Red Doc Martins. Laces. Racism. Help ...
Mathelius the Destroyer

Lisle, IL

#64 Dec 18, 2008
joydivision wrote:
you cant get doc martin boots from walmart....
I have a pair
Some Wal-Marts carry knock-offs. I've seen it. I think that guy was talking about his laces though
Common Sense Skinhead

Houston, TX

#65 Dec 20, 2008
Most skinheads where I am from wear whatever color laces they want to, and it means shit. Of course, we chased the boneheads out of Houston back in the 90's and it's usually the nazis who want to make up dumb codes and hidden meanings for silly things like bootlaces.

Really though, anyone who tells you that colored laces mean something is talking about their scene, in their area, at that time. Maybe even just their gang. It's different all over, and changes over time too. None of these little rules are universal and skinhead is a living, evolving culture.

Two Rivers, WI

#66 Jan 4, 2009
ok. who said red doc martens are ugly? whoever said that is INSANE. freakin HOTTEST BOOTS EVER.
They are so fabulous.

Sheffield, UK

#67 Jan 21, 2009

Well it all depends I guess innit. Coloured laces have different meaning for different skins.

What I got used to was Red laces can mean redskins, so politically Communist. Purple; cop killer. Blue are straight edgers. Yellow on cherry red were trad skins, white like you said is sometime associated with Nazi skins, although the lace and brace colour aint as meaningful as it used to be I guess so you can never tell. Someone might just like the look of a certain lace colour, which is fine in my opinion.

In the fetish scene it can mean you're into fisting. Yellow is for piss and brown is for scat for fetish skins.

United States

#68 Feb 21, 2009
First im not racist im a working class/trad that was cropped in at 13 now 30.It all depends on where you are etc. I'm from ny but have lived in az,cali and tx. I wear white laces but they have diff meanings from area/state to state. Easiest wayto tell is observe ask or look at tatts
Omie Wise

Fort Wayne, IN

#69 Feb 28, 2009
Red = Nazi

White = White Power

Yellow = Sharpless

Purple = Gay
Peckerwood-SS-K- I-N

Carroll, IA

#71 Mar 1, 2009
Its all a color dye on your boot, the real dye that means anything is on your skin, some of us dont ink it up but still stand in line to hand out their rage, the only red we care bout is bottom side of the boot, wear what ever laces you want, but if you have ink and its a advertisement you better back it up... otherwise we take it away from you......... simple as that, we do what we need to when we are outside, and when we are in we do our damage planned and well thought out.. we is a violent bunch of skins and care less to prove it but like to show it, your motha will cry and you brotha will revenge and lay dirt side, its all good tho cuz we like to our best to make out interferance heard and seen on the local curb stop

“the answer to 1984 is 1776”

Level 1

Since: Jan 08

cali girl born & raised

#72 Mar 1, 2009
Buttwheat wrote:
<quoted text>
Dont worry just wear your docs however you want to man. As long as you dont look like a skinhead you should be alright lols.
and what does a skinhead look like?

i've known skins with hair who still have the same either WP or working class ideals.

it's like saying someone "looks" like a serial killer.

i know skins who no one would walk past and think "skinhead"..

i don't know about where you live, but here laces and braces colours make a difference.

i don't know a single person in american who will rock some white laces unless they're WP. or red laces unless they've spilled non white blood.

in germany white WC friends will wear white laces or braces and they're not WP at all.

lol you can't tell her to wear whatever.

if someone sees her with white or red laces they're automatically gonna think something if they're here in america.

i know i would.

Since: Nov 08

Location hidden

#73 Mar 4, 2009
hope wrote:
ok. who said red doc martens are ugly? whoever said that is INSANE. freakin HOTTEST BOOTS EVER.
They are so fabulous.
just to comment:

Im the OP, I still wear my boots with the same laces, I havent changed them I havent spilled any blood, but my own, and havent had problems with anyone here yet, besides for that one artist who came up from Nevada Cali area and he was hispanic.


