Cleveland texas rape

Bellmore, NY

#46 Mar 14, 2011
Inisa Love wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL. The fakery can be spotted by a blind man.
Stick to the topic, which is the rape of a child.
HEY! You're a psychic why don't you you tell the cops who is guilty and who is not?

Sacramento, CA

#47 Mar 14, 2011
A ho? Lol. You are funny. Sounds like your mom needs to be monitoring your internet use, young one. And by the way, I am Afro Cuban, Italian, and Black. I speak Spanish, English and Italian fluently. Do you even know how to speak english correctly Jahone? what my ethnicity is has nothing to do with the fact that you are pedophile SCUM :)
Jahone Abraham Kumete wrote:
<quoted text>No thanks!
Wait a minute girl...Are you mixed---I don't wanna dark ho.

Sacramento, CA

#48 Mar 14, 2011
And we are talking about the horrible rape of an 11 year old child on this forum, Jahone. If you cannot stay on topic, perhaps you shouldn't post anything because we really don't want to read about how much you like little girls. The point of this forum is talk about the Celveland, TX pedophiles and the dangers they pose to their community's children. So, try to stay on the subject-okay? Slow enough for you?

Irvine, CA

#49 Mar 15, 2011
If these animals end up in any prison in the western U.S. and survive more than a few days, I am going to be very disappointed with the Mexican Mafia.

“Heed Jesus's Revelation”

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#50 Mar 25, 2011
What should society think of them ?

In 1944, Herbert Lovett, Joe Culpepper, Luther Lee, and 3 other white men gang raped a young black woman, Recy Taylor.

They were not convicted of the crime.
They "got away with it"

I don't know if or if not any of these men every repented and expressed apology or sorrow for their crime.

What should society think of them ?

According to MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER by Nathan McCall, In the 1970s, Nathan McCall participated in the gang rape of many young black girls.

He was never even indicted for these crimes.

He "got away with it"

I don't know if Professor McCall has or has not ever repented and expressed apology or sorrow for his crimes.

What should society think of him ?

I'm glad at long last society has recognized and sought to publicly show sympathy for Recy Taylor.

If Nathan McCalls many victims do not equally deserve a public show of sympathy,....
then please explain to me: Why not ?

“Heed Jesus's Revelation”

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#51 Mar 28, 2011

No word yet on whether or not QUANNELL X will visit Riverside …… to aid the investigation.

Like he did in Cleveland Texas
The black mind

Marshall, TX

#54 Aug 25, 2011
Roofis wit da gold toofis wrote:
<quoted text> Sure Leroy. They/you will get "off" in 20-life. Whites wouldn't even think of doing this! das raht
Your a dick its more white rapist in jail than it is of any of other race. So what do you mean white people wouldve have done this. white i work at a jail and white people rape people from 2 to 82 i see it every day.
The black mind

Marshall, TX

#55 Aug 25, 2011
i have been to cleveland texas before i spent a week or so down there with a friend of mine on several occasions. Im surprised it took this long for them to get caught up alot of those guys involved i met and know personally partied with them and everything. In cleveland this is there past time thats what they do after dark find girls and run trains on them when i was down there i personally witnessed one girl sleep with 6 guys and it was nothing to her or to them just another day so this little girl might be the first one that it came to the light on but i promise you she is not the only one the are countless others down there and from nieghboring towns maybe too afraid or too ashamed to say anything if youve ever spent time in the hood in cleveland then you know this is nothing new.....
The black mind

Marshall, TX

#56 Aug 25, 2011
Yeah it is. Unfortunately there is a whole community of people there that feel it was the little girl's fault. I cannot wrap my head around it either. And the defense lawyer? He was quoted as saying "the child was not enslaved or forced. It was consentual. She wanted to be a porn star". Its amazing what some lawyers will do for money and publicity. I don't know how that guy can sleep at night knowing he is defending these monsters. What I wonder though, is what are the odds that 28 degenerate "men" and boys out of a town of 9,000 would do something like this? Speaks volumes about what type of townsfolk the people of Cleveland, TX are.
It is amazing what some lawyers will do but if you where facing 25 years you would want your lawyer to do and say what ever it takes to paint a not so evil picture of you.
The black mind

