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I was arrested for a DUI back in November of 2014. I was arrested for a DUI again in January of 2015. I was a Target 21 and had
to follow bail conditions along with wear a SCRAM bracelet. I went to my all of my court dates up until the arraignment. My bail had been revoked a week before the arraignment due to failing to pay the SCRAM office. I was completely out of money so I took a job in Montana, cutting of my SCRAM bracelet before I went out there. I have since returned and intend to turn myself in. The only problem is that I have no money for a lawyer, but I have a very beatable case. With the consequences of a 2nd DUI, I don't trust a PD. Should I go back to Montana and save money for a lawyer or take it up myself? How long am I likely to be held up in jail? I have a great job awaiting me to clear warrants so I need to take care of this. I was also cited for driving w/o a license, but my bail wasn't revoked.
I would use a public defender on this and if the PD does not seem to want to fight for you, hire a private attorney who...
Is it possible to get habitual offender case lowered or get a restricted license in Pennsylvania?
I have several dui's from back in 2011. My suspension time the verdict carries is almost up but I have another 5 hears for the habitual offender suspension. I have done all the counseling they asked for. I am a free trimmer by trade which requires a lot of travel. I'm looking to go back to school and get back into the field but as a result of not having a license I have had to take a job making a third of the money with no future. Please give any advice
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed there who answers your...
Is it normal for a police officer to test from THC when drawing blood for a BAC?
my bf got stopped because he didn't stop for more than 3 seconds at a stop sign and then increased speed (38 on a 35). then the state trooper (which was near our neighborhood) pulled him out for sobriety tests. he then took him to get his blood drawn for a BAC check and even told him to check for marijuana. is that legal? I feel like something is not normal with the police's procedure.
As long as the police have probable cause to request a blood sample after suspecting driving under the influence, they...
Can the bar you left get in trouble after getting a DWI?
if you get pulled over for a DWI after leaving a bar, will that bar be notified or fined in anyway? If you told the officer where you were previously are they obligated to notify that bar?
Not likely, however, if you were visibly drunk and the bartender was still serving you, and consequently you get in an...
Another underage drinking charge. Facing jail time?
Am I likely to get jail time? Last November, I got picked up for underage drinking and agreed to go to outpatient counseling as part of my plea. Last week, I got picked up again for a bunch of minor charges, like disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. I have completed the counseling, but not the aftercare at the point of the arrest. Today, I got in the mail summons for arraignments, one for the recent arrest and one for the one back in November. My question is what's likely going to happen? Am I going to be re-sentenced for the original charge? Am I going to have to go to jail or rehab?
With two charges, you need to talk to a local attorney. Search here on Avvo under the Find a Lawyer tab. At least...
My boyfriend is awaiting a blood test from a DUI charge over the weekend. is jail mandatory for 2nd offense? Can it be avoided?
My boyfriend got pulled over for a DUI (2nd offense). There was no probably cause unless you count him not stopping at a stop sign for 3 seconds or longer (he still stopped) and increasing speed to 38 (speed limit 35). The state trooper took his blood and told him it would take 3 weeks. My boyfriend is in Brazil for work now and then Mexico after. Is jail the only option? I am scared he will lose his license, job, and go to jail-- meaning he might lose the house he just bought. Is there anything we can do- like plead for house arrest and no/ limited jail time? What can i expect?
I see that you have posted previously with a slightly different question, but on the same topic. It is clear that you...
I was stopped for MIP, what should I do and/or what happens next. Will I get info in the mail? Should I call my lawyer father?
I am a 20 year old male who was stopped by the police with a solo cup in hand. The police asked what was in my cup, smelled it, and dumped the contents in the grass. He asked for ID but since I didn't have any, he asked for my info. I started to lie but then told him the truth. He talked to someone and got my license number to confirm my info. I never admitted to drinking alcohol, nor was I given a field sobriety test or a breathalyzer. We talked for a bit while one of the confirmed I was who I said I was and they said it wouldn't be major since it was my first experience with any cop. Then they told me to leave without giving me a citation about what I was being charged with. They threatened to arrest me for giving false information if they saw me again.
It may be nothing. They might not charge you. However, they can. You would get a ciation in the mail. The tests...