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  • NCCU students robbed at gunpoint in dorm room

    Aug 24, 2016 | via HeraldSun.com 

    Two N.C. Central University students were robbed at gunpoint in a campus residence hall room just after midnight Wednesday morning. One of the robbery victims told officers a pair of men wearing black scarves covering the lower portions of their faces, knocked at the door and, when it was opened, pointed a gun at the occupant at the door and "restrained" the victim, whose gender was not released by police..


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Zebulon Law

I got a DWI in NC where I live . Court date is Nov 1. I'm moving to FL and wonder if I should get a FL Lic before my court date?
1st time dwi. I most likely will have to get an interlock device in NC with a possibility of a suspension. Blew a .23
It doesn't matter. FL will know about your NC-DL and your NC-DUI. FL treats out of state DUI's "as if" they...
Will she most likely be convicted of child abuse after being charged with DUI?
My sons mom and my son were involved in a high-speed collision in which the car ran off the road and hit a tree. My child's mother was charged with DUI, misd. child abuse, unsafe pass yellow line and reckless driving in Johnston Co. She was not arrested, as they took her and my son to the hospital right away. They took her blood at the hospital. I am not aware of the BAC results. The incident occurred in April. Her next court date is in October. Will she most likely be charged with the child abuse if she pleads guilty to the charges? And if so, can they still use the fact that a child was in the car as an aggravating factor in order to sentence her to a harsher punishment if she pleads guilty to child abuse? What would be worst case scenario? Best case scenario? I hate that this all happened, thankfully my son is alright.
Having a child in the car is absolutely an aggravating factor. If she either pleads guilty or is otherwise convicted,...
Can I get my charge dropped to wet reckless driving? First time dwi charge wake county North Carolina blew .14BAC
I got a dwi charge in wake county, North Carolina I blew .14BAC at the station and was released within a hour or two. I live in California and am 23 yrs old I was there for the weekend this is my first offense I have no prior dwi I wanted to know can I plead for "wet reckless driving" or something of a lesser offense that does not suspend my DL due to being heavily dependent on as well being a college student
Couple of things, In North Carolina there is no such thing as a wet careless and reckless In Wake County you have two...
How likely am I to lose my driving privileges?
I have an interlock system. I got a letter from the NCDMV stating that I failed an interlock breathalyzer. Motitech says that I one fail on their records from July, and on that date they gave me the override code to start my vehicle. I got the code and was able to start the car. What are the odds that I will not lose my license?
If you want odds,you gotta speak with a bookie. We're lawyers here, so my advice is to get an experienced lawyer to...
Will I lose my license for one failed interlock test more than 3 months ago?
I have had an interlock on my vehicle for nearly 2 years of my 3 year restriction. Several months ago I had my first fail. (Trying to start my truck the next morning after taking a cab home the night before.) I paid my reset fee to monitech and have since been to another scheduled appointment with another set for next week. (I have to go every 2 months) Today I received a letter from the dmv saying in 7 days my license will be suspended because of this and I need to setup a preliminary hearing to avoid this. Will 1 failed test in two years (installed Sept. 5th 2014) cause me to lose my license?
It could... you need to make that argument at the hearing. I suggest you consult with a local and experienced criminal...
Can I make a motion to the judge in north Carolina , to get my license back without the interlock if it has been over ten years
I got a dwi I blew above the limit, I have no charges the last ten years have completed rehab and attend AA on a regular basis, with the dl I could get a better job and finish college is there anyway I can get a dl without the interlock so I can work and be a responsible citizen
You are free to move the Court to let you skip the interlock requirement. The Judge will deny your motion. NCDMV won't...
I was charged in Chatham County 15A NCAC 10E .0104 USE OF AREAS REGULATED (a) No person shall leave any vehicle...
The officer wrote down the used an incorrect DMV Tag #. Can I use this to get the case dismissed?
Your citation can be amended by the prosecutor.