Does Washington State Have A Lot Of R...

Does Washington State Have A Lot Of Racism?

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#1 Oct 20, 2011
How many of you live there and how would you rate it as far as racial tolerance? I'm not just talking about Seattle and Spokane, but the state as a whole?

Toronto, Canada

#3 Oct 20, 2011
There are non-Whites living in Washington State, presently. So, obviously, there is not nearly enough racism, there.





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#5 Oct 20, 2011
Thank you. I appreciate your honesty. This is very inciteful.
THX00451 wrote:
I'm in the Portland metro region, but spend a lot of time in Seattle.
There are very few blacks there. The people are liberal in the metro Seattle area, but that does not mean squat with how they look at blacks. They are very snotty, imho... You are either "in" or out. That sort of thing. There's a lot of Scandanavian influence.
However, if you stayed in that metro area, I don't think you would ever experience any overt "racism", per se.
In the regions outside King/Pierce County, that is not so much the case. To the north of Seattle you have the rural regions that are very white and very traditional. Bellingham would be the exception to that, but even there you won't find many blacks.
South of Seattle you will find the highest concentrations of blacks -- Federal Way, Tacoma, all the way down to Olympia, the capital. If I were black and had to live in the Seattle area, that's where I'd look: between SeaTac and Tacoma.
Forget about eastern Washington and the Olympic peninsula. Those regions are highly agricultural, very white, and in the case of eastern Washington, lots of hardcore Mexican influence including gangs.
The ONLY place in eastern Washington that would be black-friendly to some degree would be Spokane, but even there, I can't imagine a black person would be that comfortable over time.
There are far more rednecks and country types in Washington than one would think. Not necessarily in the immediate Seattle/Tacoma metro area, but pretty much everywhere else.
Portland, OR is like Seattle's little underachiever brother. I could swap out everything I said about Seattle and Washington above and it would apply to Portland and the surrounding areas.
I was in Bellevue, WA last week at one of our vendor's manufacturing facility. I was there all day, ate all three meals in restaurants in the downtown area, and caught the last Horizon shuttle home at 10PM. In that LOOOOONG 14 hour day, I never saw one black person.
That being said, there are probably worse places to live.
Horrible weather, though...

United States

#6 Jul 6, 2012
I have experience racism not an in your face with calling you names, but stares in stores, eating out, and playing in certain parks in the Seattle area. That's why blacks only live in certain areas.
THX Cracks Da Whip

Wayne, PA

#8 Jul 6, 2012
When I wrote that reply to the OP in October 2011 I knew that I would be moving to Seattle myself in a matter of months (end of February 2012) as the result of a transfer, but because one of my then co-workers also frequented these forums and was something of a BIG MOUTH I didn't disclose that fact.

Having now lived in Seattle for almost 5 months, I stick by my original assessment 100% and would only add that the social clique aspect of the region is far more palpable than I originally thought, which I would assume would mean race does factor into social interactions more.

Again, where I live and work, I see VERY few blacks. My wife is currently going through the process of getting her WA State Teacher's Cert. so she can go back to work finally (thank Chrsit), and of the 30 or so teachers in her class, there is not one black. That actually kinda surprised me when she told me.

We have made some friends with kids the same age as our twin girls (5 yrs almost) and we got together on the 4th for a BBQ. Very yuppie, both teachers, very persnickety imho, and I definitely sensed a race bias. When people like that start talking about school districts and neighborhoods, you know where they're going with it.

That being said, that's pretty much the way whites talk in private anyway. I'll never forget my wife's former asst. principal telling me outright in front of others at a Christmas party years ago that she would rather teach a class full of Mexicans than blacks. Again, that was an all white and Asian crowd.

There are many metro areas around the country where the people are used to living with blacks.

This is not one of them.

Does that lead to more "racism"? Not necessarily, but I would imagine it would be uncomfortable after awhile if one were black.

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#9 Jul 6, 2012
The best way for blacks to fight racism is through BLACK EMPOWERMENT which they are not doing.

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#12 Jul 6, 2012
washington state has one of the most disproportionate incarceration rates in the country. with just 3.6% black, about 26% incarcerated are aa.

United States

#14 Jul 6, 2012
Tx is diverse with many asian,white,african,latino and aa BUT everyone is still very racist.

