titles followed by India then Sweden.

As for me, I have no reason to be jealous of BW as we are all different and yet the same on some level. I have no trouble recognizing the beauty in women of all races just like I KNOW there are uglies (in personality especially) in every race as well. As a latina with darker skin I can tell you no one can make me feel insecure but me. So no not ALL latinas hate on BW because many of us (at least the ones I know) have been instilled with a very secure feeling of love for ourselves. I suggest you take some time and try to find that love for yourself and get over all that anger you're harboring. Maybe then you won't have so much time on your hands to write such "Stupido" comments.
Tyrone Perez-Johnson

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

#3869 Jul 13, 2013
To all of u racist bastard Latinos and Latinas hatin on blacks, u guys r very stupid and dumb. Bcuz all Mexican people have at least sum black blood in them. Which means that if u r hatin on black people- ur technically hatin on yourselves and y'all know it and that makes y'all look soooooo stupid it's not even funny.

And Latina and black girls, stop hatin on each other- there r lots of beautiful black girls just like there sum beautiful Latina girls.

I personally luv black women- I think they r the prettiest creatures God made. And. Y the way, black girls in general do have bangin bodies ( well at least the ones who r not very overweight or looking like toothpicks).

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

#3870 Jul 13, 2013
It's so sad how ignorant a lot of u r. But what's even sadder is that u black and Latina girls r Puttin each other down bcuz of your own personal insecurities of yourself. It's really sad and disgusting 2 b honest.

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Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

#3871 Jul 14, 2013
I'm latin, I'm proud of it, I don't feel jealous of BW at all, and I respect them, but I also look to be treated the same way.

Norwalk, CT

#3872 Aug 13, 2013
telena wrote:
im a mexican woman very attractive,mexican men if they date outside their,race they tend to go with white girls not black.white and mexican women tend to look more alike cuz we both got long soft REAL hair and also we have lighter skin then a black women buy weave,wigs to look like us mexican and white men dont usually like black women they cheat on them with other races of women with lighter skin and good hair.some black men had never dated a black woman cuz they say they dont like their dark butts and nappy men want the real thing not weaves thats so fake!
Most people are going to date who they are going to date! People date outside their race all the time. Hispanic women, black women, white women, asain women, Indian women, middle eastern women, are ALL beautiful! And FYI, MOST women nowadays wear hair extensions! White, black, Hispanic.. And this is coming from a PUERTO RICAN WOMAN! I find most white women are having curves nowadays as well. And YES, black and hispanic women are KNOWN for their curves just in different ways. This thread is turning black and hispanic women against each other and making them hate on each other... Why? Because black women and Hispanic women share similar qualities.. Attitudes, sex appeal, body shapes, good cooks, family oriented..

And by the way, not all Hispanic women have hair and not all black women don't lol. There can be someone as dark as night and be Hispanic and there can be someone really light skin that is black . Skin tone and hair doesn't necessarily make someone's race. I guess it may come down to genetics.

Cali, Colombia

#3873 Aug 14, 2013
This entire thread is the reason I never want to live in the States. You guys are so obsessed with race it's unreal. I have never read such putrid, vile, selfish, low, shallow and superficial filth as some of the comments on this board. You idiots should be ashamed of yourselves, never will we ever advance with racist people like you driving society. Honestly, do an experiment take a black person, take a Hispanic person, a white person and Asian - put their arms side by side, take a knife and cut each one - you'll just see the colour red. I am neither black nor Hispanic, but I live in Cali in Colombia, I'm originally from Europe - the pure facts of the matter are this:

Black women are gorgeous, I've dated a few, with that beautiful chocolate skin, long black hair big brown eyes and curves - they are stunning

Latina women, equally as gorgeous, they come in various shades from olive to chocolate - beautiful figures, lovely ayes and long dark hair

You all need to be ashamed of yourselves, and take some pride in who you are, instead of coming on here like a bunch of 12 yr old schoolgirls screaming at each other. Take a look in the mirror and realise how good you look. My girlfriend here, like most Latin folks in Colombia and Brazil is a mix - a perfect mix - she has has some black family members, there is a little Spanish in there, even some indigenous - she is stunning. She wants us to move to the states, but because of the attitudes on this board I don't want to go - I'd rather move to the UK or Australia, or somewhere in Europe.

Honestly people, sort it out.

Cali, Colombia

#3874 Aug 14, 2013
Amaya has the right idea, I couldn't agree more
Joe o

Tampa, FL

#3875 Aug 23, 2013
Latinas are beautiful and don't wear wigs, no need for that

Since: May 10

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#3876 Aug 23, 2013
Andy wrote:
.... My girlfriend here, like most Latin folks in Colombia and Brazil is a mix - a perfect mix - she has has some black family members, there is a little Spanish in there, even some indigenous - she is stunning....
According to the 2005 census by the DANE the population of Colombia was composed of these racial groups:[3][4][5]

49% Mestizo (European and Amerindian).

37% White (European).

10.6% Afro-Colombian, includes Mulatto (European and Black/African) and Zambo (African and Amerindian).

3.4% Amerindian.

