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Will a dui in California count as a prior if I recieved a bui/oui in arizona
If I have a dui conviction in California, and just recently was cited for a bui/oui on a personal water craft what can I expect? Will this affect my drivers license in California?
No a DUI (automobile) will not count as a prior in an OUI (boating) case for the purposes of increasing the mandatory...
What should i do after receiving a dui in az? I refused field test took blood test don't know the results.
Do i need a lawyer? I'm on ssdi fixed income Thx for any help
YES you need a lawyer and if you can not afford one the Court will appoint you one or you will get a public defender.
What is the time line of a dismissal without prejudice for a DUI
Looking to expunge suspension
If your case was dismissed there is no conviction to set aside. If you were convicted you can apply to have the...
Can a admin per se suspension be expunged from your driving record
Dui was dismissed without prejudice
No. The Admin Per Se suspension is an entirely separate matter from your criminal court case. Keep in mind that a...
My ex has Warrants in AZ for drugs and FTA on underage drinking charges, can i use that to gain custody of our 9 year old?
She moved to CA and just got my daughter back from her mom in 2013 after getting out of rehab (not court ordered). She gave her mom guardianship during that time but she never tried to get ahold of me and I am on the birth Certificate. (I actually found my daughter in 2011 in Las Vegas with her grandma). I found our she had warrants in AZ when she admitted to not having a license and that's why she couldn't drive our daughter out to me. I did some research and discovered the Warrants here in AZ. They are from as far back as 2010. Drugs, underage drinking and operating a vehicle w/o an interlock device. She refuses to bring my daughter to me and wants me to drive to San Diego to pick her up. Neither of us have court ordered custody. Can i use those warrants to gain custody of my daughter?
This isn't a DUI question, this is a family law question. However, what I do know is, you can call the cops on him...
Can felony dui be reduced to a misdemeanor in AZ bac was 0.85
pulled over for what he said was speeding I was not but I did not get a ticket for that I got taken to jail for a class 6 felony dui because my grandson was in the truck my bac was 0.85 , I have not gone to court yet . was released on bond
It depends on a lot of factors. Please be aware that an Aggravated DUI is a forever allegeable felony if it recorded as...
How long do police have to file a complaint.
I got arrested for a DUI and a drug in mesa Arizona, on March 7-2014. The truck was wrecked so it got towed, I did not hit anyone. My first "court " appeance I drove out to mesa, they told me at this time there has been no complaints filed against you. And to wait for a summons to court. My license did get suspended for 90 days. I still at the moment haven't got it back. But I'm wondering is there a time limit that they have to charge me?
Within the statute of limitations. Best bet is to get a local criminal lawyer on deck now. Avvo has a great lawyer...