Brain Teaser:Does GRAVITY exist?
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Jonesboro, GA

#687 Jan 28, 2014
Gravity is mostly the application of the earths atmospheric pressures on the body. Which is why when you leave the atmosphere gravity(or the illusion of it) isn't found. Its about magnetism. All matter, regardless of size, produces a magnetic field. Magnetism is a form of energy. Thanks to the advancements in quantum physics we now understand that magnetism is one of the fundamental forces of the universe. The human body being comprised of compressed energy, has mass and therefore a magnetic field.

Jonesboro, GA

#688 Jan 28, 2014
BGFAa wrote:
Gravity does exist. Because everything with mass has a gravitational pull. The greater the mass the greater the gravitational pull. Earth is very large its gravity is what keeps our feet on the ground. The sun is a lot larger if inertia did not exist, we would get pulled into the sun because its gravity is what pulls us in. Even a piece of from has a gravitational pull a very very very small gravitational pull. Like .00000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000001.
Gravity is magnetism

Gravity and magnetism are one and the same. One is at a 90 degree angle from the other. Gravity is single attraction and magnetism a double attraction.
Single Mass Generator theory suggests that everything is actually magnetic flux I.e magnetism and that gravity is just caused by a lot of magnetic flux grouping together to form what looks like a dense object with mass and a gravitational pull but when its actually just magnetism.

The theory basically revolves around the concept of a single mass coming into existence and being pulled by the void yet crushed by its own weight to make a type of electrical generator that creates flux inside itself..

We show that gravity is a magnetic force. Firstly we demonstrate that ions and atoms in an electric field acquire magnetic properties by the orientation of their electron orbits in the electric field (photo 1). Secondly we demonstrate the magnetic nature of this phenomenon by placing a horse shoe magnet around the elctric field (photo 2). Thirdly we show an opposite magnetic force of the nucleus of the atom (photo 3) which can explain gravity. The origin of the magnetic force of the nucleus must be an induction mechanism at the proton - neutron transformation when a pion is exchanged.

Duluth, GA

#689 Apr 5, 2014
The following has been taken from the 5th chapter of Tatvarthadhigam Sutra ( the first ever text book of science of mankind ) written / compiled by Rev. Acharya Shri Umaswatiji. in the first century.These verses talk about the atomic science.

Atomic science- Tatvarth Sutra:

Anavah skandhas cha – Matter has two varieties : atoms and clusters.(5/25)

Samghata-bhedebhya utpadyante – Clusters are produced by fission, fusion or both.(5/26)

Bhedad anuh - Atom is the final product of fission-disintegration.(5/27)

Atom – indivisible unit Bheda - samghatabhyam caksusah : The visibility of clusters is produced by the combination of disintegreation and reintegration.(5/28)

Utpada- vyaya- dhrauvyayuktam sat : Origin., Cessation and persistence constitute existence.(5/29)

Tadbhavavyayam nityam – what remains it is : eternal : Universal matter(5/30)

Snigdha- ruksatvad bandhah – Atomic integration is due to their tactile qualities of viscos

Duluth, GA

#690 Apr 7, 2014
The physics in the Vedas is truly astonishing. no wonder why so many quantum physicists, such as Bell, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Einstein adored it so much. As Einstein said

“when referring to how the universe was created in Bhagvad Gita everything else seemed superfluous.”

In a letter to a friend, dated February 13th, 1896, Swami Vivekananda noted the following:

…Mr. Tesla was charmed to hear about the Vedantic Prana and Akasha and the Kalpas, which according to him are the only theories modern science can entertain…..Mr Tesla thinks he can demonstrate that mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy. I am to go see him next week to get this mathematical demonstration.[10]

“Seven horses draw the chariot of the sun, tied by snakes”.Rg Veda 5. 45. 9

The above poetic verse is extremely interesting, because not only does “horse” mean rays of light in this context, but the motion of a snake is curved, and it would therefore imply they knew light did not travel in straight lines, but in a curved path, which is a predicate of relativity that space-time is curved. This can be further corroborated by a verse in the Athara Veda that says: there are seven types of sun’s rays” sapta surayasya rasmay

The geneology of the teachers of the schools are mentioned and can be traced far into vedic times to the Krita Yuga, more than 5000 years ago. The NyayaVaisesika Sutra was founded by Rishi Gautama and Kana

Duluth, GA

#691 Apr 7, 2014
According the vedas the entire universe/space is called Prakriti and manifests by a vibration of the Svra, a current of a life force or a super-string called the Parabrahman and the Purush. This in turns causes the subtle elements of the 5 ethers, or strings(the quality of ether is called sound) to vibrate, the distinct vibration causes the Pancha-Mahabhuttas, the five physical elements.

