White Men Are Superior
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#301 Jul 13, 2012
if comments on Topix, YouTube (both postings and videos), DISQUS, etc. could be anything to go by, black males are becoming increasingly envious of non-black males (especially white) though blacks would like to forget that other races of men produce the women blacks love so much.

perhaps the fact that white women come from white couples could be pivotal in fostering that jealousy. this ain't a matter of anti-black racism, anger or personal opinions, we're simply going by what we're seeing between the lines amongst real people.

Indianapolis, IN

#302 Jul 29, 2012
black power f-crackers
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#303 Aug 3, 2012
the only living entity who could possibly be envious of black males are spiders or insects living under rocks (even John Africa of Pennsylvania's MOVE group and his entourage publicly admitted seeing cockroaches as their "equals").

if this was untrue, most blacks in America wouldn't be so angry, but most should be happy.....blacks however can be seen all over the internet struggling to validate themselves while constantly comparing themselves to other races of men.

Monticello, IN

#304 Aug 3, 2012
yea man white men are superior we have the biggest weiners. and all the women And men want to suck them!!!

white power go back to Africa..!!

And native american go back to your reservation.. get off the white mans land..

Monticello, IN

#305 Aug 3, 2012
the white guy who shot everyone in colorado is not white he's black.. he sucks..

he don't even have blond hair.. like me..

Monticello, IN

#306 Aug 3, 2012
screw you blond hair blue eyes.. is superior..

Monticello, IN

#307 Aug 3, 2012
all other whites suck azz

and can't even handle black people..
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#308 Aug 11, 2012
if internet forums on the subject of race are anything to go by, the common American black man already has plenty on his hands juggling between his jealousy towards his own race of women, towards non-black men (especially white) and his almost declining population.

whatever grandiose theories blacks have about themselves, they don't seem to be capitalizing on because they keep getting angrier. it should now be about time to think of real priorities and get em in order.

Monticello, IN

#310 Oct 13, 2012
white men are just lucky not superior.. and proof of this is this white guy is superior position to me however..

so is a black guy and i'm part white myself I cannot beat the pure black man..
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#314 Oct 21, 2012
angry American black males (and sometimes their supporters) present a great deal of racial arguments or grandiose theories all over the internet, but where's the proof of such theory? little if any matches what goes on in the outside world with real people.
black man1

Coatesville, PA

#315 Oct 21, 2012
R0utin3Ri0t wrote:
Seems to me that that's what most of you IROB's are saying.
IR-obsessed black women worship white men, but won't give credit to the women who raised them. If it weren't for white women, you wouldn't have those white boyfriends and hubbies of yours who treat you all so much better. The black men who failed you came from black mothers who passed down the cycle of failing to them.
IR-obsessed black men worship white women but have the nerve to say white men are inferior. How can women superior to black women give birth to inferior men? You're indirectly worshiping them by worshiping their seed. Without those white men you hate, there would be no white women you love.
You people should acknowledge the superior white men and white women who gave you all your joy and happiness by birthing or contributing to the birth of white women and men, not condemn them because they are the natural partners of the very men and women you guys slobber over, and your biggest competition when it comes to dating whites.
get a life. this what's on your mind!...lmao.
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#316 Nov 20, 2012
seldom if ever does the common black man feel himself in his own heart and soul his own propaganda. look at it this way - if a person is walking down the street and spots some 2-limb amputee in a wheelchair coming in the same direction, when the walking person approaches within speaking distance of the amputee, is he/she gonna immediately point the finger and burst out laughing?.....or feel sympathetic and wonder how he/she can help the situation? you figure out this analogy, you'll figure out the message.

Howell, MI

#317 Dec 11, 2012
well me and my friends are black but we kind of have the skin of the white man.. so i have no idea what to tell you. and i feel like i'm better than people.. even pure white people..

before obama was even elected..

Howell, MI

#318 Dec 11, 2012
I am because some girl had to get the honor role to go to a restauraunt.

and I got to go even with shtty grades..

so i'm better..
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#319 Dec 14, 2012
blacks are seen less in pro-fighter sports these days because either the black is physically incapable, or is afraid of losing a fight to another race and therefore his spirit or enthusiasm becomes tempered. it's either one reason or the other, though it may be a little of both.

Howell, MI

#320 Dec 21, 2012
well me personally I didn't want to do the pro-fighter sport that bad becausde it seemed too stereotypical for a black to do sports. I mean maybe on the side for discipline or something I guess...
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#321 Dec 21, 2012
blacks today have a hard time competing in the MMA, UFC and even moreso in strongman events. strongman competitions are events participated in, and almost totally dominated by non-blacks. any individual who watches such events sees the disproportionate number of black athletes in the occupation.

Clarkston, MI

#322 Dec 21, 2012
the boundaries of space wrote:
angry American black males (and sometimes their supporters) present a great deal of racial arguments or grandiose theories all over the internet, but where's the proof of such theory? little if any matches what goes on in the outside world with real people.
Why'd you dig this old thread up, and what if anything, do you know about westerns on tv???
the boundaries of space

Atlanta, GA

#323 Dec 22, 2012
the disgruntled black would like to believe he can win a physical confrontation with a non-black because of his black race alone, and is consistently proven wrong.

the disgruntled American black male would also like to believe most-to-all women of any race want them and them only, and again is consistenly proven wrong.

they also propagandize they're not the vicious criminals as labeled. "the height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".- unknown

Saltville, VA

#324 Dec 26, 2012
I would like to believe that all the women would date me but I don't really want to make fun of or take from other guys.. maybe other black men want that.. I am not that mean and I would rather be nice to everyone..

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