The Kemetic History of MARTIAL Arts&B...
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#268 Jun 16, 2013
shaolin monk schoolin a novice

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#269 Jun 16, 2013
Monks use moving meditation (exercise)and meditation by repeating mantras. They mastered the secret techniques that can absorb punches(energy)and can control their chi energy and direct it through their entire body.
In cantonese its called "jair lake dar lake"(to borrow strength to ATTACK strength).
It is energy that allows a martial artist to hit opponants and cause them to "fly away" or what they call Ward off power.To achieve the power of ward off a practicioner must have the ability to sink chi energy to the lower tantien/belly(energy from the upper body to the lower body).Its primarily short circular movements that appear invisible,most of the energy is directed backwards.They call this the "soft" hand method.
You absorb and redirect your opponants energy at the exact point of contact.
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#270 Jun 16, 2013
Tai chi teaches you to "flow like water" with your movements.Just as chi/qi/energy should flow like water within your body
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#271 Jun 16, 2013

Kalari Payat: Mother of All Martial Arts

There are 108 marmas in a human body of which 64 are mainly used during fights. Hitting these marmas with bare hands, elbows or even pressing with fingers can freeze or disable certain parts of the body, can make a man unconscious. There are many techniques to make it back normal, these are scientifically described in the kalari texts .

ndia too has numerous martial arts, kalaripayattu of Kerala being the most well-known among them. The highest stage of kalaripayattu is marmaadi, based on the knowledge of the body's marma (vital) points. The human body is believed to have 26 meridians through which prana or chi flows. Marma points, over a hundred, are located on these meridians. When pressure is applied on a marma point, the prana flow alters. The key lies in the degree of force used. A forceful blow on a marma point might lead to paralysis or even death. Less pressure applied in a particular way on the same point will induce healing by correcting the prana flow, as done in marma chikitsa, practiced in Kerala.
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#272 Jun 16, 2013
In Dragon style Kung Fu, power is believed to emanate from the waist. Because the waist is the largest muscle in the body (something not everyone is particularly proud of) and the only one cross-hatched in three different directions, it is considered the best source of physical power. Most people use the strength of their upper bodies and shoulders. But Dragon style Kung Fu teaches people how to draw energy from the waist and manifest it through their hands and feet.
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#273 Jun 16, 2013
Every age produces ascended masters such as Krishna, or benevolent warrior priests such as Prince Amenemhat of ancient Kemet. It is almost certain that during our modern era, the martial sciences in the west will lead a few practitioners, if not more, to similar levels of insight and achievement. In Africa today, despite her many problems, there can still be found masters and warrior priests of high spiritual orders among the Dogon of Mali, the Ife of Nigeria, the Zulu of South Africa, and other African people. The traditional martial arts are still being practiced.

The Mesakin and Kao Nuba people of present day Sudan still have a mandate that requires every young man to enter into martial arts training. These arts have much more to do with the development, and continuation of a spiritual tradition than anything else. Iowa State wrestling coach Bobby Douglas, who claims direct lineage to the Nuba of Sudan confirmed in recent interview that, "Even today, wrestling is still a part of the religion (re-ligion) of the Nuba
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#275 Jun 20, 2013
To the top.....
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#276 Jun 22, 2013
In India, yoga is the most popular method of raising and regulating one's prana or chi. In the Far East, martial arts practice was popular for raising chi.

Breathing in and out through the nose is the only method that enables the body to process Chi energy effectively. Most people understand the importance of breathing in through the nose. When we breathe in through the nose, there are a series of defense mechanisms that prevent impurities and extremely cold air from entering the body

By exhaling through the nose, rather than allowing the Chi energy to be expelled with the carbon dioxide, we transfer it to the dan tien or hara, located about three finger widths below the umbilicus. With each breath we take in, more Chi enters the body and circles down to the dan tien, growing stronger and stronger. During this breathing process, the tongue is up, touching the top palate of the mouth just behind the front teeth and the air is expelled from the nose with a slightly audible hiss. There is also a feeling of the abdominal walls contracting down with the exhalation.
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#277 Jun 22, 2013
In martial arts Yin means absorb and yang is project.Yin Shou is an ancient fighting style means Negative hand. This Negative hands means acting not in the usual logic,you rush forward, while mean to attack backward, move backward, while the attack is going forward, totally opposite of what is normally expected.

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#278 Jun 29, 2013
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#279 Jun 29, 2013
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#280 Jun 29, 2013
LION wrote:
BALCKS need to get accounts with black owned banks
You mean juw owned banks.Youd let a man strong arm you for your wallet.
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#281 Jul 1, 2013
The moon is in Aries,the warrior.

