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How do I file an appeal on a misdemeanor conviction in Illinois
Pled not guilty to a dui and was convicted solely on officers comments on red eyes, slurred speech, not removing my drivers license from wallet without difficulty, etc. no physical evidence at all.
Please ask again in the criminal section in this AVVO service
How do I obtain a restricted driving permit in Illinois
Suspended license 2003 DUI 2007 which ended in revocation of my license. 2011 I attempted to attend a hearing and was denied now I'm looking to get a restricted driving permit
I know that you were looking for an easy answer but unfortunately it is more complicated. The answer depends on...
In a three vehicle accident who is at fault, I was the middle car and I ended up being arrested for DUI
I was involved in an accident, it was around 4 pm rainy day and roads were wet. It was a two lane road, hwy 37 in or near a construction area, the car in front of me was moving slow almost stopped, still not real sure why, but as I came up I slam on my breaks and then here comes a huge truck going way too fast and he smashed into my trunk, my body flew forward, head hit steering wheel and knocked me out. I come to with the guy that hit me saying I'm sorry I just couldn't stop. I was just in shock, really cant remember anything clearly it all happened so fast. So officers/fire respond Im having a panic attack. To sum up everyone answers questions and long story short one cop thought I was drunk or on drugs, I was not, I do have an anxiety disorder. So he arrested me for DUI
You should immediately consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, and he or she can help you find a...
I got put on court supervision for driving on a suspended license will they drug test me?
They didn't say anything about drug testing
Generally a plea to driving on a suspended license will not result in drug testing unless specified by the court....
Can i get a first time dui dropped?
i wasn't driving bad or anything, I just didn't turn my high beams off and got pulled over
Hire a good lawyer. DUIs don't just get dismissed because the defendant wants them to.
How long do you have to drive on restricted driving permit til you can get full license back?
how long do i have to drive on rdp til i can get full license back?
An IL attorney may have more specific advice for you, but the general answer is "as long as necessary." Based on your...
DUI defense question
I had a question about a DUI charge. I was pulled over and received a DUI- the police's main evidence is that I was swerving and speeding. I did not blow or do SFST. I have phone records that show i was texting during the time the officer observed my vehicle. Would this evidence generally be acceptable in creating reasonable doubt to explain my driving?
DUI = get a lawyer. There are serious consequences involved in this case. A judge will likely not accept this sort...