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Children of the SUN(Black people/Moors)Know thyself

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Stone Mountain, GA

#1 Jun 21, 2010
YOU and the SUN are ONE.Our physical bodies are composed of millions of cells. The life of each cell comes directly from the sun. We are therefore a part of the sun, and we cannot in fact be separated from it. In the allegory of Solomon's temple, the little temple is the human body "made in the image."(of the Sun/Ra) The ancient wise men knew this and called the sun the Lord of the Temple

The pineal gland-3rd eye is solar-masculin and the patuitary is lunar-femanin.

Stone Mountain, GA

#2 Jun 21, 2010
Black Holes become stars which is important because it has to do with the 7 forms of Matter.

The Mind of God condenses some of itself into Magnetism. In this stage, the Magnet, or, the Black Hole, cannot be detected. However, its affects on all the physical entities around it can be. This is because everything that enters its vicinity appears to disappear and be "sucked in." In reality, these things are not sucked in, instead, they are pulled toward the star by magnetic attraction, or, the pull of "gravity" (Gravity does not really exist. On this planet, gravity is mostly the the application of the earth's atmospheric pressure on the body, which is why, once you leave the atmosphere, gravity is not found. It is about magnetism).
In any case, to continue, because the star has not yet condensed further from its magnetic phase into its electric phase, and thus into light, and thus into Ether (which is required in order for light to be observed. Just as sound waves require air to travel, Light requires space or, ether), all the entities drawn toward the star suddenly become invisible because there is no light in the blackness of outer space for these entities to be seen. In other words, these magnetic stars form an area of complete blackness around themselves until their process nears completion.

Stone Mountain, GA

#3 Jun 21, 2010
Eventually, as condensation continues and ether is exerted, then the light of the star becomes visible. In the case of a planet (the first one in the universe only) created before the star, the light then emits electrical waves to that planet. In all other cases where the planets come after the sun, the sun begins to rotate on its axis as it continues to condense further, and it throws off gases (formed by the Ether) out into space, though they only go as far as the star's magnetic pull will allow.

Although the process is quite violent, eventually, these gases reach stability away from the star and condense further into liquids and solids, forming planets. The star, in the meantime, eventually stabilizes and stops condensing, and also stops throwing off gases. At this point, the entire star system becomes stable, although for a time, the planets are still forming.

Stone Mountain, GA

#4 Jun 21, 2010
554 million tons of Hydrogen changes into 550 million tons of Helium per Second (Chaos)... the light of the sun gave birth to itself(genesis-and God said let there be light), out of "chaos"

Melanin, a substance produced in the Peniel gland of the brain..."And Jacob came to call the place,'Peniel,' for he had seen God(the sun) face to face." (Genesis 32:30) allows, after progressing into a substance called DMT, for a rather unique journey


Stone Mountain, GA

#6 Jun 21, 2010
The mind of our ancestors created everything out of the First Magnetic Law of Attraction (The Golden Rule/Karma) which attracts like to like. They condensed their mind in this specific way in order to lay the foundations/provide the base of compounds which we would use to start things over, to run society and hence the world, once again. And there in lies the difference between the African and European science. It was not a Random set of events, it was a Master Plan, albeit with unplanned experiments. But all the experiments, though Random, still constitute and follow a Balanced Order.

If you were to study the atom under a microscope, you would see that electrons actually orbit its nucleus in exactly the same manner in which planets orbit a star. In the same way that the magnetic pull of our sun can trap other planets (rocks) into its orbit, the nucleus can do the same with other electrons.

Every given atom can be found to be in the same structure as a given solar (star) system, the only difference between the two is size. The reason scientists will never find the smallest particle of which matter is composed is because if the solar system is an atom, then atoms themselves are made of atoms. If the earth is an electron, then electrons themselves are made of electrons.

Stone Mountain, GA

#7 Jun 21, 2010
Alchemicly The Soul/sun is Gold(masculine) a high conducter of electricity and silver/lunar(femanin). The snake(kundalini energy) symbolize a current of undying energy. We have these Gold and siver snakes within our Chakra body Etheric body/Electric body our true self. The Caduceus(the staff of Tehuti and the rod that Moses held) is you. In mediation invision spirals/snakes of light.
The kingdom of Heaven is within you. There so many stars ready to burst in us and shine.

Tehuti is assigned to Chokmah("The Son of God") on the Tree of Life, as is Yehoshua, Vishnu, Krishna, Chenrezi, etc.

But Chokmah's Planetary attribute is actually Uranus, which governs the sexual glands.

The Planetary attribute of Mercury is related to Hod and Netzach.

But the Roman God Mercury/Gemini the messenger(Tehuti/Hermes) would still be assigned to Chokmah. So the God, and the Planetary attribute, though being related; are different in this aspect.