The five main elements occur in the following order of aggregation:

Akasha (Ether) Tejas (energy) Vayu (forces/fields) Pritvhi (Atomic elements) and Apas (fluid)

Except for ether, all of the elements are composed of discreet and distinct indivisible particles called Paramanu(beyond atoms) i.e. light is composed of discreet and distinct particles. Space, soul and time are eternal

Macon, GA

#692 Apr 8, 2014
The particle-wave duality and the equivalence of energy and matter was already postulated in the Vaiseshikla sutra near 3000 years ago and all this knowledge is as ancient as the Vedas which could be more than 10,000 years old.

The nature of space, time and mind is fractal, like a molecule of DNA, that is that subset contains the entire set.

This is surmised in this passage from the yoga sutra: "the entire universe exists in one subatomic particle and the three worlds exist in one strand of hair."

Jonesboro, GA

#693 Apr 8, 2014
No wonder the masons study the ancient vedic and kemetic texts.

"A totally dark man came out of total darkness.Take your magnifying glass and start looking at these little atoms out here in front of you. You see they are egg shaped and they are oblong. You crack them open and you find everything in them that you find out here.This is the way He was born: in total darkness. There was no light anywhere. Out of the total orbit of the Universe of darkness there sparkled an atom of life. Just think it over: a little small atom of life rolling around in darkness. Think it over: Building itself up, just turning in darkness, making its own self...He started rotating"-The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (33 degree Prince Hall mason)

Atlanta, GA

#694 Apr 10, 2014
In Jain texts All matter in the universe are called Pudgals. Pudgal has form or shape. Pudgal can be experienced by touching, tasting, smelling, or seeing

Pudgalas are best defined as all things that are continuously changing by the process of Supplementation or Disintegration, namely matter.
The individual unit of Pudgala is the material from which all is made, smaller than atoms, called a Paramänu, which, by the process of supplementation, can combine to form what can be roughly said is an atom, called a Skandha, of which, a part is known as a Desha (an electron, proton, or neutron). le. The karman particles that attach to our souls are also Pudgal. Pudgal can only be divided and subdivided to a certain extent that it is not possible to further subdivide it. This indivisible part of Pudgal, which is separated from the main pudgal, is called Paramnu. A paramnu is much more minute than even an atom. When a Paramnu is attached to the main pudgal, it is called a Pradesh. These sub-atomic Paramnus are too minute to be detected by normal vision, but they can be combined. Thus when a paramnu is combined with one or more other

paramnus, they are called a skandha which are more or less like a molecules.

The six dravyas include the jiva and the fivefold divisions of ajiva (non-living) category: dharma (motion), adharma (rest), akasha (space), pudgala (matter) and kala (time).


Atlanta, GA

#695 Apr 10, 2014
Overthink It

United States

#696 Apr 10, 2014
I just picked up dinner at KFC - in line ahead of me was a woman who I would say is about 65 years old wearing a tube top. I am here to tell you kids - gravity exists and it is a cruel and unforgiving force. I have the strange urge to iron everything. Yikes!
Drilling for the nerve

Batavia, NY

#697 Apr 10, 2014
"Does GRAVITY exist?"

Not really. Gravity, like many other things in life, is just a coincidence.

As an example, you dive off the roof of a 10 story building. Nothing technically difficult, just a simple 2 1/2 twists in the tuck position. Basically a beginner's dive.

If it's your lucky day, you'll fall up. If not, you'll plummet head first towards the sidewalk below like a lawn dart.

Either way, up or down, it's just a coincidence.