Federal Way, WA

#15 Jul 6, 2012
What I have noticed is the lack of African americans in the working class and in management positions. Support aa businesses between aa is important as well. Black empowerment in addition to cohesiviness would be the only way to prevent incarceration of young aa as well as the media image of aa.
Barros Serrano

United States

#16 Jul 6, 2012
Washington... I remember it well. I lived in Olympia and Seattle, Fremont District. One of my best friends in Olympia was black. He was like the ONLY one around. He often commented about how he would not go to certain areas near Olympia. We worked in construction at one point. Other nail-pounders would make comments about a black guy being there. My friend was aggressive about this and would talk back and we backed him up so nobody ever jumped him or us.

There are a lot of Native people there, many of whom I knew. The whites are very hostile toward the Natives, especially in rural areas. They resent them because of fishing rights, mostly.

Once when framing houses we met another black guy doing that same job, so that was two actually. Outside of Seattle those were the only two black men I saw, I think. I also had a black woman friend in Olympia, a college student, and I had a black professor there.

I found Eastern Washington to be very redneck. In Bellingham, Skagit Valley, etc., there were hippies. They're annoying but not overtly bigoted.

Well, I'm rambling... but the weather I didn't mind, due to the amazing green rain forests, full of food. You can walk through the woods eating salal, currants, huckleberries, etc. Best restaurant in Seattle is that one by the water, Native-run, serving salmon.

Anyone know if the Rainbow Café is still in Olympia?

United States

#17 Mar 1, 2013
Six months ago, I experienced something where I felt I was being profiled. At an establishment I frequently spent hundreds of dollars buying work attire in I was refused the right to try on my merchandise before I purchased it. I asked why and if it had something to do with the fact that I was an African-American female because I had shopped that store for 6yrs previous and was never denied trying on. The young store attendant said it was a new policy and assured me she wasn't racist because her boyfriend was black. I told her the two had nothing to do with each other. I told if she wanted she could take and hold my purse at the register if shoplifting was what they were trying to insinuate, but I don't buy things I don't try on. I tried on, and spent hundreds that day on work attire. I spoke with the manager and explained I have never been denied the right to try on anything in any other establishment so I couldn't wrap my mind around a policy like that and asked her to explain it. She refused, but told me the young lady was offended that I asked her if I wasn't allowed to try on because of my race. I called the Corporate Head Quarters 5 times to file a grievance, and the location owner 3 times with no calls back. Today I went back for another work wardrobe update and I was permitted to try on and buy but they had the police meet me outside *after I concluded the transaction to tell me I was trespassed from the establishment because I *disturbed the peace* 6months ago. Apparently asking to be treated with some dignity and fairness in the face of mistreatment is a 5th Amendment Right only a few have privilege to.

I was taught evil and injustice will persist as long as the good people of the world do nothing.

Kirkland, WA

#18 Mar 4, 2013
Hi there I was wondering myself having moved here from the East coast about a month ago. I feel very isolated out here especially reading many forums where quite a few incidents occured. I never thought I'd feel so uncomfortable in such z place that supposedly had a high rate of college graduate. I guess being intellectual doesn't take away from such mindset and one's views can so driven. I feel every time I step outside of where I live I need to watch my back because I am not sure if I'm in a area where things to could turn for the worst. It is sax go say that even in 2013 that one must feel this way. How can the actions of a few showcase an entire populations way of thinking. The good people that work hard and pay their bills, taxes, etc are always over looked, why is that? I am so sick of this. I guess apart from visiting and living out here is a wake up. Leaving New York to move here must be the biggest mistake I ever made. I know it happens on the east coast but most southern states and some parts of the northern states. HONESTLY it puts a great deal of stress on me. I am tired of being pre judged before I even open my mouth. I have a hard time getting my girlfriend to understand this stuff really happens, since she's from Europe never having being around such individuals whose views aren't the same as everyone. She thinks I am talking crazy because she has not seen one person say anything to me? I gold her not everyone that feels such a way will come out and say openly. There are some that will say it without even thinking if they're right or wrong. I don't know hos long I can stay in a enviroment that makes me feel so vulnerable.

