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i also got a recklessly endangering citation on current
The penalties can vary depending on what county this occurred in and whether your first DUII arrest resulted in a DUII...
there was also a recklessly endangering charge and an open containers and failure to maintain lane. my passenger was an adult and the open containers belonged to the other adult but i was the only one charged
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP to represent you. There are several avvo criminal...
I was driving and was turning around to go home. I dropped a cigarette in between the seat and console. I took my eyes off of the road for one second. I looked up and ran over a curb. I went to steer and my power steering failed at the same time unableing me to turn fast enough. The police came about 30 or 40 minutes later. The police officer in the police report says that my wife let him in.. She did not ok him to come in. He threatened my wife to arrest her and walked into our house. He said I smell like alcohol and I blew a 0.00. What he doesn't know is I was really upset my wife had asked me for divorce. I was so stressed out when I got home I took a bunch of my prescription pills. Oxycodene, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. I did not tell them that. He arrested me for drunk drivin
Stop posting ANYTHING about the facts of your case on the internet. Police and prosecutors can and do troll the...
He was arrested after I have been calling the arresting officer for 5 days to confess to making a false report while being very, very intoxicated. My domestic partner was arrested on felony assault IV charges. What do I do now? The police say I'm recanting to protect my partner but that isn't true. He does have priors in the past for hitting me but he hasn't hit me in over 5 years and I'm certain he didn't hit me this time because he wasn't here when it happened. I was very very drunk and when I came to (I knocked myself out when I fell) & seen my face in the mirror, I drunkenly assumed he hit me. What do I do now? He is innocent of this crime; I'm the guilty party for filing a false police report; I barely remember calling the police & I don't remember what I said to the officers
What you should do is not post anymore details about this online, and call an attorney to speak with them privately and...
my boyfriend is on inactive probation and just got his third duii within 10 years along with endangering the welfare of a minor and driving on suspended lisence, but this is his fourth duii in the state of oregon in his whole life
There are no minimum sentences for sort of thing, only maximum sentences and presumptive sentences. Without knowing a...
Remaining balance collected by state or Can he file bankruptcy?
I'm not quite sure I understand ... you said he was ordered to pay $200 per month for two years, and that he did pay...
And dmv tells me i still have to go to diversion too drive and i live in canyonville oregon and no diversion here its ben a long time ago is there any thing else i can do to take care of this so i can drive ? are is there a time will drop of record
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