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Yorktown Crime

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  • Blotter 37 minutes ago ARRESTED - CUERO - Jeremy Mat...

    Thursday Dec 22 | via The Victoria Advocate 

    Jeremy Matejek, 22, of Yorktown, by Yorktown police Dec. 10 on charges of public intoxication, fined $516; possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $516; possession of controlled substance less than 2 ounces; and bond forfeiture in an unlawful delivery or manufacturing with intent to deliver. - CUERO - Marcus Tackett, 24, of Nordheim, by a DeWitt County sheriff's deputy Dec. 10 on charges of driving while intoxicated with blood alcohol content greater than .15 of a percent, duty on striking an unattended vehicle and duty on striking fixture highway landscape greater than $200.


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  • Blotter 27 minutes ago ARRESTED DeWitt County - CUER...

    Dec 19, 2016 | via The Victoria Advocate 

    Jerame Marston, 46, of Yorktown, by a DeWitt County sheriff's deputy Dec. 1 on a warrant charging violation of probation in a possession of a controlled substance case and repeat offender. - CUERO - Scott Glidewell, 40, of Victoria, by a DeWitt County sheriff's deputy Dec. 1 on charges of indecency with a child and two charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child.


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Yorktown Law

Can I get a License to Carry in Texas after 2 DUIs
I have two previous misdemeanor DUI charges against me from a couple of years ago in PA but now I am moving to Texas. I completed all that was asked and paid all of the fines in full and completed my probation. The first charge was under the ARD program, the second was a misdemeanor. Am I able to get a License to Carry in Texas?
This question cannot be answered without all of the documents from each case and a copy of the PA statutes defining the...
Can a drunk crazy grandmother take my granddaughter
Well I am the other grandmother and my daughter is terrified that her crazy mother in law is planning to take her daughter. One night she came to my daughters apt drunk and told her that the baby is hers, she was suppose to have another baby. And ever since she then she documents everything, like the baby had a scratch on her finger, you don't take her outside enough stupid stuff. My daughter didn't have a baby until she was 33 and is the best mother ever. She wants to leave her P.T.S.D. Husband but afread that will push the mother in law into trying to get custody of the granddaughter. Worse thing of all the mother in law works for CPS.
How did she get to the apartment? Did she drive? Did anyone notify police if she was DWI? Has anyone made...
DWI surcharge installment plan
Following my court hearing for a DWI charge to which I pleaded no contest, I was ordered to pay a surcharge. I agreed to a 3 year monthly installment payment plan beginning July 25 2016. To date, I have made all my installment payments on time. The payment is due each month on the 25th. I recently paid my January installment payment on Jan 5 through the Municipal Services DPS online website. DPS says it takes roughly 3-5 business days for the payment to be processed, and be reflected to my account and driving record. Today, I received a paper letter in the mail from DPS stating that my payment for January has not been received and that my installment plan is in default, so I went to the DPS online surcharge page and it shows that the payment I made on jan 5 has been received, and that my account status is current and not defaulted. Is it common for DPS to make mistakes like this? I do not want to default on my surcharge payment and I have not, yet would it be wise to call DPS and ask them why they sent a letter saying I am in default when their website shows that i have made my payment? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
Contact DPS regarding the default letter. Talking to human is good, but a letter sent by certified mail would be better....
I can't attend my DWI hearing, What can I do?
I can't attend my DWI case due to being deported. I was in jail one day and I was bailed out. My VISA was revoked so I can't enter US again but my hearing case is set up in Mar. I want to know how my case will be proceeded without me.
Contact a criminal defense attorney and a US immigration attorney for assistance.
What will happen with my dui case?
I was arrested for the second time on a dwi charge, but I was never charged with or convicted of the first one 3 years ago. What will this do to my dwi case now? Will it be considered my first offense?
Because you were never convicted of a DWI, this one will be your first. Even if they try to convict you of the one 3...
I was offered Pretrial Diversion for my DWI case, please help with my question.
So my alcohol level was a .68 just under the limit but it was a blood test. My lawyer said he worked to get the pretrial diversion program offered to me but i would have to sign a paper that i cant have it expunged from my record. Now he said we can take it to a jury but its a 50/50 chance i can be guilty obviously. So basically i want to know is there anyway i can have this expunged or will the only way would be to take a chance with a jury?
I don't understand why they would want you to sign something where you are agreeing to not petition the court for an...
How can I get my dwi case dismissed and the charge removed from my name on the internet?
I was charged with a DWI. I was a minor. I was the passenger, and the driver made me switch seats with him. I NEVER operated the vehicle. The officer confirmed that he saw us switch seats and that I did not operate the vehicle but continued to charge both of us and took both of us to jail. The actual driver once out of jail stole money from me and fled the country. The officer totally screwed up the report and makes it look like I was the initial driver which is completely incorrect. I need to get this out of my name as it is already affecting my life and keeping me from getting a job that I want.
The first thing you need to do is to consult with as many experienced DWI lawyers as possible and then hire the one...