Tacoma, WA

#20 Mar 8, 2013
Yes Washington state is racist. Dupont is VERY racist. You not white or white washed you ain't right.

Seattle, WA

#21 Jun 16, 2013
I have been in Washington state since 1963. I have connected to the east coast for most of my life 3 months out of the year. Seattle has always been somewhat stuffy, racist, and unwelcoming. Now it appears they have created a new generation of hillbilly middle class wanna be's that have continued their belief system brought from the hills. Unfortunately, multicultural education, which was big in the 70's and 80's in the Seattle public schools has been put aside, and because of the state's isolation regionally, people do not encounter anyone of difference outside of work or school. The Black Panthers, Samuel McKinney, Sam Smith the Gayton's, all part of the old regime have fought against the inequalities of the past. however, it is apparent that the state has decided take the back road in trying to maintain the status quo involving generational racism. Education and rural psychologists are a must if this state insists on poorly educated, biased and mean spirited locals trying to run the show based on their opinions and circumventing the laws that people have tried to reinforce over the last 50 years. It tske"s a committed
group of leaders dedicated to the return of fairness AND DECENCY among a great sate. unfortunately, in my opinion it will take more than state leaders to turn the state around. They need help. Without a belief system that encourages and respects diversity the state will perish. It's not everyone...o there's always hope...which is for young people. I, myself am moving fro here in a few weeks... But good luck.. from an old timer!
but at times, it sure seems like it.
Marcus Washington

Laredo, TX

#22 Jun 17, 2013
Not really, just a bunch of Karate practicing,White worshipping Asians who can't drive a worth of f**k .I'd move there to make feel better about my little dyck but even those mofos are bigger than me. Damn my White father!!!!!

Kent, WA

#23 Jun 21, 2013
i currently live in Lacey,WA aaand there is alot of weirdos & rascists here i would NEVER live here by choice

United States

#26 Aug 25, 2013
I am a Hispanic male (just to let you know) and I lived in Kennewick when I was about 12. Up to this point in my life I had never before experienced direct racism in my life. And I am originally from north of Dallas, which according to some people is very racist. In my experience the American northwest is among the most racist in the country (at least towards Hispanics), especially Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. I actually had grown adults treat me like a dog for no reason at all. I was brought up to be very respectful towards others so it wasn't because I was misbehaving or disrespectful. I never understood it and never will. Seemed like the only people who appreciated Hispanics was the apple orchard owners, who knew that they needed the Hispanic workers to harvest the apples. You couldn't pay me enough to relocate to this state.
Blacks are Racist

San Diego, CA

#27 Aug 25, 2013
Usually areas with alot of AA's have alot of racism emanating from the AA's!

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#30 Aug 25, 2013
I've lived in Olympia and Seattle. There is plenty of racism in Western Washington. This is not only a black-white thing. It also involves Native Americans.

I worked in construction then. We had a black guy on our crew and had to go through the process of the idiot white guys learning not to say N. I mean they'd just say it... then look at the black guy, oh sorry not you. lol once he said, yeah, I'm a n----- get over it.

Well where I was working the racist whites did not outnumber the non-racist whites/blacks/others, so we made it run smoothly.

The black population there is relatively small. All around Puget Sound are various Native groups, and often these are in conflict with the whites over fishing rights, so that gets hot. I heard as much hostility from whites toward Natives as towards blacks.

I was also in college there, and was taking an extended course taught by black and Native educators, regarding this very issue as it pertains to the schools, so I got a lot of insight on what goes on in Washington from an academic perspective as well as my work experience. There is plenty of white racism in Washington. I've heard some intense racism against whites coming from Natives as well, but it is the white racism which creates the inequalities and maintains the tension.
Blacks are Racist

San Diego, CA

#33 Aug 25, 2013
dempsy22 wrote:
<quoted text> Probably in Spookane there are a lot of racists I doubt that beating an 88 y/o veteran to death is going to make people any less racist
AA's don't help their case when they target Whites as well as other Minorities for racially motivated crimes! That's why you say such indifference by other minorities in the justifiably homicide of the AA thug in central Florida! They treat each other with more viciousness then even wild animals but have the gull to pull out the sleazy race card at ever perceived wrong & slight! Speak to other minorities & ask them what the think of AA's you would be surprised!

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