Why white people claim Africans from ...


#95 Nov 1, 2012
bed time.

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#96 Nov 1, 2012
Atari wrote:
<quoted text> How long ago was that? Well all the continents were once one super continent pangeaa. Eurocentrics are quite amusing.
No, No I mean there was thought to be a land bridge on the Bab al-Mandab Strait before the melting glacier raised ocean levels submerging this land bridge.

I am talking thousands of years ago not millions of years ago.
smitty boy

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#97 Nov 1, 2012
Atari wrote:
bed time.
Midnight at the oasis. Send your camel to bed.

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#98 Nov 1, 2012
Bigsmoke wrote:
<quoted text>
Ethiopia is a landlocked country, it has no coast.
What exactly is the point of this comment?
Ethiopia had long been connected to the Gulf of Aden / Red Sea.

http://www.google.com/imgres... (A_Different_History)&doci d=rnyfOFqvBLluUM&imgurl=ht tp://images4.wikia.nocookie.ne t/__cb20110317180653/althistor y/images/b/b9/550px-Ethiopia_( Africa_orthographic_projection ).svg.png&w=550&h=550 &ei=Uw-TUOHbDOzW0gHelIGABA &zoom=1&iact=hc&vp x=930&vpy=140&dur=705 &hovh=224&hovw=224 &tx=52&ty=242&sig= 116294209997104730624&page =1&tbnh=150&tbnw=150 &start=0&ndsp=20&v ed=1t:429,i:84


Anyways the area AROUND Ethiopia had been connected to Eurasia by a land bridge.

I know I have to be extremely speicific around British people because they tend to have OCD fits over semantics rather than being capable of figuring out the greater picture.

You must be of some British genetic heritage you have this typical OCD one track mind that British people do.


H Idaltu wasn't that far from this land bridge connecting to Eurasia.

Unlike Nigeria which didn't even have any Humans or

Human settlements untill 13,000 years ago with Iwo-Eleru.


Why is it we find this H Idaltu in Ethiopia near a Eurasian land bridge 150,000 - 200,000 years ago.

While we don't find any Humans or Human settlements in Nigeria untill 13,000 years ago with Iwo-Eleru.

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#99 Nov 1, 2012
Bigsmoke wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't.
This H-Idaltu reconstruction clearly has a taller skull than most West Africans do today.


H-Idaltu is proven to have a higher Cranial capacity than West Africans today do.

While H-Idaltu has a similar Cranial capacity to Europeans & East Asians today.

Europeans & East Asians have much more modern Brachycephalic skulls than H-Idaltu which was Dolichocephalic.

But, Africans aren't Brachycephalic they are Dolichocephalic.

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#100 Nov 2, 2012
Bigsmoke wrote:
<quoted text>
What a small mind you have there mr.Eurocentric.
I hope you do know the Horn of Africa part of sub-Saharan Africa.
Neanderthals were inferior to Sapeins hence why they're extinct while Sapiens number over 7 billion.
Well even if the Neanderthal-Sapien mixing theory is true and what you claim then you would need to explain Autralian Aboriginies, Negrito of southeast Asia and various Native American tribes who never left the stone age or produced a single civilization. While on the other hand Central-West Africans independently entered the Iron age and produced civilizations.
<quoted text>
To bad the inferior Neanderthals went extinct. They failed to adapt once exposed to the superior Sapien.
You oughta know that there is evidence of Neaderthal dna in East Africa. And just from common sense, you should expect us much. Its not like Africa was ever sealed off from the rest of the world. We know that there were a number of back migration into Afrca from Asia.

Neandertal" genes in East Africa

John Hawks writes that different "Neandertal"-derived haplotypes are found in Europe and China. He attributes this to genetic drift after a population of modern humans admixed with Neandertals in West Asia.

As you all know, I've voiced significant reservations about the interpretation of the Neandertal genome data as evidence for Neandertal admixture in Eurasians. So, I decided to pull up an old experiment I had as a draft for ages because it is quite pertinent to the issue.

East Africa is a possible source of information about the issue of "Neandertal" admixture. The populations of the region are complex: they are thought to preserve features of very old Africans, perhaps the earliest Homo sapiens but they have also been affected by gene flow from Sub-Saharan Africa and West Asia.

If Neandertal admixture occurred in West Asia, then we would not expect East Africans to possess any of it, as Neandertals did not exist in East Africa. At most we would expect them to possess as much of it as could be explained by back-migration from West Asia.

So, I took the Maasai (MKK) sample from HapMap (r3 b36) and calculated allele frequencies for all SNPs in common with it and the 13 genomic regions of Neandertal admixture from Reich et al.(2010), first described by Green et al.(2010) and available here (xls).

There are 190 SNPs in that file, and 46 of them are in the HapMap data. Fortunately, this includes 9 SNPs on chromosome 5 (from rs17617368 to rs16898552) which cover all the length of a 70kbp region attributed to Neandertal admixture (from 28986511 to 29056374).

The interesting thing about this region is that 3/45 Asians possess the "Neandertal" alleles while Africans and Europeans (AFR and CEU) do not. So, it is an example of "Neandertal" genes that survived in Asians but not Europeans.

Here is a table of the minor ("Neandertal") allele frequencies on the MKK sample of 156 individuals:

Maasai seem to have some "Neandertal" genes in common with East Asians that are not shared by Europeans.

