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Yesterday | A Health Blog

Turmeric Benefits Infographic

Research has shown that curcumin, which also provides spice turmeric the hallmark vibrant yellow coloring, may be used as a tendonitis treatment by suppressing biological mechanisms which ignite inflammation in diseases of the tendon. The tough cords of fibrous connective tissue known as tendons, which join our muscles to our bones, are necessary for motion because they shift the muscle contraction force to our bones.


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Mon Sep 15, 2014

Medical Daily

Patients Taking Generic Statins More Likely To Stick To Their Drug Regimen, Benefiting Their Hearts

Though both brand name and generic statins are equally effective in the way they work, a new study finds that people who take generics may end up living longer. When choosing whether to go with a generic store-brand version of a drug, such as ibuprofen, or its more expensive brand name version , chances are that most of us will choose the generic version on the basis that they all have the same chemical composition, and are thus equally effective.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

Daily Monitor

How painkillers could affect your body

When people develop pain associated with headaches, colds, menstrual cramps and muscle aches, the first remedy they usually reach out for is painkillers. However, doctors are warning about the abuse of such medications, saying it could have adverse effects on the body system.


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Wed Sep 10, 2014


Achoo! Sniffle, Sniffle - - Tis the Season for HBC

No one can predict the severity of the flu season-not even the Centers for Disease Control-but most convenience stores can count on steady demand for cold and flu remedies over the next six months. Brand names used to rule the HBC aisle, especially in the convenience channel with limited shelf space.


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Tue Sep 09, 2014

Rampant overuse of ibuprofen leaves drug contaminating rivers and affecting fish health

Prolific use of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen is contaminating rivers and poisoning fish, according to a multi-center study published in the journal Environment International . The study was led by a researcher from the University of York's Environment Department and involved other researchers from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., and the United Kingdom's Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and Food and Environment Research Agency.


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Mon Sep 08, 2014

Athens Banner-Herald

People's Pharmacy: Milk of magnesia may work to fight acne

I am addicted to ice and eat big cups of it daily at both work and home. I compulsively fill the ice trays when they seem a little low.


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The Sand Trap

Update on my golfers elbow

's in the cream? Most likely it's a topical NSAID, like ibuprofen or similar. Same cautions apply coz the drug seeps into the bloodstream, the kidneys and blood vessels.


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Sat Sep 06, 2014

Daily Kos

My brand new job as a school cafeteria lunch lady

Hi, this will be one of those long rambling personal stories. I have a new job in retirement, to make some extra cash to supplement that Social Security.


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The Motley Fool

The Surprising Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever Consumers Are Least Loyal To

If you're anything like me, walking down the first-aid aisle in the grocery store or drugstore creates a deer in the headlights look nearly every time. The amount of over-the-counter therapeutics that consumers can buy that'll do everything from helping wounds heal faster to reducing a fever is simply incredible.


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Fri Sep 05, 2014

The Daily Caller

Pot For Pain? More Patients Are Saying Yes

Investigators conducted a time-series analysis of medical cannabis laws and state-level death certificate data in the United States from 1999 to 2010 - a period during which 13 states instituted laws allowing for cannabis therapy. Researchers reported, "States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8 percent lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with states without medical cannabis laws."


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Bride's Magazine

How to Cure a Post-Wedding Hangover

It's your party and you can drink if you want to ! But be prepared, because sometimes even the most well-intentioned brides can't avoid overindulging when the champagne keeps flowing all night . From tried-and-true methods to the borderline bizarre, here's how to help ease the pain of a post-wedding hangover so you can get your glow back stat.


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Thu Sep 04, 2014

Seeking Alpha

Perrigo: 4 Positive Catalysts And 2 Wildcards For FY 2015

GAAP EPS are projected to increase by over 200% for FY 2015, which will bring financial ratios more in-line with the rest of the market. Everyone reading this article is most likely guilty of going to CVS , Walgreens or even Wal-Mart looking for pain or allergy relief and settling on the store brand product over the national brand product to save a few dollars.


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Wed Sep 03, 2014


Red Raspberry for PMS even with Fibroids

With fibroid surgery, you'd think that I'd be free of heavy menstrual pains and uncomfortable cycles. I was hoping :-).


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Daily Texan

Study shows aspirin may reduce breast cancer recurrence in overweight women

A study found non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, helped lower hormone-related breast cancer recurrence in overweight women by half.


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Tue Sep 02, 2014


Horizon Pharma to Present at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Unplugged Conference 2014

Mr. Walbert will provide an overview of the Company and its corporate activities.


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Doctors, pharmacists warn parents to stay away from teething gels

Gallant said her second child is drooling a lot, in what she figures to be a sign of things to come.


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Science Blog

Over-the-counter pain reliever may restore immune function in old age

New research published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggests that macrophages from the lungs of old mice responded differently to infections than those of young mice, ibuprofen reversed these changes New research involving mice suggests that the key to more youthful immune function might already be in your medicine cabinet.


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The Advocate

Albemarle completes sale of ibuprofen business

Baton Rouge-based specialty chemicals maker Albemarle Corp. has successfully completed the sale of its antioxidant, ibuprofen and propofol businesses and related assets to SI Group Inc. Albemarle had announced the deal in late April.


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Athens Banner-Herald

Drs. Oz & Roizen: Ibuprofen may help kids with 'growing pains'

I am losing my eyelashes! It's not like I've got thinning hair or any skin conditions that I know of.


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The New Zealand Herald

Officer denies racial abuse on taxi driver

A police officer denies allegations she racially abused a taxi driver in Queenstown last year while affected by a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol.


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