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Huntsville, AL

#32 Nov 2, 2013
Monogomy is unanatural,which is why divorce rates are so high.Youre fighting nature. Men and women use each other for selfish needs and call it "love".

understand that human behaviour is driven by the desire to satisfy self first. Even potent manifestations of “love” within families are nothing more than a human trait designed to sustain emotional bonds we each enjoy.

why are you loyal to your friends? Do you even know? Loyalty is nothing more than a sense of obligation you feel towards someone because of what they do for you.

Attraction between two people depends heavily upon conditions set in each person’s mind of an ideal mate, predicated by social engineering. Attraction only occurs once these conditions are met, thus fulfilling the selfish desire in each party. Love borne out of sexual attraction (meaning everything from physical attraction to emotional attachment ) is highly conditional.
Monogamy unnatural for our sexy species
By Christopher Ryan, Special to CNN

Women's pendulous breasts, impossible-to-ignore cries of sexual delight, or "female copulatory vocalization" to the clipboard-carrying crowd, and capacity for multiple orgasms also validate this story of prehistoric promiscuity
Albert B

London, UK

#37 Nov 2, 2013
Yeeeeeppppppp, he sure said it!
And he will keep saying it,

Huntsville, AL

#41 Nov 2, 2013
Yep I said It wrote:
Ahhhhh, your mother denied HER-SELF of many things to give your SELFISH life a bath, feed you, clothe you and shelter you.
Ahhhh, you were hatched and and immediately detached from all sources of human affection.
Darwin would be very proud of your perfect example of being an animal.....hmmm, killing the Native American is soooo easy for those lacking human compassion......hmmm, zoolatry and bestiality is soooo easy for those having an animallistic nature.....hmmmm, incest is soooo easy those with the mind of a dog and will hump their own children.....hmmm, volunteer some more of your animalistic ideology.
<quoted text>
Anyone would want to ensure thier child is fed.Whats the point in selfishly wanting to have a child to pass your genes along?

“Repent and worship God”

Since: Jul 13

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#42 Nov 2, 2013
Yep I said It wrote:
<quoted text>I am the wrong one to be passive.


Ezekiel 4:12 KJV -

And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, i.
I will leave you to your sin and iniquity.

“Repent and worship God”

Since: Jul 13

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#43 Nov 2, 2013
Yep I said It wrote:
<quoted text>Keep on running that thing you call a brain white boy, it's going to reveal your editing, deleting and hiding threads and posts around here.

Censoring is your speciality.
Seek the salvation of The Lord and come out of the kingdom of hell.


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Since: Oct 13

Royally Inked

#46 Nov 2, 2013
no there's nothing wrong with love. And there's nothing wrong with both sides having expectations. Those kinds of things are discussed when two people get together.

Huntsville, AL

#47 Nov 2, 2013
GothicRose wrote:
no there's nothing wrong with love. And there's nothing wrong with both sides having expectations. Those kinds of things are discussed when two people get together.
But its not really "love".Its two people using each other for mutual selfish interest.Just like you would pass up a good black man without an education who would be faithful and love you. But you have your selfish requirements and pre conditionings of what you look for in a mate.You shouldnt be surprised when you find him cheating on you a few years later after he gets tired of the same blow job from the same person,right?.You two where just fullfilling an animalistic biological urge to pass on your genese and masking it as "love".

Huntsville, AL

#48 Nov 2, 2013
You can never fight against nature. Only suppress it.

Monogamy is basically an Anglo-Saxon concept that originated by europeans. When you think about it, romantic love only lasts about 18 months to two years, only because it serves a biological function to bring people together to have sex and perpetuate the species. Attraction is only chemical ,a response to pheremones, and there is no way that love between a man and a woman will survive for any long period of time if one of them doesn't want to have sex. Then, you may as well be living with any one of your platonic friends.

But while the concept seems to favor women, it was actually used to sedate a woman’s desire to have relationships with more than one man. Women were sometimes coerced, via the chastity belt, to remain sexually committed to one man. This insured her husband that he was the father of any child that she would bare. On the other hand, monogamy did not confirm the sexual fidelity of a man. It did secure the emotional investment of a father to his offspring, however.
The innate reasons why humans cheat may boil down to the spreading and gathering of genes. According to new findings from evolutionary psychologists, cheating is almost as natural as breathing.

Strict monogamy among humans is unnatural. By unnatural, I mean we’re not biologically predisposed to stay with one partner permanently, and certainly not without deviation. Whether that means bachelorhood, serial monogamy, or a little something on the side, one thing is clear – both men and women want to spread their genes as best possible.

Huntsville, AL

#49 Nov 2, 2013
Most huemans dont now what love is.

"Your love is nothing but the other side of hate. Hence, your love has reference: somebody has been beautiful to you yesterday, he was so nice that you feel great love for him. This is not love; this is the other side of hate – the reference proves it. Or somebody is going to be nice to you tomorrow: the way he smiled at you, the way he talked to you, the way he invited you to his house tomorrow – he is going to be loving to you. And great love arises.

"This is not the love buddhas talk about. This is hate disguised as love – that's why your love can turn into hate any moment. Scratch a person just a little bit, and the love disappears and hate arises. It is not even skin-deep. Even so-called great lovers are continuously fighting, continuously at each other's throats – nagging, destructive. And people think this is love…

"Your love is not really love: it is its very opposite. It is hate disguised as love, camouflaged as love, parading as love. True love has no reference. It thinks not of the yesterdays, it thinks not of the tomorrows. True love is a spontaneous welling up of joy in you, and the sharing of it, and the showering of it – for no other reason, for no other motive, than just the joy of sharing it." --Osho

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