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I asked a question about color photos of drivers license being taken by landlord.
I guess I should have made myself more clear.I know he can take a copy of it that's fine but,can it be in color and be sent e-mail to a computer. I know when I was selling car's and asked to take a copy of the customers License it was only to be in black and white. T;he part about color and e-mail and computer to be stored is what I want to know!
Your question remains unclear, Yucaipa? Why does any of this matter? I'm not aware of any law regarding the color of...
On complaint should I list the policy and AAA as defendants- besides drunk driver & Boyfriend(driver of the vehicle) ?
When you construct an auto accident damages complaint can you list the insurance company as a defendant in complaint? Driver one was a drunk driver, no insurance. I was a passenger witgh Driver two, my boyfriend in his truck. We both are insured under different policies at AAA. His policy limit is below the amount of my meds, loss and damages exceed his policy limit. I have uninsured, under insurance and medical payment available on my AAA policy.
No! The insurer is NOT the defendant. The insurer will defend and indemnify its insured! Good luck!
I was arrested for a dui but not issued a temporary license (pink slip) at the time of my arrest. Why?
The officer said he intentionally wasn't going to give me the "pink slip" to help me out..which means my liscense would not be suspended. After reading some other people's dui stories I'm a tad confused. Also when I got to the station I re took the breathalyzer test and blew a 0.07 . He then told me if I'm lucky the district attorney might throw my case out. I'm confused on what actions I need to take if any? I don't want to tell the dmv on myself but I don't want to miss the 10 day limit. I would also like to know if I should spend the money to hire an attorney
Sounds like the officer doesn't want the DMV involved. Consult local defense counsel in your area at once. You're not...
Is there any way around those dui program classes?
first offense ... 9 mounth program
Sure, if you never want to have a driver's license again. Otherwise, you have to complete the classes. You must have...
Must I complete my dui program to get my CDL back? or can I just ride out my 3 year informal probation and pay a reissue fee
20 year old first offender bac .21
If you have a california driver license, you have to complete an in person, licensed AB541 program to satisfy the DMV...
What is the standard sentencing for driving on a suspended license while on probation for a previous d.u.i.
Case is 9 years old
There is no standard sentence, and to the extent there is a "standard" it is highly dependent on which court your case...
2 Questions, early reinstatement optional IID, and 14601.1 vs. 14601.2 driving on suspended (theoretical)
I was arrested for a 2nd DUI last year, plea bargained to a moving violation in court. First DUI was a as a minor so it didn't count for sentencing enhancement in court. License will most likely be suspended through APS for a year, awaiting hearing results. The CVC seems unclear on the optional IID for early reinstatement and makes it seem like you are required to have a CONVICTION of DUI or wet reckless to qualify. It also states those with wet reckless convictions only need 9 months of DUI program vs. 18-30 for wet reckless. Without a conviction of either, am I eligible? And how long of a DUI class would be required? Sources: CVC 13352 13353.2 13353.3 DMV Memo : http://apps.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/olin/12_olin/12olin02.pdf
On a second offense you'll need an SB-38 18 month probation and you should qualified for a restricted license if you...