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What will happen if I did not receive a citation for an underage, even though I got breathalyzed?
I was walking back from a party and was stopped by the police. I got breathalyzed and was told what was going to happen, but was not given a citation like the other two people who were with me.
They can choose to charge you, or they can choose to not do so. Stop risking your future.
When i was 17 in the month of July i was charged with a DUI. I am now 21 and got a DUI last night. Will I serve jail time?
Also, since i was 17, will this count as a second DUI or a first offense? Am I eligible for ARD? Should i seek a lawyer or use a public defender? Thank you!
Yes a 2nd. No to ARD. You do have options. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case,...
Would I have a case against a restaurant chain for continuing to serve someone who was drunk despite me asking they stop?
Met up w/friends for dinner. During this time a friend's BF began to become belligerent & act like a jerk, so my friend ask I take her home. Before we left we stopped at the bar & told both bartenders to not serve him anymore, that he's drunk & has to drive home. They agreed. We left. Then we quickly felt bothered by this so we turned around and headed back to the restaurant. He was now sitting at the bar with shot glasses. This was in a 15-20min time frame. The boyfriend now makes a scene he is very eradic and flees the bar, I looked at the tab and they served him 3shots and a beer!!! This after we asked and they agreed not to. In the mean time my friend tried to get him to stop, but he made it to the car and took off. Hour goes by & he is in jail DUI. Is there ample cause to take action?
There would most likely be no liability on part of the bartender for someone receiving a DUI. However, there is...
Do you think I could get my case lowered?
I was driving home from a friends place, I pulled into my parking lot at my apt. I turned off the car and started to get out. a cop pulled in with his spot light on I stayed in the car the cap came up to me and said I was speeding and I was not. then he asked me to get out of the car because he smelled alcohol my breath I told him he was on private property he told me it did not matter... I was home getting out of my car not driving and he still give me a DUI I really could use some help this is my second one in five years
It's a good sign that you recognize your need for help. You lost the issue with the officer, and you will most...
Question is stated above
Was just wandering in the case of getting a dui, does it go by the date you were arrested or the date you lose your license and are actually convicted in court? Im asking on behalf of my husband who had a dui in 2009 and needs to know because of a new driving job.
I suggest he look at the language of the question. If it says conviction, the answer is the date he was found guilty...
How do I get a random D.O.T failed urinalysis x-sponged off my license? Happened 5 years ago.
Still being seen on a background check, for applying on new job application.
It certainly doesn't happen automatically. Hire a DUI defense attorney in your area to get it done the right way the...
My DUI was due do a refusal in Mont.Co PA. No Needles!! Does ARD drug test because of refusals?all pprwrk say no treatment nded
Am deathly scared off needles that's why I refused and was also waiting for a breathalyser which never happened..I was designated driver the alcohol they smelled was from my friend, he was beyond messed up. I was eating chicken swerved a little over the line and got pulled over. Admitted to drinking a beer a few hrs before, did a FST and was told to walk a straight line on the crack of a sidewalk. II barely stepped out of line twice which wasnt really a reason to fail me many other family and family friend wjo are officers said. Also was asked to count 1-9..i counted 1-10. I have insomnia didnt sleep 2.5 nights before this happened. I was not intoxicated and it takes about an hour for one beer to be almost out of your system def. Under legal limjy. But apparently failed and booked.
I guess I am missing the question in all of this. If its a first time offense, no priors, you are most likely ARD...