Light, Caramel or Dark skinned woman ...

Light, Caramel or Dark skinned woman ..Preference?

Created by JamaicanButterflii on Jan 25, 2009

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Light skinned woman

Caramel/ Brown skinned woman

Dark/chocolate skinned woman

Any of the above.Doesnt matter

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Since: Aug 12

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#302 Oct 5, 2012
long island girl wrote:
<quoted text>
I AM LOOKING 4 them, a white boy for me is NOT my first choice, I am still waiting for that guy to approach me, but his wack ass is caught up with those light skin gurls.
And that's the problem, black men just don't appreciate gurls my color. I am going to have to go to prom with that white hispanic that keeps bothering my ass in class all day. And its sad cause I don't want too :(
Because black men don't appreciate brown skin!!!!!!
And those that do are ugly as sin!
... not buying it. I put a premium on tall dark women with looks that kill.

Every time I see a fine dark skinned woman on here I speak. I think it's clear that I truly value them above all. But sometimes, not always I get this brush off like I'm a leper because I look like her. That's just sad that your first instinct to combat men who don't supposedly want you by saying you want to wash out your black skin by getting with a white guy. If you said some dark skinned non black guy I might think you are not just looking for an excuse to erase your dark lineage. But whatever se la vi. I believe you are too far gone already.

Since: Aug 12

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#303 Oct 5, 2012
JamaicanButterflii wrote:
<quoted text>
Pic was taken in the house with no sunlight exposure, the only real light was the flash
Im about 2 shades darker than them.. They are caramel but there are more shades to caramel.. light, dark. brown skinned.
Number 1 You are beautiful looking.
Number 2 you take all that away when you open your mouth.
Number 3 It's clear you have been well condition by the world to think you can't be beautiful if you are dark.

Stop showing the world you are terrified of what they think. And don't run to a white man just to give him your good looks and blend out our beautiful dark genetics. A white man will take you because you DO look good.

Chattanooga, TN

#304 Oct 23, 2012
RedTape wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh really? What's wrong with interracial relationships it many of them don't give a damn about dark skinned girls like me? Absolutely nothing. I'll date whoever the hell I want to since many men on this thread especially just proved to me that many black men don't appreciate or are not attracted to dark skinned women. Oh, I'll get lots of love elsewhere...
Well, I married a white man, and had a daughter...but then again, I am a bit younger and that sort of thing happens quite a bit now (21). I didn't ever close my eyes to any one person of any one color. He just so happened to come along and we fell in love. If I met a black man who loved me, I would have married him, but unfortunately most of the boys just made fun of me cause I studied and spoke right. This is not to say that I settled for my husband, but he was the one for me. That didn't leave much room for me to find a guy that appreciated me (speaking on being made fun of). Plus, not being ghetto fabulous didn't help either. I wore what looked good, not what was name brand, and I got laughed at for it. As for skin, I've never really gave two craps. I'm black, Korean, and Irish...I look mostly black, but my facial features are more on the Asian side...I've got freckles, that's about it from the Irish as far as I know... I went to so many different countries and met so many different people I just liked people in general and didn't care how someone looked. I always thought I would marry out of my race because I was different than the black men I was around, and I did. IR dating is not bad, but don't do it just because the person is white, or whatever other race they are. Also, don't assume all black men are bad. There are great black men out there, but they get overshadowed by the ones who don't give a flip. So if you want a black man, take your time and find a good one. There is never a rush.

United States

#305 Nov 1, 2012
Light is better
White is Right

United States

#306 Nov 2, 2012
Fair/pale skin is my fave.

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Since: Oct 11

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#307 Nov 2, 2012
The one with the best rack.
Artie Kirichuk

Berlin, Germany

#308 Jun 21, 2013
Actually it all depends on the attitude and the behaviour of the person, BUT my personal favorite type of black girls is DARK SKINNED ... it's because I love the black color, although the caramel/light skinned-brwon ladies are mostly considired to be more pretty by the minority of white men (might be true) ... anyway, I still stick to my DARK-LIKE-NIGHT SKINNED BABE's :-D

Houston, TX

#309 Jun 21, 2013
I'm a high yellow girl, I'm the same color as my White French boyfriend but only a bit yellower and browner. So What?

Waller, TX

#311 Jul 11, 2013
long island girl wrote:
<quoted text>Because black men don't appreciate brown skin!!!!!!

And those that do are ugly as sin!
Well forget you! I'm pretty sure a mixed black woman will at least look at me without thinking "yuck".

