AAW dragged behind a pickup truck

AAW dragged behind a pickup truck

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#2 Mar 13, 2014
I hope he gets the death penalty.

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#4 Mar 13, 2014
emperorjohn wrote:
I hope he gets the death penalty.
Too late, he's been sentenced to 40 years in prison! No parole for 20 years. And he waived his right to appeal!

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#6 Mar 13, 2014
Blacks Are Worthless wrote:
No wonder negroes don't like pick up trucks, lol.
No wonder mutants don't like the sun, lol.


The sun sustains life on earth and brings life to plants among other important things, but this is what happens when you are kissed by it. Flesh peeling mutants LMAO.
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#7 Mar 13, 2014
Blacks Are Worthless wrote:
No wonder negroes don't like pick up trucks, lol.
Oooooooooookay there Albino B. Sure, let's see if you 'like' this:

Couple jailed after 'overdosing on heroin while at a McDonald's play area with their children'

Murdered four-year-old girl 'strangled with a power cord, brutally beaten and sexually abused for 10 days by mother's boyfriend' while woman was out of town

Trailer park man found guilty of shooting dead ex-wife's step-daughter, eight, in revenge attack with gun SHE bought him

Mother poisons baby with HAND SANITIZER to 'end his suffering': 20-year-old admits to killing son who had Downs syndrome...and she'd tried it before with PERFUME

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#9 Mar 13, 2014
Rockin Relic wrote:
Make no mistake about this, America is racist first, second and third. If AA's divide our forces and place anything above race be it dark skin vs light skin, straight hair vs nappy hair, educated vs uneducated or bm vs bw, we might as well find the nearest plantation and start picking cotton.
I am sick and tired of this gender war and we can't deny it exist. Visit any black beauty salon, black barber shop and listen to bw discussing bm or bm discussing bw. Visit any web site where AA's frequent and watch AA's choose their gender over race, watch bw team up and bm team up.
Racist America have systems of protection to ensure white dominance remain the status quo. I don't want to hear about the minority of AA's that are successful because, for every successful AA there are thousands living on subsistence allowance....making just enough to survive from day to day.
I am sick and tired of AA's being #1 in poverty,#1 in single parent homes,#1 in prison,# 1 in abortion and #1 in every negative category. Why are we dysfunctional?
We are dysfunctional because of this gender war and gender ain't what it's about. YA BLACK, BLACK, BLACK.
We are dysfunctional because of this gender war and education ain't what it's about. Ask Congressman Cummings, Dr. Henry Gates or Marissa Alexander if education or gender is a bar to racism!
There have always been gender wars. We are not the only people to experience them. Men get angry at women and women get angry with men. That's part of the magic.

The social problems are more complex than any gender war, and not everyone black is dysfunctional.

San Francisco, CA

#13 Mar 13, 2014
Rockin Relic wrote:
<quoted text>
what do you know about black unity of the 50's and 60's? Were you born then?
I don't play that Oakley doakey manipulation by social comparison. Islamic women don't speak to a man unless spoken too. Japanese and Chinese women walk behind their men. Koreans eat rats and dogs. Just because others do something don't mean AA's should follow.
As far as whether every black is functional or dysfunctional. 10 out of 10 million is not every black person. You want to minimize the plight of AA's with philosophy.
I was born in the 60's. When were you born? I remember people back than and how they behaved. What can you reference?

Men are going to be men and women are going to be women. That's just fact. You play it any way you want, but it's not going to change the idea that somewhere a black woman might still get mad at a brother for not putting the seat down. Whether she chooses to attach other baggage about black men to HER complaint is up to her, but it's the same thing a lot of women complain about men. That's not minimizing anything, however I'm not of the camp to hyper sensitize every personal choice that some black people choose for themselves and that includes single motherhood.

New York, NY

#17 Mar 13, 2014
Here's one y'all missed. This 19-year old bbf actually believed "white men is life", and also stated she would never deal with Black men. She didn't die, but her ex white bf, put the word out there that she gave him HIV. She doesn't have HIV, but even if she did, who gave it to her? Remember, she had sex with white men only. My guess is that this young woman is going to continue endangering herself because of her weird beliefs.


San Francisco, CA

#21 Mar 14, 2014
Rockin Relic wrote:
<quoted text>
Let me nip this in the bud
Show me a movement that was designed to systematically destroy heterosexual relationships prior to 1968!
I can show you such a movement after 1968 that was designed to destroy heterosexual relationships.
NOW SHOO..........
How Feminism Destroys Femininity in Women and Love
And that's the irony - that feminism destroysfemininity. So why use such a term when it's effects are the exact opposite?
8 Ways Fascist Feminists Are Ruining America's Women « The 
hotair.com/.../8-ways-fascist--are ...
Aug 1, 2010 - Nuclear families are dangerous, and motherhood destroys your life. It's their own agenda that is being 
7 Ways FeminismDestroying
www.rooshv.com/7-ways--is -...
Jan 9, 2012 - Feminism has given women more money while taking away their biological need to have a family.
Latest Feminist Triumph: Black FamilyDestroyed - The 
www.the-spearhead.com/.../latest -...
Jun 24, 2011 - When feminists first set their minds toward the destruction, they focused their attacks on 
Abortion and feminismdestroying
creation.com/abortion-and--lies -...
Abortion and feminism are lies aimed at destroying unit God created, a former US abortion clinic owner said 
Modern FeminismDestroyed | Sonlight Pictures Blog
sonlightpicturesblog.wordpress.com/.../m ...
Jan 3, 2013 - But, modern feminismdestroyed first crime was to abandon 
The first two links don't work. The rest is pure nonsense.

It's all COMMENTARY anyway. That doesn't mean that feminists are responsible for the unfortunate plight of the Black Family.

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#22 Mar 14, 2014
emperorjohn wrote:
I hope he gets the death penalty.
Or the death of a thousand cuts whatever kind of punishment it should be slow.
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#23 Mar 14, 2014
Dr. Joseph Lowery, Martin L. Kings aide has said,
The we fought for civil rights to change this nation from wrong to right, and not to intergrate everything black into white, and thats the mistake bp made, we spent 40 yrs. Looking outside for solutions instead of looking within for solutions, so you were asked to give up everything, and focus on assimulating into europeanism, instead of exercising your right of freedom of expression, being yourself, doing for self, and acting in the interest of self, and living freely within the values of your choosing.........what busing & intergration taught bp psychologically was that white is right, so you stop supporting black owned, and took your hard earned money outside of the black community, then wonder why you live in a ghetto. We should have never allowed ourselves to be put into an either or situation, but to do both, on one hand work the system for change on the other hand work the community, when you have and own nothing, you have no leverage to bargain with, we need to focus on developing a business class of people, a solid blue collar trade class of people and increase the white collar class of professional bp.......and start being proactive, and not reactionary..........
Big Knob

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#24 Mar 14, 2014
That we fought for^

Barrie, Canada

#25 Mar 14, 2014
Cowardly, ugly, evil subhuman [email protected]@er vermin gotta die, they die.
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#27 Mar 14, 2014
Rockin Relic wrote:
We are dysfunctional because of this gender war and gender ain't what it's about.
THE RELIC wrote:
A bm are never right and bw are never wrong.
THE RELIC wrote:
<quoted text>
Bw ego positive
Bm ego negative
THE RELIC wrote:
You can run ya goat mouth and tell a brother off but, ya dumb as schitt
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#28 Mar 14, 2014
KIP wrote:
<quoted text>
The first two links don't work.
NoMo's links usually lead right to the forum page because he makes up half the stuff he claims people posted.

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