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Godalming, UK

#1305 Nov 19, 2016
misss_ceree wrote:
<quoted text>

I am from Rwanda & Mulenge (which is Eastern Congo) and I don't know why your hating or even believe for a second that Tutsis are not proud to be from Rwanda. Why in the world would we claim to be Congolese when we are proud of the beauty we have from Rwanda. I'm not saying there is no beauty in Congo , there is. But we have much to be proud of as Rwandese people . Look at our country one of the most peaceful and greenest countries in the world thanks to our Wonderful president Kagame (who happens to be a Tutsi ). I think people are jealous to see how much we have overcome as a country. And the Tutsis u are probably talking about are called "Banyamulenges" who are Tutsis who live in Eastern Congo . And yes we claim ourselves to be Congolese. Because that's who we are!! But to be honest , I personally refer myself to be Rwandese. I'm just so proud of it. Tutsis, Ethiopans and Somalis are just INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! We would definitely without a doubt claim our country with profound confidence. You should learn about Tutsis before you talk shit cause clearly we're a beautiful country with beautiful people &#128527; . P.S you must have stupid Tutsi friends if they weren't proud of being from Rwanda.
There is no way you can compare Congolese men to wack Tutsi,somali or Ethiopian men coz Congolese look way better and are ways fitter than these Tutsi clowns,and you know that.That is wy Tutsi women run away from their men to date Congolese men.Tutsi and Somali genes are weak and wack.That is way,they cant produce even a below average footballer,basketball player,......Go compare yourselves with dinkas,masais,.....

Miss congo 2016:

miss Rwanda 2016
agaba mundekye


#1306 Dec 4, 2016
All I kno am Tutsi from Uganda....
I dnt care abt ma origin

Nairobi, Kenya

#1307 Dec 6, 2016
DMutabazi wrote:
<quoted text>

Very strong words... I am Tutsi too, but I do not feel insulted. Hutu's are human too. There may be some bad elements (which led to the genocide), but we are all human. I do not think it is helpful to post such aggressive and negative, inflamatory remarks. What good could come out of it?
True' no need for more hate it's dangerous no to control our emotions.... I was approachedby a" tutsi young man' he said to me tutsis say "they come from the other side " meaning the horn of Africa ' I am somali the bonding between us was natural and deeply rooted' he even used that phrase "we" to suggest a sense of us belonging to the same roots and origing' looking forward to meeting more tutsi soon.
deborah lemba

Durban, South Africa

#1308 Dec 28, 2016
Tutsi_Brother wrote:
Well as a Tutsi It's hard to tell if we'Re from the horn of Africa and let me tell you that it's quite a big possibility because i've lived in Rwanda and saw some ugly ass hutus and you can easily tell we're not from the same ancestors it's like pickin' up a nigerian and say he's from the same line as a somalian. Plus,I've seen a lot of somalian djiboutian and ethipians and i found myself speakin' to them in my language lol. And don't tell me modern studies have shown that the opposite of what'ive just said ,Its normal since a lot of tutsis mixed with hutus so it's really impossible to find a pure tutsi thus the nappy hair,the bit darker skin and the bantu language we call ours. thank you
thanks brother, you put it straight to the point

Louisville, KY

#1312 Jun 7, 2017
Hey you are right we look like, but I don't think we relate. If We relate i don't know how would we be in different cultures, traditional, languages and such long distance between us. I am from Rwanda by the way.

Louisville, KY

#1313 Jun 7, 2017
You are right we look like but we are not related from Rwanda

United States

#1317 Aug 9, 2017
Who made up the names bantu ?the Europeans did ! Tutsi and hutsi need to stop the BS aand realize we all are melanated beings and the blackness of space we are its direct children the chosen ones

Toronto, Canada

#1322 Nov 30, 2017
prince hamza wrote:
Offcourse thats true that tutsis are originally from somalia and i think da historians should be in abetter position to explain to us exactly i.e da likes of Ali Mazrui but i personally ihave had from many somali elders and da track drivers who operate on those routes who say that indeed da tutsis are mostly probably from the Ajuuraan community who were the former kings of somalia and some parts of ethiopia {which included Qhalafo mustahil ferfer and Ogadenia region}for aperiod of almost 800 years and they integrated to many parts of africa after the fall of there kingdom in somalia at de end of 17th century including Chad ethiopia kenya Rwanda Uganda and parts of zaire and those who opted to remain in somalia were assimilated to other somali clans for fear of represal and further attacks.i really appreciate and like this topic as it generates some enthuasism
Hi,my name is Guy Stephen,burundian origine and 100% tutsi,but im living in canada.this answered my questions,because most of the times I meet Somalian people,they always ask if im somalian or they just start talking to me in their arab language,wich I don’t understand.But Tank you alot for this information.My mom always told me that we are descendants of Judah,jews.Can anyone who knows about jews let me know the truth?

