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How can North Dakota suspend a license if you have already applied for and received a license from another state (such as MN)?
I recently was charged with a DWI. I was living in MN but had not switched to a MN drivers license and was still licensed in ND. After being arrested and released I was informed to pay my fines and retake my tests to receive my MN drivers license. This was completed within 4 days of my offense and I was licensed in MN with the condition that I have IID. Three months after my offense I now received a letter stating my ND license is revoked for 180 days even though I no longer hold a ND license and have not since the incident. Neither the MN nor ND DMV have been any help with the issue. If I do not have a ND license anymore can they still revoke my driving privileges? As of right now I drive with a valid MN license and IID system. Any help would be great! No one in this area has dealt with this issue in the past.
ND suspended your license because that is where you were licensed at the time you received your DWI. Because of...
Why would someone get charged with "Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs" VS. being charged with a DUI?
An acquaintance of mine just got charged with "Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs". Were they more than likely on drugs then drinking since they didn't receive a DUI?
The ND DUI law covers both alcohol and drugs under one statute so I don't think you can say one way or the other if the...
My question is do I have a chance of getting out of this or getting the charges lowered to a lesser plea.
I had a couple of beers with my friends and after I was done with 2 beers I was on my way home. I was 63 in a 55 when I got stopped by the highway patrol. The officer ask if I was drinking I told him I had a couple earlier. He then ask me to do the field sobriety test which I past everything with flying colors. Then he had me do a Breathalyzer test which I blew a 0.82 then he gave me another one 4 minutes after that one which I blew a 0.78 then he gave me another one 3 minutes after that one which I blew a 0.74. The officer then arrested me for DUI and took me to jail which was a 10 to 15 minute ride and there they gave me a more accurate test which had a result of 0.68 and they told me that I was going to be charged with the DUI any ways.
With good representation, your chances for a successful resolution increase exponentially
What are the odds that I'll be going to jail?
I got a DUI in winter of 2015. I've been making monthly payments. I missed a payment in the spring and had an order to show cause hearing. Now I missed another payment because I was on vacation for 2 weeks and wasn't working. I have another order to show cause hearing.
The fact that you did not pay because you were on vacation will not look good, i.e. you had money to pay for a vacation,...
Jail time for a DUI without ever having a drivers license
Was driving while under the influence a week ago and flipped a company truck 3 times and totaled it while drunk. I have court summons next month for this incident, I'm just looking to see how much time I'll be serving in jail for this. Thanks
Need more facts... Are you a minor? Was your licence suspended / revoked / never obtained one? How did you manage to...
I know a guy well just that just got his second dui with in 10 years first one was in nd and this one is in polk county mn
He posted his own bail and is out drinking every day he is not to be doing this it's weekday its in his realese from the court who call i contact to let them know he is not doing what he is suppose to be doing he is in grand forks and can't leave cuz of residency there but dui is in mn
Generally speaking, if he's only out on bail and hasn't been to court yet, he's allowed to drink. Please take this...
Am I currently legally allowed to drive in North Dakota?
I received an OWI while on vacation. I went back to that state, put in my plea, and was sentenced. Because I live in North Dakota, but the OWI was in a different state, I know that that state has no jurisdiction over my license. So, am I still currently legally able to drive until otherwise told by the state of North Dakota? I don't want to risk it, if I'm not allowed, but I haven't received anything in the mail yet. Thank you!
Your ND license is valid in ND until it has been revoked or suspended by the NDDOT. Revocation and suspension Notices...