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3 hrs ago |

What to feed vegan barbecue guests

A vegan is coming to the barbecue! I don't know how to grill vegan food ! What does a vegan eat at a barbecue? Relax! Vegans eat people food, without the meat, seafood and dairy.


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4 hrs ago |

African-American celebrity vegans, vegetarian nominees for PETA's 2014 Sexiest

Restaurants and grocery stores are slowly taking note of the popularity in veganism and vegetarianism.


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8 hrs ago |

2014 sexy celebrity vegetarians winners

Jared Leto and Ellen Page are the winners of the Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians chosen in June 2014 by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals .


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12 hrs ago | WCKX-FM Columbus

Be As Healthy As A Vegetariana Without Giving Up Meat

No, not all vegetarians are healthy, just like not all meat-lovers are a steak knife away from a heart attack.


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12 hrs ago | Kirkland Reporter

Diet for a healthier planet | Gustafson

While the exact causes of climate change continue to be disputed, there is general consensus among scientists that the phenomenon is real and that human activity plays a significant role in it.


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13 hrs ago | News and Star

Sausages so good even vegetarians eat them

A PIG farmer claims his free range sausages are so good they have been known to tempt vegetarians to change their diet.


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18 hrs ago | International Business Times

Australian Model Renee Somerfield Poses Naked in Latest PETA Campaign

Australian Model and social media star Renee Somerfield is the latest celebrity to pose naked for PETA in one of the groups social awareness campaigns.


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19 hrs ago |

For former omnivores, Quorn chik'n the best choice for vegetarian chicken

Eyebrows raise when vegetarian manufacturers promote a product that "tastes just like [insert meat]."


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Thu Jul 10, 2014

Five tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding

Planning a wedding may be stressful for the bride, the groom and the rest of the wedding party.


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Sol Cuisine's Meatless Chicken doesn't really taste like chicken

One of the important attributes of vegetarian / vegan products to an individual who is incorporating meat-substitutes into their diet, is how well a meat-substitute imitates the real thing.


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Samoa News

Strict vegan diet not necessary...

Dr. Fred Uhrle Jr., a member of the local Non Communicable Disease Coalition, says that while a "strict vegan diet" may be what some patients need, it's not necessary for all in order to live healthy lives, while House Rep. Larry Sanitoa, also a member of NCD, notes to be wary of the possible ulterior motives of these types of organizations.


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Mindblowing: Vegan Blogger Ditches Veganism, Death Threats Ensue

Who knew the vegan community could be so vicious? Popular vegan blogger Jordan Younger of The Blonde Vegan recently announced that she was stepping away from veganism due to an eating disorder rooted in an obsession with healthy eating.


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Now Toronto

We find warmth and welcome over Korean kimchee

It sounds like the opening of a joke: two gay dads and a six-month-old walk into a bar ! Less funny when it's the only place open on a freezing Good Friday, and downright humourless when the simmering hostility of the other patrons means abandoning your juice, cancelling the soup and heading back into the cold.


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Support World Sjogren's Day on July 23, 2014

Venus Williams recently became a raw vegan, eating unprocessed, uncooked, organic foods.


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Wed Jul 09, 2014

Detroit News

Falafel makes for great vegan fare

The vibrant and hustling streets of Tel Aviv are flooded with falafel stands. They usually open up around noon for the on-the-go lunch crowd and stay open late, catering to the energetic night owls looking for cheap grub.


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Haylie Duff's Vegan Banana Bread Pudding Dessert Recipe is Amazingly Easy and Tasty

Summer is the best season to enjoy my favorite fruit, the banana. Though it has been accused of blandness and mushiness, I still find that the high-fiber, filling, potassium rich, easy-on-the-tummy, bright yellow fruit is a mainstay in my diet.


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Medical Daily

People Who Eat Meat Cause More Damage To The Environment Than Vegetarians: Study

Due to the use of land, food, energy, and water, some environmental experts suggest that people adhering to an all-vegetarian diet have a smaller carbon footprint as opposed to meat-eaters.


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Five new Da Capo Lifelong Books cook books will sizzle up a day at the beach.

Some food for thought. While broiling in the sun, why not leave the must-read books home and let a hot cookbook dish out some advice? Here, a quintet from Da Capo Lifelong Books.


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New York Daily News

Meat-eaters are twice as bad for the environment as vegetarians: study

Here's some meaty news: Carnivores are twice as bad for the Earth as vegetarians, a new study out of Oxford University found.


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Jerusalem Post

An oasis of culinary calm

A short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem's Mahaneh Yehuda shuk and its trendy bistros and upscale eateries, you can enter an oasis of culinary calm.


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