Shaun White - Is He Gay ?
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Bronx, NY

#95 Aug 4, 2012
Anyway he's a great athlete is he gay? Who knows what we do know is he represents US well and wins gold medals if he was gay wouldn't surprise me if he isn't doesn't surprise me only thing for sure is that he snowboards and has long red hair
Disgruntled reader

Ventura, CA

#96 Aug 15, 2012
Wow, could some of you quit acting like they asked if he was a murderer? Some of your responses are what's unwarranted. "Don't assume the worst in people," what does that mean? This is 2012, being gay is no longer a "worst" so can people chill out?

Spokane, WA

#97 Sep 22, 2012
Shaun T rules!!
Bite me

Brattleboro, VT

#98 Feb 2, 2013
Sparky wrote:
Gay or Bi definitely.
. I also think that he is gay or bi, mostly because he looks like a woman. Also I am not a fan so nobody yell at me for being a "bad fan". Ha! I can't stand him slapping his name and face all over everything snowboard. He thinks he owns snowboarding. I just don't like his style and you can't avoid watching him on tv. Anyway I don't mind if he is gay and I was just wondering if he was.

Atlanta, GA

#99 Feb 26, 2013
eMiLy_sTeLLaR wrote:
ok. he is NOT gay. he had that whole thing with wanting to meet sasha cohen cuz he thought that she was cute. if you guys just have nothing better to do than slam him, you have no life. you are PATHETIC! I am in highschool, and the guys grab each other all the time. I live in a small town and they all have girlfriends... and i know that's not just a cover up. some guys are just comfortable grabbin' each other. so back the hell off. he is NOT gay.
could it be that all the guys in ur school is gay? Ijs...or bi since they "have girlfriends"

Atlanta, GA

#100 Feb 26, 2013
Hay Bails wrote:
Oh, come on. A bandana? Really? You people...
And gay people are amazing. By the wayside. I know quite a few people who are gay, and they are some of the nicest people I know. And so, even if Shaun WAS gay, I'd still support him. And I agree. You guys are terrible "fans" if you just follow him to find out "bad" things about him. You know? Give the guy a break, geez.
I mean, come on. How would you feel if a bunch of people you didn't know were debating over whether you were gay or not?
Who said we were fAns...we coulda just saw the jay Lenin show or the bay ass short shorts gum commercial...ijs
nathan bedford

Lynnwood, WA

#101 Mar 4, 2013
FAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOTTTT for sure one of the most buttrocker riders alive not only is he a disgrace to the sport replacing style with Justin Beiber outfits but, also removing the style of air to the pipe only going for huge spins with sketch looking paths.
garraud lepage

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

#102 Mar 15, 2013
Hay Bails wrote:
<quoted text>
I won't disagree with that. Lol. I'm just saying (sorry for the cliche) don't judge a book by it's cover. You know? I figure unless you know the guy and he's actually told you, then don't just make unwarranted assumptions. You know?
I sure as hell hope he's queer. He's hot and a man--an athlete, as are many athletes. Most of my gay friends and I only want 'manly men'. This notion that we like the sissy boys--well, that is a small minority of us. Gay sex takes balls. Many men wanna try it. But, they don't have the testosterone--and have told me--execs--married--kids. Women just cannot do sexually what another dude can. They get it. I love it. Love Shaun and all the athletes and stars 'outing', the gay marriage thing, which I would never. But, it is and has forever been part of humanity--what percentage of boys play around a bit? The Kinsey Report shows high percentages--undisputed. So most of you 'fagofobes' know you touched and played some and liked it. Some fuckin weird guilt drives you to a really screwed-up place that assuages your guilt by condemning others who are man enough to grab the balls of the life they want and go for the big--the real fuck! garraud

Renton, WA

#103 Mar 18, 2013
He's in a short shorts commercial on Logo!!
Kinda obvious now. First - the channel is gay - second - short shorts haven't been for straight men since at least the early eighties.
Just sayin
the nation

United States

#104 Jan 24, 2014
eMiLy_sTeLLaR wrote:
and i think it is fine if he is gay. it is your choice. it is sad though, he is perty cute. LOL
Cute? He's notoriously one of the most unattractive people. He looks like rocky dennis from the movie mask.
the nation

United States

#105 Jan 24, 2014
eMiLy_sTeLLaR wrote:
BAHA! That was funny. He isn't gay. Obviously he isn't. If you were as hot as him why would you waste your good looks on another guy? just sayin'!
I can only imagine what you must look like if you think he's attractive. I certainly don't care if he's gay but I don't know any men who look like him or have his kind of style who aren't gay. and to whoever made the comment about being in high school and the boys in her school grabbing on each other, just so you know that is not normaland you should be very concerned if your boyfriend is one of them.

Kodak, TN

#106 Feb 8, 2014
I think he is since the first timi I saw him on TV.
Even more after seeing him on TV finite.

Hollywood, FL

#107 Feb 9, 2014
Maybe he is im gay and i think he is fine as hell. But guys plating grab ass doesnt mean there gay. But in all realitiy just like everyone is alittle racist im sure everyone is a little gay admit it or not. Doesnt mean u like guys just certain tendency. If he is gay id let him tap me lol just saying

Hollywood, FL

#108 Feb 9, 2014
the nation wrote:
<quoted text>
Cute? He's notoriously one of the most unattractive people. He looks like rocky dennis from the movie mask.
lmfao he looks betfer now
Wanda Robinson Wyatt

North Augusta, SC

#109 Feb 11, 2014
Who cares if he is gay or not !

Ogden, UT

#110 Feb 11, 2014
For all of the people bashing the question, how did you find this blog if you didnt have the same question? Obviously he is somewhat gay.

United States

#111 Feb 16, 2014
He's definitly gay just listen to him talk and look at his hair and the way he dresses. My gaydar is sayin he likes the Weiner which is cool but he's not my type

Silver Spring, MD

#112 Feb 27, 2014
Alex wrote:
"Don't just assume the worst about people if you don't know them."
Doesn't mean he can't be gay. Obviously he can still be respected, but maybe people want to know whether or not they can hit that.
So.. is assuming that someone is gay is assuming the worst? Yeesh...

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