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#186 Jan 13, 2013
The one drop rule was invented by a white person to supress mixed people...move on..and don't deny any part of your genes...one drop white then you're white too...

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#187 Jan 13, 2013
The thread should read: "Why do AAs...." since it's
mostly a USA cultural thing.

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#188 Jan 14, 2013
I dont believe in the 1-drop rule, but some folks will argue it down to you! To me, half and half is mixed, 1-quarter is mixed, 1/8 th (1 great grandparent), is slightly mixed. Anything after your great grandparent, its virtually watered down, unless your just pressed to claim it. Now, if you come from a long line of mixtures, then thats a different story, meaning a creole, or someone like Vanessa Williams, they are multigenerational mixed.

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#189 Feb 6, 2013
nobody cares anymore go make money and buy beer and junkfood and sex and play video games and watch movies and invent stuff and fly into outer space and run out of gas money

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#191 Feb 13, 2013
Every time this discussion comes up, there always has to be the same damn ignorant answer: "Well, it was the white man that created it".... I get so tired of hearing that 'cop out' answer.... So if the whites say that you're still slaves or apes or stupid or whatever the hell they call you out of ignorance & hatred, even though you're none of those things, does that mean you still are???!!! You're admitting to yourselves that whatever a white person says it's gold...or it's true! Why do you continue to give them power?!!!!...You have no one else to blame but yourselves if you continue to do this!

You gotta do better than that! This is 2013...Noboby is forcing a mixed race person to call themselves black anymore (except maybe ignorant racists putting pressure on that person to do so!)...The government no longer forces it on you either...How do I know this? I work for the government and for a mixed race Hispanic, born in a different country, they classify me as WHITE!

Get some damn education already!!!!

Howell, MI

#192 Mar 2, 2013
if there is no one drop rule then why did that white man on the airplane call that mixed kid with straight hair and pure white parents the n word??

Howell, MI

#193 Mar 2, 2013
yes THEY ARE.. god shut up!!

they even do it in porn!!

Howell, MI

#194 Mar 2, 2013
the white man did create it..

and is still re creating it..
takeyoutodestroy you

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#195 Aug 1, 2013
because it gives them more people to commit black on black crime on probably
takeyoutodestroy you

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#196 Aug 1, 2013
And white people sometimes enforce it..

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#197 Aug 1, 2013
Because most of them have blacks features and look black. Both of my parents are mix but i consider myself black.

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#198 Aug 1, 2013
To be honest, biracials all have African features. Why?? Because Africans are diverse & the features non-Africans have originally came from Africans themselves except non-African features are MORE diluted than the original Black Africans.
Charles P

Ypsilanti, MI

#199 Dec 12, 2013
Maybe it's considered acceptable to 'over-categorize' people if you mean well (featuring them in a fashion magazine, etc.) but only evil if you want to do harm. I think people like that miss the whole point. I don't think anyone should define another person's race. Leave it to tradition. My family and my family's family have all identified themselves as White, Anglo, Caucasian, etc. almost since they got off the boat.
People identify with a 'we'. It's natural. The problem only starts when a 'we' starts defining other people and 'over-categorizing' people into that group. I've been mistaken for being Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Cuban, Argentine, and Brazilian (by Brazilians) even though no one in my family is from any of other countries or peoples. It's no problem because no one says 'no you're Cuban, you don't have a choice in it'. It's more obvious in Europe that I'm mixed (German, Italian, English, Irish, French, and Welsh) because to Germans, Italians, English, Irish, etc., the difference is sharper to them than it is to White Americans (to whom every ancestry already listed including Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Greek, Serbian, Hungarian, etc. are just blanket-termed 'white').
White people in America, you could say,'over-categorize' themselves more than Europeans. African-Americans (please correct me if I's wrong) categorize themselves differently than Nigerians, Congolese, or Ethiopians would. Different people categorize themselves differently. In the US, we differentiate between Whites and Latinos, whereas in Argentina, the they just categorize themselves as European.
At some point this over-categorizing just becomes ridiculous, I have to say. It think it's silly that Troian Bellisario, Gabrielle Reece, Kate Beckinsale, and Jean Teillet (in Canada) are all categorized as something other than White when you couldn't pick them ot of a lineup in Iowa. Look them up. If they look Black or Mixed to you, please tell me. But if they wish to identify as part-Black, as mixed, as part-Burmese, part Metis (who are half European just Dominicans) let them do that.
I'm only ¼ Italian, but often identify myself as an American of Italian descent. Even though I'm more German than anything else, my looks take after my mom, and my mom takes after her dad who was 100% Italian. Spaniards have mistook me for being Italian...while sitting next actual Italians.When I'm lazy, I just call myself White.
I think I's wrong to over-categorize everyone whose family came from everywhere from Malta to Murmansk as 'white' just like I think it's wrong to over-categorize everyone from Cape Town to Cairo as Black. We should leave people alone to define themselves.
I should be able to identify as White and mixed just like you should be free to identify as Black and mixed. The “dark/medium/light” of Whites happens when some people define White as anything north of the Alps, some including Slavic peoples, others including Mediterranean peoples, and others still including Armenians, Lebanese, and Turks. It depends on who you ask. I tend to include more than fewer. I suspect who counts as Black could depend on who I ask.
At the end of it all, race really is just how everyone categorizes each other, how much like themselves others are. If you think someone doesn't have an accent, they have the same accent as you. If neither person sees race, they're both of the same race. It's not biology. Worth repeating: NOT BIOLOGY. The definition of a race (and multiracial) changes person-to-person, place-to-place, and time-to-time. People who were once just Norse are not Swedish, Danish, German, Dutch, and Norwegian. People who are now just English were once Angels, Jutes, Saxons, and Normans. No people stays the same forever.
Which is why I say again, feel free to categorize yourself however you (using convention as a guideline) see fit. Let other people define themselves.
I think that solves so many problems.

United States

#201 Dec 12, 2013
According the one drop rule, many Italians should be considered Black!

Howell, MI

#202 Mar 14, 2014
they are italians are blacks.. pure white go to hell...

Howell, MI

#203 Mar 14, 2014
even if you look All white and have black parent you black pure white go to hell..

Howell, MI

#204 Mar 14, 2014
hallee berry kids And tamera or tia whatever the hell her name is kid is still black even though it look all whtie pure white go to hell..

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