Arlington, VA

#313 Aug 14, 2013
Im Caramel with a Mix of Cocoa and chocolate, I have been called Light, Dark, Medium..Lord, I have heard it all. I dont give a damn about the Mans Color, its his heart that counts, if he hits you and beats on you and calls you a b****, Thoughts of his skintone immediately Leave your Mind. As for women of Color, You need to embrace whatever skintone you are and Love yourself, regardless of what the media is trying to "beat" into your head. There are plenty of Men who will Love and accept your unique beauty. I have a special message for my dark skinned beauties: You are 1 in a million, there are millions who appreciate you, just because you see the opposite does not always mean everyone feels the way they do. embrace your beauty. We are all imprints of Gods view of our Beauty. He likes dark skin thats why he let it be.

Philadelphia, PA

#317 Apr 6, 2014
No there is no dark, light medium caramel. I would also consider you to be dark skin

“Lovely soul”

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Since: Aug 12

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#318 Apr 6, 2014
Lol aye! Brown skin squad STAYS winning. 369 in the lead. Lol, brownies do it better.:*(I'm just playing around)
Miracool jackson

Munich, Germany

#322 Jul 13, 2016
Actually it doesn't matter what skin u have,all skin ntone are beautiful just like that,so i dont think i have any preference skin tone,i am light caramel and i love it just that way,i think it would be great if people love their skin tone
Whitegirloldscho ol

Homestead, PA

#323 Jan 30, 2017
PeeWee wrote:
Mulatto women are always the best, especially when their moms are either white or asian. That way, all the black women "attitude" does not ruin them and teach them to hate men.
Mulatto women with white or Asian women mothers are naturally treated better by men in white America and black women get treated worst because of jealousy of those particular women. You can't imagine what it possibly feels like to constantly be hated for other women all the time. A black women can do a mulatto,asian,white any day, but those will never be able to walk in the shoes of a obviously stronger, independent, and self sufficient(without the ego building) black woman. This world is on her shoulders regardless of what you believe. In my opinion, being a white women, mulattoes,asian,and white are clearly inferior which explains "our" attitude. It's jealousy period lol. If the white man would have stayed in Europe, let the native Americans stay here, and blacks in Africa, none if this would have happened. The white man is a destroyer which is why I will not ever give you the time of day. My kids are mulatto and yes they have a black women attitude so that they do not became self hating fucktards. Mulatto in slave says was nothing more than a high yellow before in the white man's eyes treated better and is still obviously happening today. Being a mulatto isn't a privilege. It's a reminder of America's sins. I tell my daughter's they are not better because they have white blood. I shut that shit down! They are beautiful not because they are light but because they are smart, and know the truth. I'm sick of it myself. I know what it is like to have mulattoes. One is darker than the other. Yeah try that! Their grandmother and aunts on their dads side along with me and their dad broke them outta that low minded, absent minded, low I.Q having mindset. Willy Lynch also played a big role in this. The black woman is stronger than you and I can ever be. If she hates men so be it. From what I heard, that shit ain't cheap lol. Stop hating! Oh and I'm bisexual and love black women. The real deal ones. My daughters love themselves, know their history, and give props where they belong. They are happy and feel very fortunate and privileged to even have black blood. They don't even hang with some girls like them because they are confused like yourself and don't want any parts of self degradation. Oh and if the mother is white in some cases, she was jealous and got with a black man to try and hurt black women who probably don't even want it anyways. I fell in love with mine. He's my soul mate! White girls like black men because they need validation. Not me. I was raised in New York, on the black side of town. Now I live elsewhere cause I made it. I'm white but know so much about this. I'm not self hating so I don't mind speaking highly of black women. I could never be them. Pee wee the black women attitude is the best thing to have. If they can't be treated equal then fuck their haters and the haters supporters. You just learned something from old-school-white-girl! My attitude is this: I was jealous of them at one time, so I know white girl attitude too :-)

Caracas, Venezuela

#324 Jan 31, 2017
Only beautiful curvy white woman to rule my world, cause we all know, white is so right, while Yank baboonillaz are black, & as we all know, black is so wack. ;-D
RMG Tacos and beer

Santa Ana, CA

#325 Jan 31, 2017
I like dark haired olive skin Latinas with big asses or a white girl who is Goddamn pale you can barely see her if she stands in front of a white wall... a good example is the white girl who played Rodrigo Borgia's daughter on the showtime television series Borgias...Perfect.

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