#75 Apr 7, 2009
I know something different i come from Poland so:
for skins
white: white power

for punks:
black and white-anti racism
yellow-skins hunter
John W

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

#76 Apr 22, 2009
Red Doc Martin's are favored by racists more than black boots.

However it is the color of the laces that matter.

Red, White, and Blue laces all mean different things and if I were wearing red Docs I wouldn't play around with the color of the laces, but just wear the original black that comes with them.

I would NOT wear your red/white laces.

White mean white supremacist

Red (higher than white in rank) usually means you've spilled blood, or even killed for the cause.

Your red Doc's are called 'ox blood' after the color, which literally looks like ox blood.

Blue laces, sometimes mean non-racist or even strait-edge (non drug and alcohol, non-racist)

But let's always remember that the first skinheads (look it up on Wikipedia) were not racist at all and they hung with jamaican's and working class minorities.

Downey, CA

#77 Jul 2, 2009
sthldn girl wrote: each is own,but dc martin boots and to top it off in red??wtf..
throw them ugly boots in the bin,who cares about the damn laces.LOOK AT THE the fact are you not in the hottest part of america right now.YOU CRAZY..Lol
Wow, docs in the summer is fine, and what about in winter? Docs are original and always sleek and good looking and fxing expensive so shut up stupid.
Skinhead 88

Elizabethtown, PA

#78 Aug 10, 2009
its_okay wrote:
and Im nuts?
but can someone answer the question or no..
Guess Id have to ask an actual skin
(thats scary) wouldnt know where to find one
Im a skin, ill answer it.

Doc Martins are accociated with skinheads as you know. However, red laces indicate you have made another race shed alot of blood in a fight or killed them.

Sieg Heil, Deutchland

Johnson City, TN

#79 Aug 22, 2009

Johnson City, TN

#80 Aug 22, 2009
A PAIR OF DOC. 129.00
Psychobilly Skin

Sicklerville, NJ

#81 Aug 26, 2009
The way I look at it, Nazi skins have no right to claim the meanings of laces. Generally, Trads wear blue, yellow, green, or white, Sharps wear yellow, red, or green, Nazis wear white or red, but it really doesn't matter. Shoe laces are shoe laces. If you see a skinhead, don't automatically assume that they're a Nazi. Most of the skinheads I know are Trads. Nazis are not real skinheads. It is impossible to be racist & be a skinhead at the same time. The entire movement was started by black people. Dumb, racist assholes ripped the style off & gave the rest of us a bad reputation. The moral of the story: wait to judge.

Irvine, CA

#82 Aug 27, 2009
If you have white laces, then you have "earned your laces" and are one of the skinheads. If your laces are red, it means that you are willing to spill blood for your race. Black laces are neutral. Naturally, the red colors like red boots means that you are willing to spill blood for your race or have spilled blood. Purple laces means that you are a recruit.

Philadelphia, PA

#83 Aug 27, 2009
Comming from a skinhead himself, we wear black boots of any kind, with red laces and red suspenders

Since: Nov 08

Location hidden

#84 Oct 6, 2009
so like best topic ever , lol

Granite City, IL

#85 Oct 30, 2009
its_okay wrote:
Soo...hate to be so sheltered but Im not a racist therefore know nothing much bout the culture being presented to my face. I own red doc martin boots. I love them! I was aware that with certain laces in certain states it means your a skin/aryan or your a non racist . What else does it mean. can anyone clarify for me in full. My docs have 12 eyelets so pretty high and have red and black checkered laces I got from wal mart!
White laces means racist?
or is it black laces?
Red boots?
black boots?
I know its pridominently a cali, michigan thing, but here I am in Texas and someone was commenting, I had no clue what he meant
was like "red blood blah blah blah blah"
Black boots, red laces means your a skin with that has spilled blood for your chapter. white means your new to the chapter, black means your a full member but havent spilled blood yet.

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