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If I'm not court ordered to take DUI classes or AA meetings, can a DUI school order me to attend AA meetings?
I was charged with a 2nd DUI in 2008. The charges were vacated though & I was no longer being court ordered to DUI 18mo classes, due to the truth finally surfacing after being forensically pieced together , that I had been drugged & attacked, but didn't get a conviction for rape since I didn't bring in DNA evidence from my medically confirmed miscarriage. I didn't have paperwork mandating the classes be completed to appease the court & the DUI schools (3 different companies I tried across 5 schools) told me there was no way to give me regulated/approved classes, without official paperwork. The DMV still required these classes. It has been 9 years & I am only now being given straight answers from the DMV on how I can reinstate my license in CA. That being said, the court had printed in my minutes order , that I attend AA initially, but charges were vacated & now don't require classes or AA . The DMV never listed AA so can the school still try to say that it is a court order & mandatory part of completion requirements ? I have not had anything to drink since I had to attend AA in 2006. It's bad enough I have to take these classes & be reminded of what took place, never mind AA
Have your Attorney explain to the DMV and yes anybody can mandate anything sounds like you need a lawyer to clean it all up.
Can I still get charged with a dui?
I was in a non injury car accident and had a couple of drinks before the accident. The police were called and asked myself and the other driver if anyone was injured. We both replied no and he told us to exchange insurance information, ask me if I hit my head on the windshield and a couple other questions. He didn't give me any type of field sobriety test or chemical test. Can they come back and charge me for a dui if they go back and look at the local pub surveillance cameras and find out I was there drinking. I'm in the state of California. I know I was over the legal limit but once again the officers didn't test me. Also, a police report was not written.
There is no real evidence. If the cop didn't perform field sobriety tests, have you blow into a breath machine or...
Help! Questions for VC23140(a) violation of minor driving with BAC of .05
I'm 19 and this is my first offence. I was put under arrest and released the next morning with a citation for having .05 bac labeled as infraction. After breathalyzing me at least 5 times, I agreed to a blood test in the jail but the nurse did not draw my blood for another 30 mins to an hour or so after my arrest. Results for my blood come in 10 days after and they took my license so I can't get the results sooner... so I'm guessing a request to a hearing at the DMV is no use on top of zero tolerance law. I'm confident my results will be lower than a .05 which could change my entire case to a VC 23136. But what if the results come in higher? I'm a student and really can't afford an attorney and need my car for school and work starting after summer. I need all the help I can get, thank you!
Get a public defender to deal with your court matter. You can file for a critical needs license with he Mandatory...
I got a 2nd DUI in 2008, due to the circumstances of the DUI the court vacated me of the 18mo classes, but DMV says Its required
My 2nd DUI was handled horribly & after being drugged, sexually assaulted & in an accident that left me disoriented; my parents posted bail & with no details, allowed me to merely go home. I had hit my head & was exhausted from the whole experience. I missed the 10 day cut off for DUI hearing with DMV. I hired a lawyer who turned out to be a quack. After I brought the omitted details to the courts attention, the judge entered vacated in regards to the punishment. In regards to the 18months program now with the DMV, I cannot mentally go through that & be punished weekly for what happened to me. In O.C. CA, DUI's don't count after 10 years, so will I be able to get my license then, sans their 18month program? What are my options, as I cannot afford classes & the therapy I'd need for this?
So sorry about your horrible experience. If the case was dismissed, you may be able to resurrect your DMV punishment....
Can I be a lawyer with a DUI?
Back in 2010 I got a DUI. It's all taken care of and I haven't had any trouble with the law since. I'm set to graduate from college next year and I'm planning on going to law school. Will I even be able to sit for the bar if I have a DUI on my record?
Yes you can be a lawyer with a dui. It's a misdemeanor and not a crime of moral turpitude. You will have to disclose...
What can i do about a DUI with drugs, marijuana, if i was never given a blood test but failed the field sobriety test?
I was in possession of marijuana but have a legal medical card that is legal in arizona and california. I was arrested in Arizona. The car smelled which gave the cop the ability to test me. I was driving off of 4 hours of sleep after a 40 hour work week as a physical trainer. I had only eaten a donut and drank coffee so i wasnt feeling very good. I was told i failed the sobriety test because my hands and legs were shaking. I was nervous and malnourished due to lack of sleep and food. My medical card is for chronic ankle pain and i have unstable ankles due to torn ligaments which makes them extremely shaky. I also have broken both my wrists and had surgery on one wrist that has left a shaky loose feel to it. i have no prior arrests or charges.
Without a test of some sort it will be nearly impossible for the case to be prosecuted. I say nearly because if the...
Do I need an SR-22 if I was not convicted of the charge of DUI in Orange County, CA?
I went to the DMV last month to change my name after my divorce was final, and they informed me that my license had been suspended for the past 2 years. I was arrested for DUI in May 2010. However, the DA dropped the charges against me and I was never convicted. The DMV required me to obtain an SR-22. I do not own my vehicle; my ex husband does, and he carries full-coverage insurance on the vehicle. Why would I need an SR-22 since I was not convicted?
License suspensions are generally administrative actions that are not related to the criminal proceedings so even if...