Admixture of Maasai with East Asians seems unlikely. Thus, there are three possibilities:
A recent back-migration of West Asians who possess these alleles
A really old back-migration of undifferentiated "Neandertal"-admixed West Asians in which these alleles had not yet been lost by drift

Origin of these alleles in the common ancestors of East Africans and Eurasians rather than introgression from Neandertals
I can't exclude the possibility that some recent Caucasoids from West Asia possessed these alleles while CEU do not. I will simply note that HapMap Tuscans (TSI), do not possess them, and neither do 471 Ashkenazi Jews from Bray et al.(2010) who are likely to be of West Asian/European ancestry. Neither do Kurds and Urkarah Dagestanis (from Xing et al. 2010) possess 2 "Neandertal" alleles on SNPs available in that dataset.

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#101 Nov 2, 2012
A new discovery you might find very interesting..


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#102 Nov 2, 2012
Bigsmoke wrote:
<quoted text>
Ethiopia is a landlocked country, it has no coast.
What exactly is the point of this comment?
Eritrea had been part of Ethiopia for some time. And there has been shared influence with Ethiopa and the other side of the Red Sea going as far back as the Sabaeans, at least.

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#103 Nov 19, 2012
Ork wrote:
So Ethiopian women are White women?
yes we are in a way.

“Being a Black Queen in America”

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#104 Nov 19, 2012
can africans just be black. i swear white people love us so much that they want to claim us

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#105 Nov 19, 2012
The question is why do AA claim hard on horners not whites.Im kenyan and truthfully we could careless about their identity we just think they are black arabs.Also il say this there is nothing and i repeat nothing like negro or neandrathal idiots that adapt to such ideas have been mind raped.How can this ideas possibly explain bantus in east africa with so called "caucasian feauters".In kenya countless tribes of bantus like kykuyu ,meru,kamba ect. have straight nose bones and so call caucasian feauters.The white anthrapolegist never touched on the subject because they couldent possibly explain how bantus have this feauters.Again the kenyan nilotics who have this feauters,they claimed we mixed with horners.Then the tutsi rwandans who have been brainwashed to think they were different from hutus when they share the same Dna just because white anthrapolegist say that they were different.Ever wonder why a exterme diverse country like kenya wasent manipulated by the divide and conquar tactic,WE ARE TO DIVERSE

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#106 Nov 19, 2012
...The nilotic massai had the same feauters as the kikuyu bantu or the nilotic luo had the same look as the kamba bantu,this is why they could only split us by languege and at most the nilotic group.As far as horners feauters that differentiate us are their arabic hair and appearence and at times complexion and culture .When they are in kenya the always approach kikuyu bantus speaking somali until they figure out they are actuallybantu.If you ask me they are just a group of nilotics like the massai's who had their dna change due to arab intermixing thus the farther up coast the more arab(tigar) the lower down the more black(oromoo) just like in kenya at the coast mombasa the black were mixed with arabic and look like somalians.Whatever the case is they are just horners and why try to split them up because thats what AA are doing just let them be.That type of thinking is what is ruining the horners even their best nation ethiopia is splitt with the oromoos wanting to be its own nation. AA should stick to WA

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#107 Nov 19, 2012
I have not heard of that and these folks here do not look white at all:


Do they claim he looks white too?

gibs me dat


#108 Nov 20, 2012
Atari wrote:
Is it a coincidence that the term "Europid" or Caucasian race was only recently extended to Include Horn of Africa Africans after white people found out that life began in that region? The labeling of Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalis as europids or Caucasians is quite recent. Does it surprise you that white people also claim that Ancient Egyptians were Europeans? Europeans in an African country.
The term "Europid" or caucasian race only used to denote pale homo sapien and neanderthal hybrids who originated in the Caucasus Mountains. It was only recently extented to refer to Indians, Persians, Arabs, Berbers and now Africans from the horn of Africa after the magnitude of our contributions to human advancement were discovered.
we don't, you moron. You can "claim" them, we don't want them. For a start, Somalis look like freakazoids from another planet, goofy teeth, pin heads like ET, 7 ft tall and 3 stone? Claim them all you want. and they are BLACK.

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#111 Jul 27, 2013
We are horners not white or black , we are our own sub race ! blacks and whites are just obsessed over us , its really disturbing.

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#113 Apr 10, 2014
Black is black white is white who cares be happy with what god made you.OMG!

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#115 Sep 14, 2014
Atari wrote:
Europid, Caucasian and Caucasoid mean the samething. The terms used to only denote the half bred neanderthals (also known as white people) who crawled out of their caucasus caves after they fully mutated into pale abominations.
LMAO blacks are so stupid. Every race but blacks has only 5 percent or less neanderthal dna in them. It's irrelevant. If you are going to be racist at least your weak black a s s could get it right.

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#116 Sep 14, 2014
ethiopianchicks wrote:
<quoted text> yes we are in a way.
Keep deceiving yourself. Low self-esteem

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#117 Nov 23, 2014
Out of Africa theory would suggest that the horn of africans going to colder climates is what created white people. Also, they have causoid skulls.

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#118 Nov 24, 2014
There is a lot ignorance in this thread and I want to clear it up. Caucasian classification doesn't have anything to do with your skin color. It is about skull shape/genetics and other features that determine it. Somailias and Ethipoians do not look like other Africans. Arabs and indians fall under caucasian too.

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