And yes, it is indeed the Bronze Serpent(Kundalini) of Moses(who was a Kemetian Priest by the way) that healed the Israelites(the Initiates) in the wilderness(the polluted psyche full of defects/egos).

So there you have it.

There are male(ABBA/Seker) and female(AIMA/Sekert) aspects of the Creative Power of the Holy Spirit(Christus-Lucifer, the Divine Mother Kundalini, the Bronze Serpent), and the destructive power of the Tempting Serpent of Eden(Apep, Satan-Lucifer, Set).

Any Initiate of any real Religion or Yoga; has to defeat Lucifer and utilize that Force as to "move onward and upward" as Manly P. Hall has put it.

Aset and Nebethet, Ida and Pingala,'Adam' and 'Eve', Od and Ob ,etc.(See the first post of this thread)

The Kemetian Shekemu or 'Pharaohs' had to have the Serpent/kundalini Power activated in order to rule the land; and this was displayed on their forehead. They had to be a Malachim or King of Nature.

Stone Mountain, GA

#8 Jun 21, 2010
The mind is the den of desire.

When the mind assaults us with useless representations, when the mind ambushes us with its lowly passions, let us talk to the mind like this:

“Mind, remove from me these desires; mind, remove from me these passions, I do not accept them from you, you are my slave and I am your Lord, until the end of time.”- Samael Aun Weor

the mind has to submit to the Inner Christ.

The one who conquers the mind and builds the Solar Mental body is called in Buddhism, an Arhat.

The Arhats are said to be free from the mechanical return to Samsara.

They can consciously reincarnate, as taught by Lord Krishna.

They are only one Initiation-of-Major-Mysteries away from actually Being Angels, or Malachim; Kings of Nature.

These are said to be taken up by the Manu before the final catastrophe-as part of the Solar Circle of Humanity-as to avoid the destruction, and are then responsible for building the civilization of the next Root-Race, which would be the transition from the Kali Yuga to the Golden Age or Satya Yuga: The New Jerusalem.

This is symbolized in the Bibilical story of Noah's-Arc(anum).

However, it is taught that any sincere disciple can converse with the Angels in the Astral Plane, if he/she seriously devotes their self to chastity, meditation and self-remembering from moment-to-moment; being pure in thought, word and deed; even if she/he still only has the Lunar Sahu or Lunar Bodies.

“With patience ye shall possess thy soul.”(Yeshua Ben Pandera)

Stone Mountain, GA

#9 Jun 21, 2010
Lets go into the study of alchemy.Mercury has many aspects.

The Mercury of Alchemy is the sexual fluid of the man or woman(the Salt being the physical body and the Sulphur being the transmuted Mercury or Holy Spirit).

But Mercury is also the Roman name for the Greek Hermes, who is the Kemetian Tehuti/Thoth/Gemini.

The Gods create the Universe through Alchemy and we left Eden by not practicing it, because of our lust.

So we have to re-enter Eden through door that we left it through; Sex(see the symbolism of the Flaming Sword(Spinal Column) and the Cherubim(related to Binah, the Holy Spirit).

The Osirian legend was known throughout Egypt. Although the exoteric interpretation of the legend is quite obvious, with Osiris representing the sun, Hermetic tradition has it that there was an also an esoteric interpretation, and that Osiris represented the kundalini.

According to the Hermeticists, after his murder by Typhon, who represented matter, he was first buried at the foot of an evergreen, representing the spinal column. He was then raised from his grave, representing the raising of kundalini, energizing the chakras, which opens "the All Seeing Eye".

the Kemetians did depict the Kundalini Serpent in their Heiroglyphs, as well as the accompanying Serpents: Aset and Nebethet, Ida and Pingala,'Adam' and 'Eve', Od and Ob.

The real Magi use the power of the Caduceus/rod of moses(Kundalini/Holy Spirit) for works of Healing(See "Occult Medicine and Practial Magic").


Only if the negative pole of this force is being utilized; which is Apep, the Tempting Serpent of Eden(Eden being Yesod of the Tree of life).

Stone Mountain, GA

#10 Jun 21, 2010
The Dogon priests of west africa who were egyptian priests that migrated understood that Sirius was the prana/energy source for the sun.The energy emitted from our solar plexus chakra is what gives the sun it's color and temperature.This is why we have a soul/sol/sun.In essence,the sun and earth RAdiate as ''spherical black bodies'' as do all objects in the cosmos-YOU-niverse.

Stone Mountain, GA

#11 Jun 21, 2010
The Sun draws in the stellar influences and transmits them into our Solar System. The Planets within our System absorb this energy which then merges with their own vibrations or energies. The Planets, in turn, then emanate a composite energy within our Solar System. Each Planet's energy or vibratory pattern is unique, and influences other planetary bodies and forces, within each planet's sphere of influence. This is the basis of Astrology and Planetary correspondences in Magic (this is how and why it works). The Moon is the focal point of power upon the Earth. The Moon absorbs, condenses, and channels all of these forces, which are then carried to our Planet, upon the Lunar Light Spectrum.

