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What are my options.
In May of this year I was discharged for failing a random UA. Lost Commercial Drivers License(CDL). CDL is federally monitored. Per 49 CFR part 40 subpart F sec. 40.87 initial (A) sample-50 ng/ml or above is positive, 49 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter) is negative. When I requested results, DOT form said initial (A) sample was 27ng/ml. When one fails/refuses test, testing facility then contacts state and says "He failed/refused" Not giving any amount (ng/ml) I've appealed to State DOL, but I'm not sure what my options are. Its a long story, be assured I do not smoke marijuana. I ate a cookie in the middle of the night that I was unaware had marijuana in it. But with the initial (A) test being 27, why was it sent as positive ?
I would suggest you sit down with an attorney in your area and discuss this and other issues having to do with this...
What is the likely outcome of first DUI court?
I have no prior criminal background but was arrested for my first DUI. I had pulled over at a dead end when the police arrived (a concerned neighbor had apparently called them) and was cooperative, not driving, did not hurt anyone, but my BAC was .3. I spent two day in jail (the mandatory minimum) and have court next Monday (June 22) and am scared of what will happen. Do they usually go for maximum penalties on a first DUI? Since I got out of jail I have not committed any crimes not have had any alcohol. I have been working at my job and attending 1-2 AA meetings daily. Any insight as to what I can do to further prepare myself for court or what might happen would be appreciated.
It sounds as though you are taking the right steps to address your issue. On the positive side, you have no record,...
First dui. I have a clean record, what are my first steps.
I got pulled over Friday night after taking friends home. I had forgotten to turn my headlights in, and when I did unfortunately I got pulled over. I had all my paperwork and passed all of the sobriety tests, but because I smelled a bit like alcohol, I was a ked to take a breathalyzer test and I refused Kindly. At that point I was arrested. I went in to sign some paperwork and that's when I agreed to take the test. I failed at a .12 but was immediately released. It's my first dui and have a clean driving record. I need this cleared asap. What steps should I take to get through this as fast as possible?
Hire a DUI lawyer immediately. Call around, consultations are free. You may have some options given the facts...
Got pulled over for a dui. Blew a .129, first offense and have a clear driving record. possible drop to negligent driving?
I have a clean driving record bUT got pulled over for not having my headlights on. I smelled a bit of alcohol and had to take all the sobriety field tests. I apparently passed them all but because I smelled like alcohol got asked to take a breath test and rejected it. After I got taken in, arrested for dui, I blew a .129. I got released immediately. But since I've had a positive and clean record, is there a possibility of having the dui charged dropped down to a lower sentence? If not would it be possible to get it taken off my record offer cooperation and a lawyer?
You need to contact a lawyer and speak with them about the specifics of your case. A reduction from a DUI is possible,...
What are my options? 2nd dui 7 years 2 months after my first that was reduced to a neg. 1 and no loss of license by dol.
I was getting dinner for family and coming home i cut off a slow driver who apparently called police saying i almost caused an accident they followed me and said i seemed to be wandering and touched the passing lane line 3 times with my tire. They pulled me over smelled beer completed field sobriety and blew a .115 at station. What are my options with this. It was 7:30 in the evening. I was totally fine a pulled over due to a call in from a driver who was causing more trouble then i did
Well, you need an attorney immediately to deal with the DOL consequences and review the criminal case. Your options, as...
Will I get a DUI if I blew a .09 ?
I was pulled over the other night and was given the sobriety test which I seemed to pass. Except they said my eye kinda twitched on the pen test. Before I was pulled over I had a beer about 3 hours before driving which was bad judgment I thought it was fine to drive. I was arrested but this is the 1st time I've been arrested. Because I wasn't indangering anyone would they drop the charges to a less offense.
If this is a first time offense, for any illegal activity, you will have a chance. You may want to consult with a...
What am I facing as a college student with a dui?
I got pulled over last weekend on my motorcycle in Ellensburg Wa. I was 20 over the speed limit for a short time. the officers said I was very co-operative with them and that will be looked at by the judge. I'm a veteran going to college, this is my first offense. I have just enough money to get by in school and want to hire an attorney but think I cant afford it. I'm on my own here and if I lose my license and get charged with a dui, then I'm sure I lost my promising start to a good career and my college loans are going out the window. I blew a .169 and im not sure how this is possible considering the amount of time span between 4 beers and 1 martini I didn't want to finish. I kept my receipts that night as proof, although the martini receipt is missing. (5hr time span I way 180 pounds)
Since you cant afford an attorney you will be given the chance to have a public defender assist you. Please take...