Most BM "destroy" BW lives when they ...
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#54 Aug 28, 2013
Rook wrote:
Black men are essentially children. They have yet to even grow up. You'll end up having to take care of him and pay for him as well if you get with him. Most will not stick around for fatherhood due to the fact he will be impregnating other women as well or end up in jail. Most black men treat their women like crap and expect the woman to deal with their bullcrap and take it.
It's wise to avoid dating/marrying them.
Is that why WW are going to jamacia for sex, since youre not a bm how do you know. Did larry flint treat ww well, you gawd dame hypocrite, answer this, why are 16.6 million ww single and so many ww gay or bisexual.

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#55 Aug 28, 2013
TimeforHonesty wrote:
<quoted text>
Can someone please provide counterarguments to this?
Yes I will, as a bm I could care less what a low end bottom feeder wht/dude has to say. Why are there 16.6 million ww single, and so many wm gay or bisexual.

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#56 Aug 28, 2013
JustSaying wrote:
<quoted text>
No one can honestly argue with her comments because it's true and a sad reality.
there is no counter argument, bw go out and get pregnant, by men who she knows she can control, and maintain her queendom, and collect a check in the process, then blame bm like me who have no kids for the problem. You answer this: who gave birth to and raised these men? If your baby daddy is a punk, then youre a punk lover, and your child is a punk, because the mama & daddy are punks.........look at it that way

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#57 Aug 28, 2013
A nation can rise no higher than the moral standards of its women. When sex is easy, you get dieases, unwanted pregnacies, abortions at a rate of 1500 a day, children but no stable family life. Both men and women are equally responsible for this, not just men, bw as well....... Deny this truth.

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#58 Aug 28, 2013
JustSaying wrote:
BM are a waste of time. No matter how serious the bm try to pretend to be, he will always run away from his responsibilities. He's too selfish and heartless to care anything about his women and children.
Blaming bw for being abandoned by bm when they were needed the most is not right. No matter how wonderful she was he would do the same old thing. Even if she married him, he'd do the same thing. He'd disrespect her so badly that the marriage would never last, leaving the bw the single mother doing everything.
It's unlikely the bm will marry anyway while every other man from other cultures and races marry and take care of their family. Know that a lot of bw have gotten wiser about the bm's intentions and are taking better precautions now.
Most of these women trusted these bm as a woman should be able to trust her partner, but ended up fooled.
The moment a bw is pregnant for the bm, he runs off and is with the next one. I feel sorry for any woman who would have children with a bm. Your child will end up fatherless or abused in some way.
I blame you for being loose, look at all of this porn online, are bm paying you for ghetto gaggers? No. You said you dont need a man remember, you use your childern as a pawn against the father, to collect welfare and child support, then blame him because youve been stewards of children, just ask any school teacher about the behavior of blk mothers, look at all of this filth you have online, azz photos, nude pictures, twerking, tattoos, red, green, hair weaves, and you tell this bm youre a good woman.......... Do you know the meaning?
A Black Man

Alexandria, VA

#62 Aug 28, 2013
SadButTrue wrote:
<quoted text>
I know I'm Right leaving BM alone! lmao
Until Black males get their Acts together which may 'NEVER OCCUR' then I can't invest in the pathetic bunch of Black males that I see on a daily basis. While its not ALL Black men it is the "Collective group" of Black males who act irresponsible!
-Take care of your children
-Stop disrespecting women
-Pull your pants up
-Stop act like Ghetto thugs
-Stop living off women-
-Stop preying on girls under 13 years old -65% Rape & Molesting Rates are highest of all races
-Stop destroying your communities
-Stop worshiping Low Rate WW/other races when they have support, BM don't support us
-Get an education
-Stop making excuses
-Stop blaming the White man and look at YOU MAN and your poor decisions!
-Start raising your sons!
-Stay out of JAIL
-Stop passing around HIV/AIDS & STDS your the highest holders
-Stop the misogyny
-Stop acting effeminate
-Stop worrying about celebrities when your own life is not together!
-Stop preying on Elderly women for Sex because nobody wants you!
-Get Married
-Learn what Commitment is and why you should do it!
-Learn your History and why MLK Marched on DC
-Stop getting bitter because Educated BW dont' want you when you've done nothing with your life!
-Stay the Fuk off the forums and get a life or help someone!
-Grow up Balck man
-Stop taking about your "Dycks are Big and Black therefore everybody is jealous of you"!
-Stop the Delusions of Grander and work on Real Life in "Real Time"
-Stop telling lies you only have 1 child when your have 2 others by different women!
-Stop waiting for your kids to be adults before you can have a relationship with them!
-Stop supporting everybody and everything that's NOT BLACK YET YOU EXPECT BW to stick with you!
-Stop trying to get over, schemes, lies and deceit!
-Stop trying to "GET OVER" ALL THE TIME!
-Get Jesus, Get Saved and "Live if rather than ACT REGLIOUS!
-Stop thinking that everybody single wants you and getting MAD when they don't!
-Stop calling BW Bytches, Hoes, Sluts and Sheboons when you haven't done a damn thing for the race!(MACEO)
-Stop spending decades on forums when your 40, 50 and 60 years old and your life is a MESS!
-STFU if you contributed to ill will that BW have towards BM when you haven't done anything!
-Stop being FOOLS and SCOFFERS!
-Stop making the Black Race look like the Buts of jokes on CNN/Media
-Stop arguing BS when you know you FAILED AS MAN!
-Stop getting angry when you know YOU FAILED AS MAN!
-Stop whining on "Raunchy, Wretched, Ghetto Sites with insulting BM who can barely speak English or in Nasty homes/apartments wearing Dark Glasses acting Ghetto and thinking you can dictate to educated BW on how to ACT! LMAO
Russell Simmons made a video with Harriet Tubman being Raped! WTF Your going to disrespect Black women in that manner?
Please hang yourself!

United States

#63 Aug 28, 2013
@ Sadbuttrue On 10/29/09 NPR host Michele Martin talked to Dr. Kevin Fenton from the CDC, you can goolge it. Subject bw and hiv. Dr. Fenton said that the rise is complex, but that the bm bi sexual cause was a myth, he said that it was hetrosexual,and due to people having many partners, iv drug use unprotected sex, also hd said that bw were reluctant to discuss their hi risk behavior. Bm had alot of female partners, this is consistant with what ive said, that both bm ,& bw are equally responsible for this, there are alot of bw who have many men friends as well bm with many women. So like Lee Daniels is a lair, hes trying to promote a movie, and make it seem that his gay life style is normal for bm when it isnt. Just like oprah & jl king and this DL bullshyt. Who do you believe a CDC doctor or Lee Daniels who is no doctor. I caught you lying again.

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