Marshall, TX

#57 Aug 25, 2011
All in all i do feel sorry for the girl and her family but i also believe that the blame forr what happened lies with both parties. This little girl was moving fast anyone can see that because it happened more thatn once people may be able to force you once but several times over a three month period No she was willingly allowing this to happen so do not view her as a helpless victim. These guy should have known better some should have said okay this has gone too far or we shouldnt be doing this something to that affect but no one stop it no one said anything they just kept it going and they remained in contact with the girl so if it wouldnt have came out when it did who knows how many times this would have happened....there are no right or wrong parties only a very mixed up and damaged little girl and a group of very mixed up and sad young men this is not a black thing or a mexican thing or a racial thing for that matter this is a humanity thing wheres the humanity.......

United States

#59 Feb 27, 2012
What are the chances that she has da aids? Blackss r walking std factories
worried citizen

New Caney, TX

#60 Jul 20, 2012
Leroy this is to you, you are right that girl was a well known hooker everyone knows, but you see cleveland wanted to make a name for themselves, not even her sisters wanted to hang with her This is so sad, she cost a lot of heart aches for all the poor boys

Haslet, TX

#62 Sep 12, 2012
Truth wrote:
No wonder they drag them behind pickup trucks.

Haslet, TX

#63 Sep 12, 2012
I think the word "RAPE" is being used to loosey in this situation. "RAPE" is Sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. She was not "FORCED" to have sex with these guys. She chose to. The sex was consensual. Her age (STATUTORY RAPE) is where the problem comes in. The now 13yr old is still having a whole lot of sex with a whole lot of guys. She's just doing it in another city & no I'm not being judgemental. I'm a friend/classmate of hers & I know that soon this same kind of case will be going on with her again here in our city.

Haslet, TX

#64 Sep 12, 2012
bubba wrote:
What are the chances that she has da aids? Blackss r walking std factories
Probably the same chances of you having them your trailer park trash bucket!!

Haslet, TX

#65 Sep 12, 2012
La Eme Mexican Mafia wrote:
I say split them up into 3 groups. 1 group goes to the Mexican Mafia, 1 group goes to the Texas Syndicate and one goes to the Mexican Drug Cartels. Dress them up with Blond Wigs and make them shake their booties like Beyonce in front of the Prison's General Population. After their Honeymoon in Texas Prisons is over send them to do some time in the Cali Prison System and let the Surenenos (Southern Mexicans) have some fun with them.
I know that's right! Y'all (Mexican men) are the only ones that can smash em when they turn 5.

Haslet, TX

#66 Sep 13, 2012
All of your mothers are uneducated, uncaring and did not know what they were doing when they "tried" to raise all of you if any of your comments and family's actions are any indication. YOur mothers are the REAL TRASH because they raised all of you!
<quoted text>

You sound like 1 of those black women that have forgotten where you come from. TskTsk

Haslet, TX

#67 Sep 13, 2012
LUANN wrote:
<quoted text>why don,t you f;;, off they raped a little girl.
I guess they kidnapped her too!!! Just out the blue, they randomly chose her??? GTFOOHWTBS!!! She gave em that twat......but that doesn't take away from her being 11. They should have known better.........Maybe they all should have just gotten some head from her. You know "y'all" give head & still think your a virgin.
Bayou City

Houston, TX

#69 Sep 13, 2012
Leroy wrote:
My name be Leroy and my 2 cousins are accused of having consencuial sex with a girl in clevelands texas. This is a frame up by the girl she is a known in the neighborhood and been around if you know what i mean. She say she is 18 so why my cousins in jail. it turn out the girl is eleven but say she is 18. will my cousins get off from this. They are black and i think if they was white it be okay. thanks
I doesn't mean jacksh*t what she says, the fact remains that she was ELEVEN. Your cousins will be getting cornholed in the penitentiary for at least the next several decades.

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#70 Oct 2, 2012
B Jonese wrote:
I saw the mug shots of the punks. Which ones are your cousins? They act tough in the mug shots giving their best 'gangster pose', but I can look at their black ugly faces and tell they are scared shytless and crying for moms to take them home. I did 7 years in Huntsville and let me tell you those rapist are going to be turned out the first night inside those walls. They will be screaming for moms, but no one will give a schitt.
Whatever will happen to them in prison won't be enough. These uncivilized pigs ought to be taken straight to death row and executed. What low-lifed trash they are.

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