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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

#684 Jan 16, 2012
Poly Power wrote:
Anyway I am reading some non biblical POV's from a Jew named Joesphus! to some Roman historians!
But was he a prophet or the God? that's the 2000 year debate!
That 2000 years debate is for EVERY person and not only with Jesus.

Whenever any prophet comes into the world, the people get divided into two parts, one who accept his mission and become his followers.

Others who reject his message and become his enemies.

So if some people rejected the message of Jesus and became his enemy and deny his prophethood, there is nothing to get worried about.

Moses, the mightiest messenger amongst Jews, was rejected by Pharaoh and his country people.

David the second most successful of all Jewish prophets has many enemies during his life time and even now.

The same thing happened in case of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) the last and final prophet of God.

Even after 1400 years, only 20 % of world's population accepts him as a Prophet, and rest 80 % does not recognize his claim of prophethood.

But these issues are not decided on the basis of majority or minority, the truth remains truth, even if it has not a single follower in the entire world.

So, Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham and Mohammad (peace on them all) shall be Prophets of God, irresepctive of how much people argue and deny their prophet hood.
Afro Podz 1990

Athens, GA

#685 Feb 2, 2013
FromSatanist2Christian wrote:
<quoted text>
Arular, I am so glad that you are a servant of Christ! GOD has given us the gifts to help ourselves and others who are or may be in the same situation. The gifts HE'S given us is to use it for His glory and honor. HE deserves all the praises! Amytime the enemy begins to attack, say, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, THE LORD REBUKES YOU AND CAST YOU AWAY FROM MY PRESENCE BECAUSE YOU, SATAN AND DEMONS HAVE NO POWER OVER ME, BECAUSE JESUS LIVES IN ME IS GREATER THAN YOU AND DEMONS WHO ARE IN THIS WORLD! " IN JESUS' NAME! AMEN.
Thnx. I have witnessed how the wicked responded to my reply by calling my experience laughable. That will never deter me, only makes me stronger to the infinite power of Christ! If you conduct a study about Sleep Paralysis, you'll find out how people are able to break free of it by mentioning Jesus Christ! I am telling you, HE IS REAL!!!!!!!!
Dr S

Cincinnati, OH

#686 Feb 13, 2013
Gene Black wrote:
Before I began this post I would like to offer any one this shocking- truth
In video format by request sent to your e-mail box
Now for the post:
This is a comparison between Horus dating back thousands of years before the Jesus Christ myth
was created and commissioned into existence by the Pope of Rome
The mythical Messiah was Horus in the Osirian Mythos; Har-Khuti in the Sut-Typhonian; Khunsu in that of Amen-Ra; Iu in the cult of Atum-Ra; and the Christ of the Gospels is an amalgam of all these characters.
The Christ is the Good Shepherd!
So was Horus.
Christ is the Lamb of God!
So was Horus. Christ is the Bread of Life!
So was Horus. Christ is the Truth and the Life!
So was Horus. Christ is the Fan-bearer!
So was Horus. Christ is the Lord!
So was Horus. Christ is the Way and the Door of Life!
Horus was the path by which they travel led out of the Sepulcher. He is the God whose name is written with the hieroglyphic sign of the Road or Way.
M Y T H I C A L - C H R I S T
The New Testament
The conical credibility of the documents of the Old Testament haunted the documents of the New Testament.
In who wrote the new testament: the making of the Christian myth, Burton Mack summarizes the story of the new testament by pointing out that contrary to widely held beliefs, Christian gospels are not historical accounts of a single set of events that complement each other.
The gospels came out of the early history of different and divergent Christian communities whose "anonymous" writers wrote different episodes for special purposes and people
all of these creations in Christianity were therefore nothing but variations and adaptations of ancient Egyptian perceptions of this God in the form of a pyramidal polytheism. Unfortunately, Christians were not supposed to know this because the early apostolic fathers believed that the truth would undermine their faiths.
In part one of this post I offered to send the who's what's, when's, where's and why's to the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to you by e-mail in video format the offer still stands.
You can discover the full story by doing your own investigation
Start with the following books.
Christianity before Christ by John G. Jackson
The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ by Gerald Massey
Book of the Beginnings by Gerald Massey
The Destruction Of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams
The Egyptian Book Of The Dead by E.A.Wallis Budge
History of the First Council of Nice by Dean Dudley
The World’s 16 Crucified Saviors: Christianity Before Christ by Kersey Graves
The Africans Who Wrote The Bible by Nana Banchie Darkwah, Ph.D
Absolutely critical to the white supremacy system of religious thought was the formation of the image of a white man as the “son” of God.
This white male image then was referred to as” Christ” the brain-computer functions most fundamentally on logic circuits, at deep unconscious levels it automatically computes that God, the father, is also a white male.
If God is other than white, he would have produced a Black (or other non-white) son.
Thus, any person programmed to accept the Christian religion, whether conscious of it or
not, has the image and concept of God as a white man in the logic network of his/her brain-computer.
If your information is accurate and true,(and your proof based on ancient writings would bear no more credibility than The Bible) then all you can claim based on your evidence is that the other literature about others deities exists, not that JESUS CHRIST did not.

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Since: Jan 12

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

#687 Feb 14, 2013
Jesus Christ is as real as Zeus, Thor, and the flying spaghetti monster.

“Sombrero Galaxy”

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Since: Jan 10

I'm An Illegal Alien

#688 Feb 14, 2013
Gene is good looking.
African AE

Cape Town, South Africa

#689 Feb 15, 2013
Apocalypse wrote:
<quoted text>
Christianity began in Ethiopia. And scripture says nothing about Christ's looks so those white jesus images are fake.
Death is certainly not a myth, and you fill your head will crap and wonder why you're still ignorant of this "story" we call life.
Christianity comes from the Middle East!
Games we play

Atlanta, GA

#690 Feb 15, 2013
Gene Black wrote:
<quoted text>
I know for a fact that no matter what you say or jesus or any body else say Black folks is not
going to give up thier religion and the
believed opportunity to go to heven
It does not matter if jesus dont exist to them.
they are still going to help thier pastor
buy that new lexus.
This is the truth. Why even argue? People are stuck in their ways no matter what. You can lead them to the water but can't make them drink. I have my doubts but I try to have faith because like you said , don't wanna pass up "heaven" if there truly is one.:(

“Maat's my principle”

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#691 Feb 15, 2013
Great post !

This ain't nothing new ,Jesus did exist but WAY before The year Zero (2000 Years ago).
Nubian king

Harrisburg, PA

#693 Feb 15, 2013
"The conical credibility of the documents of the Old Testament haunted the documents of the New Testament."

"conical credibility"

Rustam Sadygov

Chicago, IL

#695 Mar 25, 2013
Please send the video to my email @ [email protected]

Tallahassee, FL

#698 Jan 24, 2016
Conscience Sister wrote:
Well the story of jesus and the bible really is plagerized from older doctrines, thats not a lie. I know that is hard for many people to accept but its a fact. Not just the doctrines were plagerized either, many of their traditions like baptism were taken from older civilizations like Egypt.
You are absolutely correct. The regular Sunday morning Christian is unaware of religious history and the understanding that the Christ is the universal consciousness or presence in all that must be realized & practiced. I Know that this revelation is shocking but it's the truth. Yet it's an opportunity to rise above the belief that God is just another human being that is unloving, bias & destructive.

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