Lawrenceville, GA

#698 Apr 10, 2014

In 1997, though, Juan Maldacena, a theoretical physicist, proposed an alternate theory; Einstein was correct, because gravity doesn’t actually exist. We only think it does because the strings that make up the universe at a subatomic level vibrate in ten dimensions, creating what amounts to a holographic projection of a 2D plane.

In other words, gravity isn’t actually “real”, it’s just that Einstein accurately described how we see what string theory creates.

tes. Think of it as the difference between actual physics and the physics in a video game; video game physics have a discreet set of rules that must be followed, but that physics on the screen is not actually “happening.” It’s a simulation of physics that fits the rules of science, but isn’t actually real.

Have a headache yet? Don’t worry, it’s about to get worse: This might actually be true, according to preliminary research discussed in Nature

In one paper2,[researchers computed] the internal energy of a black hole, the position of its event horizon (the boundary between the black hole and the rest of the Universe), its entropy and other properties based on the predictions of string theory as well as the effects of so-called virtual particles that continuously pop into and out of existence. In the other3,[they] calculate the internal energy of the corresponding lower-dimensional cosmos with no gravity. The two computer calculations match.

In other words, unless these guys screwed up the math, there’s some preliminary evidence that we live on the holodeck. Except the projections have already broken out and are running rampant across the Enterprise. Thanks, science

Jonesboro, GA

#699 Apr 14, 2014
What if nether light, nor heat comes from the sun to the earth? Space is supposedly cold. Put yourself between the earth and the sun and you wouldnt notice a great deal of temperature change(nor would the sun seem all that bright).The heliosphere acts like a prism, breaking up the waves from the sun and space into radiation, ultraviolet etc.The wave/ and cosmic rays are acting like a microwave inside the earth, at the moment they penetrate the surrounding magnetosphere,causing the increasing temperature.
Is it not the interaction between the charged particles/photons with the magnetosphere that produces heat as a by- product?


Franklin, GA

#700 Apr 24, 2014
To the top..

Franklin, GA

#701 May 20, 2014
The moon is back in scientific Aquarius

“Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth,therefore the earth,the planets,constellations,the moon and the sun are held in orbit due to this attraction”- Bhaskaracharya(Surya Siddhanta)
Man of Steel


#702 Jun 6, 2014
GodBody wrote:
The moon is back in scientific Aquarius
“Objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction by the earth,therefore the earth,the planets,constellations,the moon and the sun are held in orbit due to this attraction”- Bhaskaracharya(Surya Siddhanta)
Put down the crack pipe, lady...

On this page you put up one post saying gravity doesn't exist it is just the pressure of the air...and now you are saying it is an attraction -which is the WHITE scientific viewpoint...

Also earlier in the thread you said that gravity is magnetism...the moon has 1/6th the Earth's gravity -as predicted by WHITE Newtonian Mechanics- but has a magnetic field that is about 1/1000th that of is also not a geodynamic field...

You obviously have absolutely no idea what you are posting...

Dalton, GA

#703 Jun 21, 2014
Man of Steel wrote:
<quoted text>
Put down the crack pipe, lady...
On this page you put up one post saying gravity doesn't exist it is just the pressure of the air...and now you are saying it is an attraction -which is the WHITE scientific viewpoint...
Also earlier in the thread you said that gravity is magnetism...the moon has 1/6th the Earth's gravity -as predicted by WHITE Newtonian Mechanics- but has a magnetic field that is about 1/1000th that of is also not a geodynamic field...
You obviously have absolutely no idea what you are posting...
First of all none of this is "white man's science". I've shown you ancient texts describing science that existed before white skin/albinism occured recently in hueman history. All substances are either diamagnetic (repulsed by applied magnetic field), paramagnetic (weakly attracted by applied magnetic field) or ferromagnetic (strongly attracted to applied magnetic field) in nature wherever there's an electric current, there is a magnetic field.The Earth itself behaves like a large magnet, with the magnetic north and south poles directing compass needles towards them.So called gravity is weaker than the electromagnetic force (and hence magnetism). The force between two objects attracted by magnetism is far greater than the weak gravitational attraction between them.

