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So I really want to know what are the chances of paying a lawyer a Fee for a DWI - 2nd offense in 17 years - - that will come out in my favor - How does a lawyer really get a case lowered- My urine was .185 so before I blow my money I really need to know the chances of hiring a lawyer that will help my case. - Or am I wasting money ?
You have no chance of winning anything or obtaining a favorable outcome without a good dwi attorney. After all, do you...
If I have ignition interlock in my truck can I still legally drive a snowmobile
I was just charged with my second dwi in my truck and they are taking my license for 2 years but i am getting the ignition interlock installed
This question could only arise in Minnesota! Does driving snowmobile require a driver's license? I recommend you...
What can be done about an entrapment and dwi?
eem a 57 year old male with a clean record . I don't go to bars , and I obey the law . I was at home with my better half who was very sick and in bed . Our daughter got married this day in a civil ceremony . We came home for her to rest for this weekend , the reception would follow on Saturday . I had a beer , 2 shots to celebrate my daughters wedding . I have no shame in telling you I drink at HOME . My neighbor who is a pain to everyone in our neighborhood didn't like that our cars were parked on the street due to our driveway being iced over so he called the police . A sheriff came and told me i needed to move the vehicles . I moved my car 6 feet as requested and parked it and got arrested for a dwi . ? i would have never touched that car if not requested to move it . I feel set up . . what can i do ?
Entrapment or estoppel might be an available defense, but your lawyer will need more to see if it could be a viable...
Can my boyfriend sue?
My boyfriend was arrested for missing his drug test. They made him feel like a complete idiot and told him to figure out a better way to arrange these tests. Little did they know they chaired him for missing the color silver and his color is blue! He spent a whole weekend in jail. Which happened to be his birthday weekend. He came out a totally different person. Very depressed! And almost in tears. All the court house had to say was time to move forward. Very irresponsible for this type of place.
This isn't very clear. Did he miss the test or fail the test? Both? If he was falsely imprisoned then he may have a...
I am being charged with statue 152.025.(a)(1). With reference to:152.025.1(a). How is this a felony?
I sold 28 grams to a CI and after not wanting to be a CI in lieu of my charges being dismissed they charged me with this. In MN statue it states it's just a misdemeanor. Just wondering how they got a felony charge?
Yes. It's the sale that makes it a felony.
Does a sheriff need your I.d and insurance information on site ? dui? car accident?
Got arrested two weekends ago, blew a .09 after crashing my car and totaling it, didn't get asked for my drivers license or insurance info, but now the sheriff is asking for it through email? do i give it to him? isn't that unprofessional? also I blew a .07 45 minutes later at the station, I am not making any excuses for my actions, BUT i have a clean driving record prior, no tickets no NOTHING. I drank, 3 beers and 2 shots of vodka, and got extremely ill which is unlike me, got sick, and honestly just wanted to go home, 5 minutes from my house, fell asleep and then crashed my car, is there any way to even handle this, would a public defender even be able to help? I NEED ADVICE.
Do yourself a favor and get an attorney right now. AVVO, the state bar, and other websites will help you find a DUI...
Can I resolve another case while incarcerated for another ?
My boyfriend was sentenced today to 42 months for a felony DWI. My question is this - He has a pending case in Hennepin Co for 5th degree controlled substance. He missed the omnibous hearing because he was incarcerated in another county and is now off to prison - so can he do something about the hennepin case now ? Just so he doesn't have dealing with that to look forward to when he's out ? I thought they could allow him to plead guilty and have the time ran concurrent so when he's done serving his time he can be completely DONE ! Any one know about how to go about this ? PLEASE
Yes there are ways of handling that case inyelligently given the situation. But it is far too complicated to advise...