Why are white people SO nosey?
spicy mike

Portland, OR

#170 May 11, 2013
north east indian wrote:
<quoted text>wrong race retard only hwhite trash like you are gay ,look at the united states of all the gay shit going on . look at france HAHAHAAAA!! dont blame us for your races flaw and faults!and it is your women going on chatlines and have the highest divorce rates and our women have 2% divorce rates which proves you crackers are all infidels thats why your women stay in your residence for 2 years only to collect alimoney and then fuck off from you to be with a black dude! truth hurts doesnt it?:P------
when they see black THEY SEE THERE "END"

Lansing, IL

#175 May 25, 2013
McAlister73 wrote:
<quoted text>
Then yer dumb. They could be selling drugs or doing some other illegal or dangerous shit which could result in a drive by and you or one of your family members getting caught in a crossfire. You are pretty stupid for a white person.
Not all black people are criminals. You watch too much TV. Do all Asians know martial arts; all Latinos pick oranges? No. Stop stereotyping.

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Los Angeles, CA.

#176 May 30, 2013
Because they have long noses so if they are anywhere in your vicinity their nose will be in your business.

Saint Albans, VT

#179 Jun 27, 2013
Whites don't care what you ni#$%rs do!And they aren't afraid of you.Why would i be afraid of a bunch of sub human apes who statistically are the most retarded of so called humans?You don't even share neanderthal d.n.a unlike every race on the planet!I'd rather have a pointy nose rather than boot lips ,nappy hair,and shit skin.What actual achievements have you rape apes achieved(and not achievements you take credit for like the pyramids which you had no hand in building).
When all else fails you make ridiculous remarks like white women love black men.Guess what n#$Ger fu#$rs once you go black we don't want you back!

Lansing, IL

#183 Jun 29, 2013
Uncle Miltie wrote:
<quoted text>
Some sluts might go for a Black dude. But none go for a starvin marvin, stubby dick havin, curry smellin, indian mofo. That's why in your squalid shit hole of a country, you are so desparate to rape women, ten guys to one girl. Tell me I'm wrong.
No one but another white guy would even pretend to believe the crap you just said. You don't even believe it.lol I'm telling you, you're wrong.

Hyattsville, MD

#184 Jul 1, 2013
I don't think it's that I'm not white I just hate people In my face. I am not a tv.
Russia1513 wrote:
<quoted text>
So? Imagine if you WERE a movie star. "Don't look at me unless you spent $7-10 on a ticket."? Why are some people so nervous being watched? Are you doing something wrong? NO? Then relax. All that it proves is that that person has no life. YOu should have pity on that person rather than be upset. There are hundreds of ways to stop that behavior - starting with WAVING at the looker each and every time they look. Eventually, they'll start to feel foolish and at least try to be covert about it, if not completely stopping.
I believe if you're not doing anything wrong, such things should not bother you, and if they do, you are probably guilty of something.


#187 Jul 24, 2013
You're a racist prick, DONT YOU DARE discriminate all whites, you horrible,racist prick.
You dont understand how many people hate you & other racist people yet they say whites are racist:& Blacks are just as racist tbqh like they say things like this, sort it out you twat. And whites aint scared of blacks? Not all blacks are hard you idiots:L stupid steriotypical people, hate you all.
Harvard Law

Schaumburg, IL

#189 Sep 1, 2013
Freddy N wrote:
<quoted text>
"terrifed" "muscinlity", Really? Get an education then come back.
After everything he just said, your worried about his grammatical errors ?

United States

#191 Sep 30, 2013
White people make me SICK !!! They are the MOST F......N NOISY people in this world . They are ALWAYS in somebody's business cause they don't have a life . That's why majority people that are on Jerry Springer are White trash . They are so NOISY and COWARDS ... Of ALL TRAITS .

United States

#192 Sep 30, 2013
White people are not only NOISY but a 2 face SNITCH . They are so FAKE & PHONY

United States

#193 Sep 30, 2013
White people are usually behind there window curtains snooping at people day & night . They are very NOISY and PREJEDUICE . They are NOSY cause they don't have a life .

United States

#194 Sep 30, 2013
White people look out of the windows all the time is because they are Bored and Nosey !!! They love snooping and tattle tale cause they don't have a life . They snoop cause they are RACIST & PREJEDUICE . I'm white and I'm sick of them also

Brooklyn, NY

#197 Dec 7, 2013
Whites look like they will cry when blacks remodel they're house or drive a new or nice car.... &#65279;the racist want sex from us..... &#65279;the best we can do is ignore them and excel at our own pace!

Cypress, CA

#199 Dec 26, 2013
dayum! so much hate over here...this aint the 90s no more. no1 gives a sht about gangs and rcist white fools no more. yall need to stfu and chill and smoke a blunt and stay high as a mofo

Saint Louis, MO

#200 Jan 3, 2014
They are nosy so they can find something to snitch about.

White people are keen on getting others in trouble--it makes them look better.

Westwood, MA

#205 Mar 13, 2014
Everybody should mind themselves and keep their nose out of others. At my job a caucasian is into what I'm doing constantly I fart to keep her away I laugh so hard and fart more and she stays away but return again and I fart more she frowns and rolls her eyes I laugh and love it that she inhales toxic gases

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#207 Mar 13, 2014
Yes, they're the nosiest people on earth. Look at what their nosiness caused their own countries and the world around them - utter chaos and 9/11. Nosiness got their a)ses fighting every enemy around them, left, right, front, back, in circles, vertically, horizontally. They can't keep up with the bombs nor the threats.
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New Port Richey, FL

#209 Mar 13, 2014
Why are white people SO nosey?
BETTER Question....Why are 80% of the threads blacks start on their "black" forum about white people?

San Francisco, CA

#210 Mar 13, 2014
In America some white people are VERY scared.

They are scared of everyone, even each other. Fear is something they manufacture and control each other with. They can't control as many blacks with fear, so that makes them even MORE fearful of us. Everything from Mexicans, Muslims, Women, communists, the Chinese, Koreans, gays, liberals, science, and evolution has them running shytless. It's as if life itself has become a house of horrors for some white people in America. Even people from Europe have noticed this. From the outside it seems that they are nosey or hateful, but they're really afraid. This fear accounts for some of the obvious mental disease they display. Not a day goes by when they have not conjured up some eminent disaster either by flesh eating zombies, or a fiscal cliff. I was waiting for Y2K, as well as their fears over the end of the Mayan Calendar. None of their doomsaying has ever happened.

Some of them just scare easy.

New York, NY

#212 Mar 14, 2014
Megan wrote:
White people look out of the windows all the time is because they are Bored and Nosey !!! They love snooping and tattle tale cause they don't have a life . They snoop cause they are RACIST & PREJEDUICE . I'm white and I'm sick of them also
They are nosey alright, but these days they don't have to peep through their windows to know your business. Every time you use your electronic device they're In your business. They have gadgets to listen in to your phone conversations. They hack into your computers, and monitor what you watch on your tv. I firmly believe that built into every type of electronic device, computers, Cell phones, tablets, are switches capable of reverse transmission. Think about it. Think about Face Time and other forms of networking. Just as how we can activate these wonderful inventions so can they be activated remotely. Maybe I've been watching too many space probes where cameras and satellites can be controlled from earth. Peeking through the curtains is so 19th century.

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