Song of the Sip Sam Seh(Thirteen Principles)

"Never neglect any of the Sip Sam Seh. The source of the will is in the waist. Pay attention to the slightest change from full to empty. Let energy flow through the whole body continuously. Stillness embodies motion, motion stillness. Seek stillness in motion.

Surprising things will happen when you meet your opponent. Give awareness and purpose to every movement. When done correctly all will appear effortless. At all times pay attention to the waist. Relaxed clear awareness of abdomen, the energy can be activated. When the base of spine is erect, energy rises to the top of the head.

The body should be flexible. Hold the head as if suspended from a string. Keep alert and seek the meaning and purpose of your art. Bent and stretched, open and closed, let nature take its course.

Beginners are guided by oral teaching. Gradually one applies himself more and more. Skill will take care of itself. What is the main principle of the martial arts? The mind is the primary actor and the body the second one. What is the purpose and philosophy behind the martial arts? Rejuvenation and prolonging of life beyond the normal span. So an eternal spring.

Every word of this song has enormous value and importance. Failing to follow this song attentively, you will sigh away your time.
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#282 Jul 14, 2013
The sun is in cancer a water sign.The 3 moksha(death/liberation) houses in astrology are the 4th,8th,and 12th houses of the 3 water signs,cancer,scorpio,and pisces.

"be formless,shapless.. like water

now you put water in a cup,it becomes the cup

you put water in a bottle,it becomes the bottle

you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot

now water can flow,or it can crash

be water my friend"--Bruce Lee
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#283 Jul 14, 2013
Mars just entered cancer(water sign).People will react more emotionally than usual.

"Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing.
Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions."Sun Tzu-Art of war
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#284 Jul 14, 2013
"The sense of sight is not inside the eye, not inside form, and not in between.[Therefore] an image depending upon form and eye is false.
If the eye does not see itself, how can it see form? Therefore eye and form are without self. The same [is true for the] remaining sense-fields.
Eye is empty of its own self [and] of another's self. Form is also empty. Likewise [for the] remaining sense-fields."--Nagarjuna 's Sunyatasaptati
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#285 Jul 14, 2013

Anything can be converted into a meditation because the whole thing is awareness. And of course, in swordsmanship more awareness is needed than anywhere else because life will be at stake every moment. When fighting with a sword you have to be constantly alert -- a single moment's unconsciousness and you will be gone.

In fact, a real swordsman does not function out of his mind, he cannot function out of his mind -- because mind takes time. It thinks, calculates. And when you are fighting with a sword, where is time? There is no time. If you miss a single fragment of a second in thinking, the other will not miss the opportunity: the other's sword will penetrate into your heart or cut off your head.

So thinking is not possible. One has to function out of no-mind, one has to simply function, because the danger is so much that you cannot afford the luxury of thinking. Thinking needs an easy chair. You just relax in the easy chair and you go off on mind trips. But when you are fighting and life is at stake and the swords are shining in the sun and at any moment a slight unawareness and the other will not lose the opportunity, you will be gone forever, there is no space for thought to appear, one has to function out of no-thought. That's what meditation is all about.

Swordsmanship became one of the UPAYAS, one of the basic methodologies. Because the very thing is so dangerous that it doesn't allow thinking. It can lead you towards a different type of functioning, a different type of reality, a separate reality. You know of only one way to function: to think first and then to function. In swordsmanship, a different-type of existence becomes open to you: you function first and then you think. Thinking is no longer primary, and this is the beauty.. when thinking is not primary, you cannot err."--Osho the zen master
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#286 Jul 16, 2013
To the top as the moon is in scorpio the warrior.
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#287 Jul 16, 2013
"Bravery without forethought,causes a man to fight blindly and desperately like a mad bull. Such an opponent must not be encountered with brute force, but may be lured into an ambush and slain."--Sun Tzu(Art of war)

Its usually always a bad idea in the martial arts to attack them head-on. Always be looking to take an angle when attacking, even if it is only an inch or so off to the left or right. Even a slight angle change can alter the power, speed and perception of your attack and the reaction of your opponent.
the CANNON Is back

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#288 Jul 16, 2013
Cap Black wrote:
"Bravery without forethought,causes a man to fight blindly and desperately like a mad bull. Such an opponent must not be encountered with brute force, but may be lured into an ambush and slain."--Sun Tzu(Art of war)
Its usually always a bad idea in the martial arts to attack them head-on. Always be looking to take an angle when attacking, even if it is only an inch or so off to the left or right. Even a slight angle change can alter the power, speed and perception of your attack and the reaction of your opponent.
would I make a good boxer? Sun:virgo
Moon: Aquarius
Rising: capricorn
Mars: librio
I heard that virgos and cancers were the hardest punchers and with my cap rising it adds onto my power example: rocky marciano (sun virg rising cap) and george foreman (sun cap, rising virg)

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