It's said that when the pineal gland is activated it becomes illuminated like a thousands suns.The sense of white light flowing within and without may be when the pineal gland is highly activated producing DMT type chemistry during the height of the peak.

When the Crystal Palace lights up a secretion from the area might be released into the back of the throat. "The White Drop" would be some intense opiate that acts to open the heart.

"In Tibetan Buddhism, this is the source of the "White Drop" that descends to the heart center, where it mixes with the ascending "Red Drop" attain an enlightened body and mind. All this activity is seen as a cosmic sex act in the head. The phallic-shaped pineal gland releases a pure white liquid light that impregnates the nearby bi-lobed pituitary gland, which then releases hormones in the blood that inaugurate a Second (Spiritual) Puberty in the body."

Level 4

Since: Sep 09


#12 Jun 21, 2010
Good info. To the top for the masses!

Stone Mountain, GA

#13 Jun 21, 2010
Our ancestors knew it all along..

Testament of Levi(dead sea scrolls)-God said in the END a NEW star will shine in heaven.It will bring forth a light of knoweledge and ALL evil will be driven from this planet..forever.

Photon=Light.Light=Information .Information=DNA
DNA responds to photons.

Malachi 4-For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be burned to stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. 2 But unto you that fear my name shall the SUN of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings(sun Rays/new light); and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall

Stone Mountain, GA

#14 Jun 21, 2010
Nerdtician wrote:
Good info. To the top for the masses!
Barros Serrano

Morgantown, WV

#16 Jun 22, 2010
Well that's a big load of metaphysical gibberish...

Black holes, melanin, pineal glands...

Look, cut through all this BS and get to the punchline:


See? Only 3 words were required, and you went through all that crap to get there...




How am I doing? Very scientific, no?

Stone Mountain, GA

#17 Jun 22, 2010
^The zionist disinformation agent appears as usuall.

Stone Mountain, GA

#18 Jun 22, 2010
Back to post # 2 and 3:

Atoms are star systems, and electrons are planets. In the universe, there are 100 types of star systems.. and there are 100 types of elements. The star systems are organized by how many planets orbit the star. So, a type 1 star system has 1 planet which orbits it. A type 2 star system is orbited by two planets, so on and so forth up to Type 100.
Toward the end of a Universe, these star systems cluster together according to one of the seven cosmological laws: The Law of Attraction/The Law of Magnetic Attraction. This law states that type 1 star systems be attracted to type 1 star systems, and 2 and 2, and on and on.

Star systems (star and planets/nucleus and electron) cluster together at the end of a universe in order to form those atoms and compounds which constitute the new planet of the new Creation. These atoms are what form the elements of our Periodic Table.(It is very intricate and also involves the roles of Melanin and Carbon (The Black substance, "Kam"
which is the base of "Kem"istry) and their role in the formation of new stars and star systems, but this cannot all be tackled in a single post. You would be reading for weeks.

Atoms and electrons do not really exist. They are remnants of our founding or previous universe, and so on and so forth. The universe expands as it is being created and as it fulfills its purpose, and then as its Consciousness (the collective minds of ALL the people in it once it has been fully inhabited) or Mind ascends (think of it as an out of body experience) to its heights and above it, then it becomes as small as a planet, and all its stars and planets are as small as atoms and electrons. The universe thus plants its seed,
and we begin again.

You see, it is about cycles. Life is about cycles. In a cycle, there is change, but the change ends with the death of the cycle, but the death of the cycle is really just the life of another, and hence, it is another change. We have flowers and vegetation, we have trees, and we have human beings. All of these things plant their seeds as they change and prepare for the end of their cycle, and in fact the planting of their seeds is a part of the cycle. So there is no end, and effectively, there is also no beginning, because the end point is the beginning. Studying the zodiac or even earthly equinox's will reveal the same thing.

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#19 Jun 22, 2010
Yehoshua wrote:
^The zionist disinformation agent appears as usuall.
Apparently he's not in the habit of suffering fools.

Stone Mountain, GA

#20 Jun 22, 2010
^Another roman/zionist agent who doesnt like what is being posted here.They ant to keep you sheep blind so they can be your Gods/rulers.

Level 5

Since: Feb 08

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#21 Jun 22, 2010
Yehoshua wrote:
^Another roman/zionist agent who doesnt like what is being posted here.They ant to keep you sheep blind so they can be your Gods/rulers.
Don't you know racism is wrong?

Stone Mountain, GA

#22 Jun 22, 2010
Garrig wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't you know racism is wrong?
Were in my post do you see me advocate racism?Do i have the power to oppress people?

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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