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Old M1 DUI issue. possible to reclassify, or reschedule, if wrongly classified?
in 2003 I recieved 2 DUI's in about a weeks time. my attorney had it listed as a 1st,-1st DUI. In 2008 I received another DUI, but my attorney didn't argue it as a 2nd DUI, instead he argued it as a third and I ended up in DUI court to avoid serious jail time. The problem is they scheduled it as a misdemeanor 1, instead of an M2, as is the case with a secondDUI. This has serious repercussions now for for my civil rights, and possibly my eligibility to serve in the military, as I am finding out now. I am also barred from owning a gun because of this. What are my options if any. my record shows a 1st-1st DUI M2, and a 3rd DUI M1.
Your attorney didnt argue it as a second because it wasnt. Based on your facts you had two prior DUI convictions. The...
If a person is in a car being driven by a person under suspension for a DUI, can. I be charged for anything?
I know someone who sometimes is a passenger with someone who has a DUI and still drives, can the passenger face charges
The passenger has not committed any crime. He won't face any charges.
I am on the ARD program for DUI (entered October 25 2016). Can I continue working at my daycare?
I have been an employee of a daycare for 6 years. I was arrested for DUI in April 2016 and chose to go on the ARD program. Can I still work at my daycare (per Pennsylvania law, I know my boss wouldn't fire me for it, just wondering if a person with a DUI can LEGALLY work with children in Pennsylvania). My research so far has shown me yes: http://www.dhs.state.pa.us/cs/groups/webcontent/documents/document/p_011455.pdf ...but I just want to double check. We are required to update our clearances and I'm not sure if that is coming up soon for me. If the clearance shows DUI is my boss FORCED to fire me per PA standards is my question :)
It is best to check with your lawyer or at least PO.
Can I buy an firearm with an ARD dui on my record and also get an concealed firearm license?
I live in Pa. I had an DUI in 2013 but went through the ARD program. I also was charged in 2015 for dui but found not guilty. I'm looking to buying an firearm and also getting my concealed license as welll. Am I able to do so since I'm a lil confused on the paper work on what I should put down. I don't want to answer the question wrong.
yes you should qualify for a weapons permit. ARD charges are dismissed when the conditions are completed. Your record...
How long will my drivers license be suspended for a dui?
I got pulled over Friday night for a bench warrant that I didn't know I had. But then the officer didn't ask for license insurance or registration. Then proceeded to give me sobriety tests. When he arrested me he never read me rights
You should definitely get local York County Counsel as soon as possible to represent you as it is very important in DUI...
Are there any extenuating circumstances regarding interstate compact?
My girlfriend from over a year lives in Colorado, I live in PA and am.currently serving 5year supervision for my 2nd DUI. My only family for eligible transfer is my mother who I cannot live with due to disability issues and her losing her housing. If I'm in compliance with all other regards to my supervision AND have verifiable employment in Colorado when i get there, AND the fact that my girlfriend is a model citizen 29yrs old and has NEVER been in trouble of any kind can there be any exceptions made for her to constitute my "residential support"?
Answering only to change your practice area to DUI. It's a specialized field, and I'm afraid I have no answer for you....
Dui charge
I got into a serious automobile accident they took blood from me I had used drugs on that Friday and the accident happened on Sunday morning I know it will show up in there testing they did not charge me at that time how long will it take before I get charged for this matter
It depends glad you are ok. Detectives want to make sure they have all the facts first. I would suggest talking to a...