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What are the chances of me going into custody from a FTA and bench warrant for a DUI case from 2009. Warrant was issued 2011-FTA
I'm 8 months into a dui program (18 months-multiple offender), i did complete MADD. I'm worried about going to court and being booked into custody and not another chance to get the rest of the obligations finished for the court. I've been working as well the past few years and just recently got offered a very good job- the background check showed the bench warrant. I want to explain to the judge that I had a problem then, and am much of a different person now. I'm absolutely terrified, again, to go to court and lose this new job offer and the progress of what I've already completed. Any advice?
Your best bet is to hire an attorney that can put your case on calendar ASAP AND APPEAR 977 WITHOUT YOUR APPEARANCE...
I got a DUI that involved methamphetamine last night. I also got 2 alcohol DUI's in 1994. Will they use all 3 to convict me?
I am wondering if they will convict me of all 3 DUI's.
You are looking at a 23152(a) with two priors (assuming the arrests for each was within 10 years of the new arrest) as...
2nd dui in 5yr in May my court date was for july 6th 2011 they sent me a letter postponing it till aug 3
this is my 2nd dui my first was about 5 years ago I have court tommorow and was never contacted by DA or court and was wondering what happens at first hearing?
Your first court appearance is called an arraignment. This is where you are informed of the charges against you and the...
I have a wet and wreckless. I recieved a stay on my lic and had my hearing. The out come of the hearing was a year sus of my Lic
I have a class A. And a month of no lic,( not in the paper work , by by the dmv in the 29 palms office) Can any of this be shortened? The year with no class A ? or a month with no lic At all?
Unless you got a not guilty finding in court on the 23152(B) count when you were convicted of the wet reckless, you are...
I Just got my first dui, im 18 my BAC was .11 and i only had a permit not with me when i was pulled over, what should i do?
I wan't to know what all of my charges are most likely going to be and how likely i am to serve jail time, san bernardino area if it helps. And if i am likely to serve jail time how long would it be and what kind of jail would i be in. I was blacked out when i got the dui and don't even remember getting in a car. I just remember waking up in a jail cell.
You've got several issues. First, whether or not they can prove DUI. You don't remember driving. Were you? Can...
I recieved a wet reckless 25 months ago in san bernadino county do i have to tell an employer that i had a dui?
how long will it affect my insurence?
Well, that all depends on the nature of your employment. If you work at a restaurant or a store, the answer to that...
I got a dui and did not do the class will they give me a second chances
I have panic attacks so i did not go to the classes i signed up for them but did not go i have worked on my anxity but my classes were suposed to be complted in feb. i am scared to go to cort because i do not want to go to jail
Do you have a public defender? Or private lawyer? I ask because if so you should ask them today. Next, assuming your'e...