Black women stop being so DESPERATE.....

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#233 Aug 25, 2010
qtgirl wrote:
<quoted text>
You speak of white men like they are supposed to be some kind of prize lol. Being lady like has nothing to do with race but all to do with upbringing and environment. My Black American mother and father taught me how to be responsible and trustworthy. It comes from home, my friend ! Next month will make 3 months I've been married..and yes, to a black professional man. To the other black women out there, do not believe the hype...There are plenty of professional brothers out there. If you find yourself attracting "less than" maybe you need to change your surroundings.
is that u at your profile picture?

San Francisco, CA

#234 Aug 25, 2010
desperate white man wrote:
<quoted text>
''White men flock to black women with African features'' Prove it? Show us the report and data? You have studied IR - and who are you? What school do you lecture you're so called findings at? Ah, just like the race card, you pull the white women are jealous card.... This has nothing to do with white women. This is about how millions of white men have had their lives turned upside down because of your racial antics. This is about being forced into something we do not want to do. This is about careers almost being ruined because a black bitch die snot get what she wants. Reminds me of that Duke lacrosse scandal that ruined those innocent white teens. Once again, the world, sort of has to listen to your bizarre rants of white European men chasing not just black, but the darkest of dark black women, who just happen to have the most African features ever created. You wish! Buy a copy of a male European magazine.... Do you see any black, dark african women? Never. Watch European TV. Do you see any dark, black women with African features? Never. I live in Europe. I doubt you have traveled past your inner city slum. You have been smoking far to long on your crack pipe if you think Euro men are '' flocking '' in '' prominent '' numbers to dark / black / african women.
As you do a lot of studying, maybe your findings can tell us why your own kind ( black men ) hate and run from so much? If a black man ( who is inferior to, a white man ) does not want you, why the hell would any sane white man. We are superior to black boys, so we do not want their trash girls or the trash that comes from its womb.
I feel bad for white men(first time for everything)cause what you describe sounds just like these nazis black whores..they won't take no for an answer and think there shi#$ don't stink...I'm surprised I don't hear more horror storys about these sex fiends wenches..good luck my dear friend and may the black men marry good black women and white women before the black fiends ones decide to come after the black men...


#235 Aug 30, 2010
Its ok coz whites are becoming extinct already a minority in many places. So wht u got to say about tht hahaha!

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#236 Aug 31, 2010
desperate white man wrote:
<quoted text>
Black women, or should I say sluts, are creaming for white men. Shame we do not feel the same way, hence why you have to pull out your race card. I bet your white fiance is that working class tosser from N - Dubz - without the fame. A poor white, living on a council estate reduce to picking black trash from the immigrant gutter.
And the few that is ought to cut that shxt out.


#237 Aug 31, 2010
Face it whites are a dying race. Mabe we might actually get some peace n quiet.

Becket, MA

#238 Dec 9, 2010
Brutally truthful wrote:
<quoted text>but if a white man ask yall,yall ready. he is mr.unthinkable. All he needs to do is ask yall.
Average Joe

Seattle, WA

#239 Feb 27, 2011
wait that's funny because i'm a white man who's both born and raised in the U.S. and neither myself, my friends or anyone i have ever met has ever wanted to date a black chick furthermore, "chased". i've only known a few guys who have wanted to screw a few to see if the wider, you know stereotype of black women was true. and the few that i know all i agree, from experience that it so maybe it's not that white men are too small, but that black women are just simply too big?

Plano, TX

#240 Dec 20, 2011
Hmmm....your nick sums it all up - I am having a hard time believing that this black woman was interested in you at all. Somebody else mentioned something about the fact that many white men feel like you do and this is the problem that I have with this type of thinking. First of all, many black women do not find white men desireable. In america at least, you don't see a high percentage of black women dating outside their race. Because black women love black men. Major turnoffs that many black women have are the fact that white men tend to have abundant body hair which black women find to be undesireable. Black women are concerned that white men can't physically satisfy them. Futhermore, white men are usually arrogant and full of themselves. And if what you claim is true about this woman - this is just ONE black woman. I could see if you were talking about numerous black woman chasing you. But ONE black woman has got you in an uproar so much so that you dedicated a whole post to BLACK WOMEN about a random psycho. I just don't believe you - something about this rant is completely off.

Carrollton, TX

#241 Apr 28, 2012
White women are totally content with what they have they have no complaints.

Houston, TX

#242 Jun 19, 2013
Bundastic wrote:
Please remember that these threads are not being started by who they claim. This person has been disrespecting black women all week under different names, mostly by suggesting that white men hate them. Whatever it is, this is not coming from a white man. That wouldn't make a bit of sense.
It's probably either a white woman or a black man, but I'm not sure which.
I BELIEVE ITS A WHITE MAN. cause white men seem to be pissed that black women don't chase them like other ethnicities of women do.

They wonder why we don't want them. Its bad for their superiority complex.

They don't want black women. they just want us to chase them so the can feel superior than the black man,which they aren't!!

Houston, TX

#243 Jun 19, 2013
Desperate white man wrote:
I beg you please leave our race alone. You have so much problems as black people, and white people alwaysa have to clean it up. Focus on how you can become a normal race and just stay away from us. No other race is forcing us, and putting pressure on us - why are you? Is this your excuse of getting back at us for Martin Luther King and Slavery?
Putting pressure on you to do what?? You live in a make believe world.

