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I was in a accident recently that a drunk driver rear ended me. I wasn't hurt but do I need to seek legal action
I was sitting at a stoplight getting ready to turn left and a drunk driver slammed in the back of me. I wasn't hurt in the accident and it pushed in my bumper on my truck. I just want to know if I could take legal action on it
You have the right to take legal action for any property damage. Was the person who rear-ended you insured? If so,...
How long can the Court system take to notify the DMV of a revocation?
The main reason i am asking is my fiance got a DWI in 1997, went to court, paid fines and was told her license was revoked for one year. She has had 3 licenses, 11 inspections, 1 accident and 1 speeding ticket with in the 17 year window. now in 2011 they JUST notified the DMV of her suspension, effective immediately.
I have never heard of a suspension with that kind of delay. Something does not sound right. I think she should appeal...
What does the restriction code 22-*9 mean on a NC drivers license?
I assume it is related to a DUI conviction, but am not sure of the exact limitations on my driving
I am not licensed to practice law in North Carolina, but it is tough to answer your questions without seeing the full...
How can get my BAC restriction removed?
I got a DUI in NC in 2009 but did not have a NC drivers license at the time. I had a Florida drivers license. Now I have just moved to NC and have a BAC RESTRICTION on my license. It's been 5 years and I am attempting to enroll in trucking schools and the restriction is not allowing me to move forward. Please advise.
You can request a hearing from the DMV to remove the restriction.
Are there any low-cost, or preferably free, substance abuse treatment options that will satisfy the dui probation requirements?
I am wondering if there are any options to just satisfy the probation. I am not worried about my license, I don't want to get it back because I had an accident that has me terrified to drive (it was not alcohol related) I am currently on an alcohol monitoring bracelet and with the cost of that, along with my cost of supervision, it is next to impossible to be able to afford the treatment through the agency that is approved for license reinstatement. I just want to be able to get my probation successfully completed and later if I can conquer my fear, then I know how to go about getting my license. Help, please!!
The terms and conditions to satisfying your probation were established by the Court in its judgment and can be re-...
My friend was on state parole for a felony DUI. He left PA to NC without telling parole (absconded). He is fighting extradition
My friend was picked up in NC on the parole warrant. He is fighting extradition back to PA. He was released on bail after 60 days and has a future court date to decide if he will be extradited. PA has said they want him back to face his parole violation. Is fighting the extradition the best option or is it a waste of his time? His court appointed attorney is impossible to contact so we are hoping for a straight answer. Does anyone really win when they fight extradition? How is he released on bail if he is being held for another state for running?
It's likely going to be difficult to fight extradition.
I meet the criteria to have a DUI expunged from my record. In order to do this myself, what forms do I need to file?
This DUI was from 22 years ago and was in NC
It would be easiest to pay an attorney to complete this process for you. If you are going to go it alone, I would...