Do you hate Arabs?

Do you hate Arabs?

Created by Jack 300 on Mar 14, 2012

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Sullivan, MO

#164 Apr 13, 2012
see that guy in your pic, I was a slightly more cut white version of him ...after byears of prison, pumping iron daily for half a decade...I was a white bull
emperorjohn wrote:
<quoted text> I am not a Christian. But you are a muslim hypocrite who blast Christians for their issues while you guys are worse.
Saudi Arabia beheads woman for 'witchcraft'

“Sombrero Galaxy”

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I'm An Illegal Alien

#165 Apr 14, 2012
BU113TPROOF wrote:
He is not a muslim...I do not know what he is but he is no muslim...He is a member of the black supremicist gang called th Nation of islam( non islam ) led by race baiter louis farrahkan..........Islam embraces all including whites and asians as does Christianity......NOI hates whites..........NOI prays seated in pews.....muslims pray on the ground on rugs....NOI uses bible quran and a SPECIAL QURAN called the circle 7 quran written in the early 1900's.....he is not a muslim....he is a small man with small thoughts......he is no part of what happened in Saudi Arabia.........I am muslim and some of that stuff is outmoded, and outdated...and embarrasses me......witchcraft...sad....I agree with death for rape and murder....hand and foot chopped off on different sides for stealing....but some stuff is death for homosexuality.....I cannot support such punishment....You are a good man and deserve no such punishment....I believe in keeping it in the closetsomewhat...What I mean is that it should be a fine for sexual activity in public,.....both men and woman/ man and man / woman and woman public homosexual kissing deep or otherwise or you get a and women should be allowed peck kisses on lips or cheeks but deep kissing between man and women in public should be outlawed and violators fined money.....That is my opinion..........if a man like you does what he does at home or on your own property feel free to do so...i would never harm you for it...and would protect you from anyone trying to harm you for such behaviour...<quoted text>
Well thanks for your words. I hate Farrakhan as well.

United States

#166 Apr 14, 2012
Wubet wrote:
<quoted text>thank you
For example Egypt has been our number one enemy because of the Nile. They do not want to c a stable Ethiopia. Stable Ethiopia means progress which leads to the use of the Nile. Egyptians have tried everything they can to destabilize us, by financing anti Ethiopian elements by blocking foreign funds etc....
List of Arab countries that tried to destabilize us,Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Iran etc
But they all have failed!
arabfreeaustrali a

Cherrybrook, Australia

#167 Apr 18, 2012
Son_of_Shem wrote:
I'm Armenian with Levantine roots...does that count?
"son of sh!t, you are living proof that your father f()cked a donkey.

take a look in the mirror you ugly mother f()ck er, then go put your head in a toilet pray to allah and flush 100 times.
arabfreeaustrali a

Cherrybrook, Australia

#168 Apr 18, 2012
Son of shit

with a head like yours, you would make a great contender for a suicide bomber.

But im sorry you are so ugly you will not receive any virgins, just a donkey like the one your father f()ck ed to make you.

You are the reason why the entire world hates arabs
arabfreeaustrali a

Cherrybrook, Australia

#170 Apr 18, 2012
Son_of_Shem wrote:
I'm Armenian with Levantine roots...does that count?
You are so ugly, that you should shave your arse and just walk backwards.
Mature boy

Al Faruq, Saudi Arabia

#173 May 20, 2013
I'm Arab, and i really don't give a shit about who hates us, we don't live on their love, those ignorants think that all Arabs are religious and Muslims. 20% of Arabs are Christians and they're my brothers, and many of Arabs are not religious and peaceful. Who cares about the rest? Seriously, i didn't like your question because it's affecting our dignity. We love who loves us, and we hate who hates us, which means we still let the doors open for everyone. About my feelings, i hate the Europeans, not all of them because i could find a good people, but those people who are brainwashed by their media are trash, and we don't give a shit about them. We are big nation, and we live in our beautiful countries, and more importantly is that we are free people. And lol, look who hate us! a Blacks!!!! a Black says: "We hate Arabs"!!! LMAO XD!! I can't believe that an African say that! Anyway, i'll let them with the white people to fight each other. Enjoy the fight.

