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  • The Latest: Schools closed in dam evacuation areas

    Tuesday Feb 14 | via WWSB 

    The Latest on problems with an emergency spillway at the nation's tallest dam : Nearly 200,000 people, who evacuated Sunday over fears that a damaged spillway at Lake Oroville could fail and unleash a wall of water, have to stay away indefinitely while officials race to repair it before more rains arrive Thursday. Many districts were closed Monday in observance of President Abraham Lincoln's birthday.


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Yuba City Law

My son has warrant for not going to dui school but cannot finish the class before jan when he moves out of state to AZ. Options?
Got dui, cannot finish 18 month dui course in CA before he goes to school in AZ. Has a warrant now because of this. Can he still move? what if he doe nothing about it in CA, how long will the warrant follow him. Could he get a license in AZ.
He should clear the warrant and get permission from the judge to complete a class in AZ. His privilege to drive in CA...
My car was hit by drunk driver driving parents' car, her insurance refuses to cover accident. What can I do?
My car was hit by drunk driver driving parents' car, her insurance claims she is on 'excluded list' and won't cover. The police report lists her as fully responsible. What can I do?
You are in a horrible spot. If you don't have collision coverage or uninsured motorist property damage (which covers...
Can I record my roommate being drunk in the living room, conscious or unconscious to build a case to have him evicted?
My roommate destroyed his room while in a drunk rage and now spends 90% of his time in the living room. He sleeps most of the day to my knowledge, and he is prone to having night terrors; he screams and shouts VERY loudly during the day, night, and its very disturbing(for hours). Can I record him to build a case against him to my landlord of his drunken behavior and that he is unsuitable to keep living with us? He does this for a week every few months and I've have enough. And he bangs on my door while drunk for various reasons while I'm trying to mind my own business. Student going to college close to campus, he is a student at a neighboring school.
Why don't you just talk to the landlord and ask to leave? You may not need to video your roommate at all. If that...
Will this be a second dui and will i have to serve jail time or will they work around my work?
If my first dui was when i was 17 and was plead down to a wet and wreckless, will a second one that i just got when i turned 23 count as a second and require me to serve jail time, if so will they work around my work? Should i seek a dui lawyer if i intend on pleading guilty but just want to get a lesser sentence.
A second dui within ten years carries a penalty of a minimum 96 hours of jail that can be divided into two sets of 48...
What penalties am I facing if I am convicted of the charges below? Should I plea bargain like last time?
I was cited in California with a misdemeanor BP 4060 possession as well as a misdemeanor DUI. I have never been arrested for sales, trafficking, or manufacture. I have not been convicted yet, and I am going to court to day to recieve my "Watson Advisement". I do have one prior DUI that I bargained down to a wet & wreckless, out of fear that even though I had no illegal drugs or alcohol in my stystem, I did take a medication that has a warning of sleep walking, sleep driving, even sleep sex. What penalties am I facing if I am convicted? On a side note I was arrested in January 2014 and still haven't been given a "speedy trial", even though I requested one.
You have a right to a trial within 45 days of your arraignment if you're out of custody at the time of arraignment. If...
Is it usually better to hire a private attorney than to be appointed a public defender?
I had a public defender when I was charged with wet and reckless driving and he had so many clients in the court room that I spoke to him for about 10 minutes total from the start of the proceedings to the end. He basically said "Plead guilty and take the plea bargain", he showed up to court late, he forgot paperwork that would have helped my case (such as the fact I blew a 0.00 BAC on the breathalyzer) and he mumbled and stuttered. Normally I NEVER would have taken the plea bargain but I just didn't feel I had a chance in heck of winning in a trial, simply because I felt my public defender didn't have the experience or professional demeanor to put up a satisfactory defense. So would a private attorney be a better choice?
Some public defenders are really good, others are not. The same is true of private attorneys, though. The difference...
In California does a wet & reckless count as a first strike under the Three Strikes Law?
I plead guilty to DUI a few years ago in return for the DA reducing the charge from DUI to wet & reckless, and I was wondering if that counted as a first strike? The judge never said anything to the tune of "This is your first strike", but I am not sure if he has too, or if it is assumed that the lawyer is supposed to tell me (which he didn't - public defender). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
No. A wet is not a strike. Only certain crimes rise to the level of a strike. Visit this page for a list of CA...