No black woman would want to force a white man to be with her. Why would she do that??

I have never wanted or desired a white man. You don't turn me on. Black women & white men don't mix. Your speaking voices are too squeaky & ANNOYING.

Black women need excitement and FLAVOR in a man. White men are too corny and bland. You are too damn PALE with RED LIPS.

1. you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too feminine are too corny
3 you have no rhythm have SICK fetishs
5. You can't find the beat to a simple song
6. You dance like you body is a stiff board like women that resemble preteens tongue french kiss dogs are too physically weak
10. you feel superior to everybody
11. you need police protection
you are chicken shit scard cowards
etc etc

I don't hate white men you are just not desirable
Most other races of men are physically STRONG. A man needs to be strong, not weak.. So why would a black woman stalk a white man, when she could stalk a black man??
Masud_S_Hoghughi __

London, UK

#244 Jun 19, 2013
hairless female gorillas............

Houston, TX

#245 Jun 19, 2013
Desperate white man wrote:
I felt it was my duty to come to the black blog and tell you how I feel. A black woman at my place of work asked me out for after work drinks. I declined because I had a plans to meet this hot Chelsea based blonde who works in PR for cocktails and Dinner. When I returned to work on Monday morning, I was called in to meet with the human resources department in response to allegations made That I was racist. Yes, that black woman accused men of calling her a black bitch. This is beyond a bold face lie, as I said no such thing. This was just in retaliation to me declining her offer for drinks. My life, at time was made a living hell because of this woman — who has since quit.
So I feel I have to speak to you ( black women) and tell you stop ruining innocent lives.
What a lame, made up piece of crap story..

You white men need to stop with this need to feel wanted & stalked by black women. You want black women to want you so you can REJECT us, but we don't want you, so you're obsessed with the fact that your racist asses can't reject women that don't want you.hehe!!

stop wanting every race of women to worship your pale skin. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. You need a CULTURE first of all. Stop worrying about what black women want. We weren't created to desire you. You're toooo weak.

We have given you all the reasons why you are not desirable to us, so why don't you just STOP making up dumb shit??!

Black women don't accuse white men of being racist for rejection. Black women don't have time or desire to chase a white man on a job.

A black woman could not ruin your life because you rejected her. The law would be on your side. Not hers STUPID.. For one thing nobody would believe a black woman was stalking a white man in the first place. Its just to far fetched & unbelievable..

Houston, TX

#246 Jun 19, 2013
Masud_S_Hoghughi__ wrote:
hairless female gorillas..........
You whitey inbreds never have a valid arguement, feedback or anything logical to add when we black women respond to racist fools

Just always the same ole'Gorilla,sheboons apes..etc etc.. We ain't gonna stalk you, so get over it honky!!

Hinesville, GA

#247 Jul 31, 2013
Racist bs lol there are a lot of white chicks all over black cox just cause White men lack
the bitch

Johannesburg, South Africa

#248 Oct 21, 2013
desperate white man wrote:
<quoted text>
African American 'woman'= Slut STD loaded with a deadly attitude and no class.'Woman'Chocolate is debatable
Beautiful = not according to western standards
Sexy Chocolate - I do not eat chocolate.
Thick thighs = I have no idea what that means, but I imagine it is along the same lines of a bodybuilder or Sly Stallone
Nice round ASS = I like small tight bums, like Australian pop singe Kylie Minogue or Victoria secrets models. But, like all white men, I am not a bum man. I am a breast man.
Slim waist - I have never seen a black woman with a slim waist — or flat tones stomach
Big breast = Amazing..........On playboy, Page 3( UK ) Pamela Anderson style barbie blondes
Yup, that sums up white men's checklist. I like hair that grows from your own scalp too.
shut up you pathetic man. Not all black women want white men. You judge all black women because of your personal experience with one black woman. Racist son of dracula. Burn in hell.

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#249 Oct 21, 2013
Lmao in my 26 years I have NEVER seen a bw want or chase a pig skin. Keep dreaming fast ageing sunburners ;) White men are feminine, corny, and age faster than normal. Even you pay bm to satisfy your wives in bed lol.

“Because Knowledge Is Power”

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#252 Oct 21, 2013
Are you aware that white people chase black people?
I'm white and seen it a lot
Your just one of those people who is a bigoted and don't want to see people of all races getting along... I suggest you get help

Since: Aug 13

Brooklyn, NY

#253 Oct 21, 2013
I NEVER have and NEVER will date....sleep with let alone consider NO white man to be my MAN. I'm grandchildren are black and so is my husband. His children.....yes are BLACK. NO MIXED NUTS HERE. I can't stomach the idea of a white man touching me FUCKING NASTY. My parents would have not liked the idea of me dating outside my race.

Madison, WI

#255 Oct 22, 2013
Robyn Banks wrote:
<quoted text>I agree. I don't find them unattractive, but most black women I have known are not into white guys. I don't think they're special--some look good, certainly, but there are races that are far sexier on average.
The vast majority of Black Americans EXPECT people to be racist/bigoted towards them, so there's an automatic expectation already there, not to even look others' way. Just like how Americans automatically expect the French to hate them on sight, so they don't even try to get to know them. From my experiences though, once others(of ANY nationality/culture)see that you don't hate them, then you're just another one of the folks.

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