Castle Rock, CO

#174 May 20, 2013
Yes, but never as much as I absolutely hate Afrocentrics otherwise known as black militants. Compared to them, Arabs are perfect.

Mississauga, Canada

#176 May 20, 2013
No I don't hate them. You're just a piseed of black because arabs used to rule Africa.

London, UK

#177 May 20, 2013
Well, my hatred of this ghastly race is legendary (here and elsewhere). It is a good thing I do not have the resources and military might to annihilate them from the face of the earth. If I had the resources I would wipe them off the face of the Earth and that shit holes they call countries. My Serer ancestors hated their guts and repulsed their wicked cult they call Islam. Bomb the lot of them, men, women and children, young and old. Desecrate their bodies and send them to the pit perdition. I don't care about the anti Jewish sentiments some black people like to spew here and elsewhere. I'm a black West African of the Serer group and full-heartedly supports the State of Israel. I am very much in favour of what it is doing and its contribution towards the extermination of this vile and wicked race.
Mature boy

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#179 May 20, 2013
fanti 1977.
Thank you for your good comments mate. We don't act like a whits, and we never thought be racist like some of them (Cuz there are a good white). We don't have any thing against the Africans, on the contrary, there are a lot of Arabs who mixed with Africans, and they live in Africa, you can find an African citizens who are of Arabic roots, and there are Africans who live in Middle East as citizens with all rights. We don't have Inferiority, i don't think we have a race problem, but we have a political problems between our countries and foreign countries, and i don't want to talk about it because i don't care about politics. Also there are Arabs who mixed with whites, Latinos, Asians..etc The racism is not our culture, because we don't care about the colors or faces..etc we care about the behaviors, if someone polite, he's the best among us, but if he's not, then he's hatred. unfortunately, we have some rude people, but they don't represent us because there are many educated and polite people. I have an African friends and they amazing people. As i said before, i really do not feel comfortable with the Europeans if they talked with me or they sat beside me, not because of religions nor race, it's about feelings toward them because i really don't trust them, but the Americans are awesome, i trust them and i feel comfortable with them because they are polite and friendly, both whites and blacks are good. That's why was shocked from these comments by blacks, because no matter what, we are friends.
Magdy radwan jr

Cairo, Egypt

#180 Jul 29, 2013
Kandahar T Nobcheese wrote:
Only the ones that have a tendency to explode. The ones who marry goats are perfectly harmless and should be left well alone.

Fort Worth, TX

#182 Jul 30, 2013

Did you get that for your tally score MsNewNew? Lol.

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Saint Louis, MO

#183 Jul 30, 2013
fanti1977 wrote:
When Arabs start gunning down black teenage boys because they are wearing hoodies walking through an Arab neighborhood and thought to be up to something because most black men are suppose to be thieves and crooks. If Arabs start acting cracked like this then I will hate them. And if a Arab man tells his buddies he is going out that evening and killing the first n-----r he runs into and he and his Persian gulf buddies go cruising and see a black man in a motel parking lot trying to break into his own car because he locked his keys inside but the Arabs thought he was breaking into a Arab person's car then he and his desert friends brutally beat the black man and then drove their pickup truck over him and crush him to death. Well if the Arabs did that you know they started acting Like WHITE AMERICANS hell yeah I would hate their damn guts. But they ain't acting like racist white Americans SO THEY ARE ALRIGHT WITH ME!
I am studying this course right now: . I was surprised to notice that they do not seem to notice any difference between a white person and a black person. Check it out. In the vocabulary flashcards, they use whites and blacks pretty much interchangeably. You would NEVER see that in any white western culture. They still have garbage like the "The Jeffersons". But they are always shown in a segregated context.

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