Saint Cloud, MN

#1325 Jan 11, 2018
Somali Guy wrote:
Tutsi to me look like their Hutu neighbors expect a small number of people who look little bit like a Horn of African.
I guess you haven't seen real tutsis. They look no where close to Hutus

Shelby, IA

#1327 Jan 31, 2018
Drabbo wrote:
<quoted text> There a prevailing ignorance about the development of African societies - and you clearly display it . First Bugisu is a commonwealth of various peoples who migrated to the mountains.A commonwealth because they speak similar language and practice a common culture but they are not necessarily of a common origin. Ironically the culture is NOT a Bantu culture.It's a warrior type culture whose fulcrum is around manhood and circumcision -- a complete departure from Bantu norms -- there is absolutely no doubt that this is an adoption of nilohamitic norms. You can either explain this by saying that an orginal bantu group dropped its own culture and adopted another one -- or this interplay is as a result of various groups merging through intermarriage or whatever.Its interesting that you point that kalenjin have adopted bagisu and bukusu culture as if the process is only uni-directional- You dont stop to think that the adoption may also be in the opposite direction. The centre of bugisu culture is circumcision-- which in East Africa is absolutely NOT a Bantu trait- every single Bantu group in East africa that practices circumcision adopted it from nilohamites. The original inhabitants of the mountains were actually a highland cushitic group --popularly known in history books as dorobo--- in bugisu they are refered to as 'Babolo' date they speak a very peculiar form of the language and also live very archaic lifestyle. They were ran over by bantu groups- who were also varied. The bantu groups were also influenced by intermarriage, absorption etc by other groups. This Bagisu 'look' you speak of may not apply to people in Mafudu -- because they 'look' itesot , the ones Bufumbo 'look' gwere , the baduda look like elgon Masai, Balambuli 'look' like sabiny , Badadiri 'look' Masai , people from lwaboba area 'look' like badama. Please provide the criterion of what constitutes this look - who is the specimen population you are applying! Making conclusions from only people who are now proximal to each ignores all the interactions that explain their very presence in the area. Secondly you are graviting to a very dangerous area -- the idea of ethnic purity --- which group in bugisu are you going assign purity to?? you seem to be eliminating everyone who borders another ethnicity ( by which way is the majority of bagisu)
My parents are from Buluganye and Bugitimwa Budadiri but people think am mixed I look like a somali.. So it my be true Northern Bagishu are not pure bantu

Shelby, IA

#1333 Feb 11, 2018
kasumbein wrote:
There is a bantu-nilohamitic gradient among the bagisu and luyha with southern luyha and bagisu being more of bantus, central luyha adn bagisu being 50% bantu and 50% niohamite while the northern bagisu and luyha are more of nilohamites than bantu. This is because both tribes together with other bantu tribes like kikuyu are a mixture of bantus and neighbouring nilohamites like masai, kalengins.This because these nilohamitic tribes were mainly warriors and nomadic pastoralists and were occussionally hired to protect these bantu tribes. Genetic studies also done on the kikuyu show that more than 20% of them possess the genetic markers E1b1b1, A and B which are slso found in more than 80% of the masai. More so, many clans in the northern bagisu claim to be nilohamitic origin and the lumasaba dialect(ludadiri) spoken among the northern also shows that are a mixture of both bantus and nilohamites because of its borrowed vocunlary, tone of language, sounds and sentence structure. Finally southern bagisu look more of bantus while the northerners look more like their neighbours and central bagisu are intermediate.
I believe Badadiri are mixed with masai or Sebins.. in my family some of my Relatives do look like masai and we do have some girls who do look like Rwandes or Banyakole

Albuquerque, NM

#1334 Feb 11, 2018
We sure want to send them back to the HOA..... living among Bantus is not good for them IMO.

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