Other ethnic groups include Arabs counted with the Whites (Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians), Chinese, Roma or Gypsies from Eastern Europe, and South Asians (East Indians). However a number of other Europeans and North Americans migrated to the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and, in smaller numbers, Poles, Lithuanians, English, Irish, and Croats during and after the Second World War. Today is a major migration trend of Venezuelans, due to the political and economic situation in Venezuela.[6][7]

Many immigrant communities have settled on the Caribbean coast, in particular recent immigrants from the Middle East. Barranquilla (the largest city of the Colombian Caribbean) and other Caribbean cities have the largest populations of Palestinian, Lebanese, and other Arabs, Sephardi Jews and Romanies. There are also important communities of Chinese and Japanese.

Since: May 10

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#3877 Aug 23, 2013
Andy wrote:
.... Colombia and Brazil is a mix - a perfect mix - she has has some black family members, there is a little Spanish in there,....
Race and ethnicity in Brazil

Ethnicity Percentage

White 47.7%

Pardo (Multiracial 43.1%

Black 7.6%

Asian 1.1%

Amerindian 0.4%

Since: May 10

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#3879 Aug 23, 2013
The Shagstar wrote:
<quoted text>find one Hispanic as big as as Punjabi and I'll sh!t my pants
Famous Gigante de Carolina Puerto Rico 1963 - YouTube
&#9658; 3:55&#9658; 3:55 ;
Oct 6, 2008 - Uploaded by Peter Delgado
El Gigante de Carolina 1963 - YouTube. Subscribe 481. Uploader Comm

Another Giant Puerto Rican

Cain Velasquez

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#3881 Aug 23, 2013
People are NOT jealous of Black women. Why would they be?
i had to laugh at this their dreaming!!

Since: Aug 10

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#3883 Aug 25, 2013
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Ricardo Monte Verde

Harrisburg, PA

#3884 Aug 25, 2013
Am Latino and been around Latinos all my life and never heard a Latina say anything one way or the other about black and AA females.
SexyPuertoRicanG irl

New Port Richey, FL

#3885 Sep 16, 2013
Wow! I can't speak for Mexican woman, but I sure damn can speak for Puerto Rican woman! 1st of all Puerto Rican girls do not have big butts because they are mixed with black! I am 100% Puerto Rican. & have a big butt, little waist, & big tits! & I know plenty of Puerto Rican woman, with similar bodies. Basically an hour glass figure. I even know light skin Puerto Rican girls with blue eyes, blond hair, and still have big butts! Also Since I as far back as middle school I always have had black guys trying to holla at me! Lol! & then they get mad when I don' pay them any mind, & say oh well then fu*k u then! Us Puerto Rican girls do not want your black men! We have fine as Puerto Rican men! & Unlike black men our Puerto Rican men know how to treat a lady! They don't get mad if we don't give them our number on the 1st try, cuz they know anything worth having is worth waiting for. Instead they simply keep charming us, until we decide we are interested in them. I guess it is easier for Puerto Rican men to be more charming then black men, Because after all Puerto Rican men don't walk around frustrated because they can't get laid! Oh on the contrary! Puerto Rican men with their sexy full lips, tan complexions, and charming sex appeal usually have nasty black, & white chicks throwing themselves at them all the time! but they know better then to wife one of you'll! Lol! They only use u girls for what u are an easy fu*k! Oh & btw that lil saying bout once u go black u neva go back, Pshhh! I let u kno right now that's a lie! I had to go back, cu once u go Rican u neva stop freakin! ;) Now that is the honest truth! Puerto Rican woman & men are the best! We have the best of everything! we have no need to hate on blacks, cuz we have da real nice hair, da well proportioned lips, and nose, da nice complexion, da nice hour glass bodies, and the attitude to match!(example: Jennifer Lopez, Rosalyn Sanchez,Zuleyka Rivera, ect We know our worth so we are not easy! Which only makes men want us more. Lol! Get over it all u black hating woman! Funny I aLways got along with most black guys, but neva black girls cuz u blk girls hate too much! SMH!
SexyPuertoRicanG irl

New Port Richey, FL

#3886 Sep 16, 2013
And one more lil thing! Puerto Rican woman ALWAYS shower! We probably shower more then any other race! Lol! Cuz I shower 2 sometimes 3 times a day. & My mother & sisters do also, my cousins, & my mother in law shower just as often. In fact its is rare to meet a Puerto Rican woman that doesn't shower at least twice a day. Morning & night! & We also shave, not like a lot of black woman I have seen with nasty bushy armpit hairs! Eww! Yuk! & there are some black woman & men who are actually nice people & don't hate on Puerto Rican Woman/men. & to those few I do apologize, but most are not like u few.

Quito, Ecuador

#3887 Sep 26, 2013
I like latinas, cause they have white girls hair and black girls ass, they are perfect.

Some black girls have nice bodies, but their faces looks like men.

Latina faces are vety feminine.

Los Angeles, CA

#3888 Sep 26, 2013
I prefer black women did the best in the whole world cuz if you notice most of non black women bodies look like men. girl with no nos in no breast is like a man body. no I'm sorry but I'm honest

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Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

#3889 Sep 27, 2013
Miguel wrote:
I prefer black women did the best in the whole world cuz if you notice most of non black women bodies look like men. girl with no nos in no breast is like a man body. no I'm sorry but I'm honest
There are black women that also don't have a lot of breast. It is your preference anyway. So black men are hotter than mexicans? I mean, the majority of them are taller and look more masculine.

I don't hate black women, I don't have anything to envy of them, and they have nothing to envy of me if they are secure enough.

“Sexy emo chick :)”

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#3891 Sep 27, 2013
So what?screw them hoes..i wish they will get the f*ck off this forum..they arent even blk

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