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My son was arrested in yazoo county! No insurance, expired sticker, expired license also charged with dui other substance
No rights we're read, no drug test given past breath test twice with .00, he has a cash bond cause he doesn't live in the county do we have any chance of getting it thrown out
You have to seek and retain local counsel. It is really important that you find someone that knows the court where you...
I'm from Mississippi and got a DUI in 2011 cand I have it remove off my recored
If I got a dui in 2011 can it be remove from my record
It appears to be possible for a first and only offense. If yours was, contact a Mississippi lawyer. You can use the...
DUI and expungement
I was convicted of a DUI 16 years ago with BAC 0.22 completed required counseling and again 7 years ago with a BAC of .10. Will? Will I be able to receive an expungement
No. Under the new DUI laws you can only expunge the first one ONLY if you don't have a second one.
Will Houston come to pick you up from Ms for dui felony?
What if you have a dui felony and live in ms will tx come and get you if you're already facing penitentiary time.
Possibly. Contact a DUI lawyer asap.
Can i just do the community service and attend the program for a second dui instead of jail time?
i did'nt make a complete stop at the stop sign and they did a breathing test at the car and when they took me in the breathing machine wasn't working and he still was going to charge me with a dui and when he got the machine to work he had me to do it twice
A jail sentence of a minimum 5 days and up to 6 months is MANDATORY, if convicted, of a DUI 2nd offense in Mississippi....
Can my license be suspended for a first offense misdemeanor paraphernalia charge as a dui?
I was convicted almost a year ago for a first offense misdemeanor paraphernalia charge and my license was suspended. I wasn't driving, I was a passenger in the vehicle. I'm trying to reinstate my license and I'm being told that it classifies as a DUI charge/fee. Again I wasn't driving the vehicle. It wasn't even my car. Can this charge, being my first and only one, really be labeled as a DUI charge when it comes to the reinstatement fee and how much would it cost for me to reinstate it? I have paid my fine off a few months back and got my clearance letter from the court.
Contact DMV. These questions aren't really legal questions.
Can I request a hair follicle test while in drug court. I produced a dilute sample due to kidney problems ?
I was in renal failure eight months ago had to have a stent put in kidney it was removed . I had a bad urinary tract infection a month ago . It felt like it was coming back I drank a lot of cranberry juice an produced a diluted sample to drug court . I want to request hair follicle test
Hair follicle test could help. However, the better question is whether you have a good defense for your drug case....