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11 min ago | Food Technology

Malaysians still bugged about eating insects

Many Southeast Asians might wonder what all the fuss is all about as the insect ingredient industry looks at ways to make dietary bugs more enticing to Western consumers.


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4 hrs ago |

Helen Mirren reveals bikini-body diet: 12-minute Air Force workouts keep her fit

Helen Mirren is aging like fine wine, thanks to a sensible, portion-controlled diet and 12-minute workouts modeled after the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan, People reported Thursday.


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5 hrs ago |

Dr. Oz talks fibroid diet and low carb diets for weight loss with Jorge Cruise

Fibroids rank as one of the most common health concerns for women. Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed new treatment options on his July 24 talk show .


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7 hrs ago |

Low-fat versus low carb diet facts emerge: How ketogenic weight loss works

Myth or fact: Low-fat diets are best for weight loss and diabetes? In recent months, several studies have emerged indicating that it's a low-carb diet high in fat that's actually most successful for those battling the bulge, diabetes and related conditions, reported Yahoo Shine on July 22 .


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11 hrs ago | Medical News

Researchers recommend low carbohydrate diet for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

A new study involving researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and other institutions says patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes should eat a diet low in carbohydrates .


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Thu Jul 24, 2014

St. Petersburg Times

Fight those brown-bagging blues with Quinoa Lunch Box Rollups

With a new school year on the horizon, it's time to think about what's for lunch.


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How to prevent weight gain -- without dieting

Do you weigh the same that you did a year ago? 10 years ago? Even if the rest of you is getting better with age, there's one part of ourselves that definitely isn't - our metabolisms.


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The New Zealand Herald

You are what you eat: How diet affects mental well-being

Over the last half century, the global food industry has profoundly changed the way we eat.


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Dr. Oz: Fibroids and Jorge Cruise's carb-cycling diet for fast weight loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed fibroid surgery and Jorge Cruise's carb-cycling diet for summer weight loss on the July 24 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.


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Co Yo CEO: Maybe it's time for a 'non-dairy' dairy section

The concept of a healthy diet is one that continues to evolve-as special diets gain more attention and consumers become more attuned to ingredient lists, the role of animal vs. plant fats and the growing fervor surrounding what's considered natural.


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High-protein, low-carb diets like Paleo soar: Proven for weight loss and health

High-protein diets like the Paleo diet have never been more popular, buoyed by scientific research suggesting they promote weight loss and enhance overall health, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.


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Tim McGraw looks forward to 50: Lost 40 lbs with low-carb Paleo diet, CrossFit

Country superstar Tim McGraw doesn't dread aging and is actually looking forward to turning 50. "I think I'll look forward to it," he told Taste of Country Tuesday.


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Rock Hill Herald

Scientists unlock secrets to boost metabolism

What's the best way to boost your metabolism and burn more fat? That's the holy grail for metabolic researchers and for many Americans.


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Food Industry

From carbs to cancer: Gut bacteria linked to colorectal cancer mechanism

A carbohydrate-rich diet may be kick-starting certain gut microbes to produce chemical signalls that drive abnormal cell growth and increase the risk of cancer, according to new research in mice.


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Wed Jul 23, 2014

Exercise and a healthy diet can put you back into homeostasis

Our world is faced with stress with deadlines and constant agendas whether it is with work or family or just personal business as well as dealing with improper working environments for many people.


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WFMZ-TV Allentown

Health Beat: Extreme diets

For the past three years, Heidi Templeton has used her $150 juicer every day. Every morning, she is religious about her juicing routine.


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Science Daily

Strategy proposed for preventing diseases of aging

Researchers argue that medicine focuses too much on fighting diseases individually instead of concentrating on interventions that prevent multiple chronic diseases and extend healthy lifespan.


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Low carb ketogenic diet benefits range from weight loss to epilepsy, says expert

Health expert Sam Feltham has become renowned for sharing the benefits of high fat low carb diets as part of his role as a leader in the fitness industry.


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High fat low carb ketogenic Paleo diet helps physician and Jack Osbourne with MS

This article is the second part of a series revealing how several people are serving as role models with their courageous candor about how they are using high fat low carb ketogenic diets to battle their health conditions, ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis.


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Health myths busted: Can too much sleep kill you and is popcorn is good for you?

Truth: Carrying a few extra pounds could help you live longer according to a new study by State University New York.


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