Istanbul, Turkey

#704 Sep 9, 2014
Cap Black wrote:
The Dogon knowledge of quantum physics is a mystery to these white scientists. =oT9-XIHsjecXX
the Dogon say that Nummo pair is found in all water. The Nummo pair is always associated with the numbers 2 and 8, which are extremely important and are all over the place. The numbers 2 and 8 happen to be the numbers of the electron structure of water. The same Dogon symbol that represents water also represents the burning rays of the sun. The sun is said to be surrounded by a spiral of copper that has 8 turns. Its fire is said to be excrement of the Nummo pair. If the Nummo pair symbolizes hydrogen, then this is correct, since the burning of the sun involves the fusion of hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen was the most abundant element in the primordial universe. The sun is also involved in the water cycle in that it causes the water to evaporate and form clouds.
The Dogon say that there is water in copper. The electron structure of copper contains 2 electrons in the innermost electron ring and 8 in the second ring. The sun is imagined as being surrounded by a spiral of copper with 8 turns. Modern science defines 8 separate zones or spheres that compose the sun: the core, the radiant zone, the convection zone, the photosphere, sunspots, the magnetic field, the corona and solar wind. Further, the Dogon know that the sun is a star.
In the Dogon creation myth, the Earth was originally flawed, because it did not contain water. Water was delivered in an act of fertilization. This agrees with the hypothesis that the bulk of water on Earth was delivered by comets. Life as we know it requires water, and we also know that the first single-cell organisms originated in the ocean. There is so much more. Water is only one example. The more resemblances you find between science and myth, and the more you learn how myth is recreated in daily life, the more you see how densely packed the Dogon culture is with layers upon layers of meaning that can be mapped to science as we know it.
All what are writing here is nothing new . I and the believers in the books of the. Lord we read it before we now how and from what we build it's written all in the last book the key for the secrets and the instruction guide for the first 3 holly books just together you must to use them then you. Will now too all about you and the Maker of all. This sistem . You don't have to be go to any special university or have to study about !
Yor Belive in The Lord and his books will open all what you are want to now and you will. Feel more save ly in this and in the Oder world .your live is written long time before so the change s of energy and there travling in the circle Of existing !
The Kuran is the last book and the key read it in your way of Belive how you now it from your holly book of religion and read it in your Alfabeth .
Don't be. Afraid he now everything , he now what your will do before you thing about we are wery simple for him he build as one bye one and in 2 .your not alone on this planet there is one more u .
Allah is just one name of him he have 99 .and one of this name's you use allredy before 'good Believe open heard and clean body will let yor understand

Since: May 16

Atwater, CA

#705 May 24, 2016
Cap Black wrote:
The first condensation is that of which becomes the substance called Magnetism.
The mind of our ancestors created everything out of the First Magnetic Law of Attraction (The Golden Rule/Karma) which attracts like to like. stars are primarily a magnetic, electrical, and light body. Just as the Earth (As above, so below), all major bodies in outer space have magnetic polarity/poles. The earth has the North and the South pole, in this respect. It is the polarities of these poles which give rise to Protons. A Proton is not a particle or body as a planet/electron is, they are an energy resulting from the polarity of the star/nucleus.

Stars and planets exist in Seven forms of matter, these are: Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Ether, Gases, Liquids, and Solids. Ether being the most important, as it is the foundation for the temporal-spatial existence of the other six, being the composition of outer space (the Black space itself, not what exists within it). Ether is the house (Ether also relates to melanin and Carbon, as Carbon is the most prevalent element in the Universe. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons... 666, sound familiar? According to your DNA, you are either a Carbon being, or you a Carbon-based being-- it matters).

The substances which compose the Star: Hydrogen, Helium, Melanin, etc. are under the influence of this magnetism/magnetic field as well, and this interaction is what gives rise to the entity known as the Neutron. So, both the neutron and proton arise from the influence of the star's (nucleus's) magnetic field/magnetic poles on the elements constituting its make-up and only give the illusion of movement when studied on an electronic scale.
If the Universe is made of star systems, and star systems are made of atoms, then atoms are the original star systems, deductively, correct? From the Atom and Electron, To the Earth and Planets, To the Star and the Nucleus, To the Solar system and the Universe.
Please please can you give me so reference books and materials so that I too can research and share knowledge!

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