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  • Judge rules alderman's son was not the victim of exc...

    Yesterday | via Lumina News 

    A federal judge has ruled in favor of Wrightsville Beach and two police officers accused of excessive force and other civil rights violations by the son of Mayor Pro Tem Darryl Mills. Adam Mills was arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired Nov. 8, 2011 - the same night his father was elected to the Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen.


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  • Beach blotter

    Wednesday Aug 26 | via Lumina News 

    Construction workers at various sites around Wrightsville Beach have recently reported missing tools. On Friday, Aug. 21, Officer Sam Smith used the vehicle description of the suspected thief to located a 36-year-old Brunswick County resident Blaine Hancock who was arrested for driving without a license, breaking and entering and larceny after Smith allegedly found a stolen circular saw inside his vehicle.


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  • Wrightsville Beach sees drop in several crime statis...

    Thursday Aug 6 | via Lumina News 

    Wrightsville Beach saw a drop in several crime statistics this year as compared with 2014, police chief Daniel House told residents Wednesday night during his quarterly "Chat with the Chief" meeting with residents. Burglary, thefts, driving while intoxicated and liquor violations were all down, while vandalism, fraud and disorderly conducts were up.


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Wrightsville Beach Law

What am I facing? I just was charged with a DWI in NC. I have some priors, details below.
My priors consist of a DWI Level 5 conviction in '04, a misc. motor vehicle conviction (DWI under 21) in '09, a DWI Level 5 conviction in '13, and I had a DWI in '11 dismissed due to the arresting officer retiring before my trial. I am now facing my 3rd DWI and from the research I've done my life is over. Ironically, I have an important job and this has helped to lighten my sentencing before. Upon my sentencing for my priors, I've had to complete many substance abuse treatments/probation/fines but never have had an interlock device installed in my car. At this point I am voluntarily installing one now and plan on keeping it forever.
Consider contacting a local DUI lawyer asap for a free consultation.
Need some knowledge of DWI assessments and dwlr assessments in NC?
In NC when you get a dwi you are required to take an assessment and then the number of classes determined by the assessor. As of 2008 they also require you to take an assessment if you get a dwlr and your revocation had been due to a dwi. I had a dwi I was convicted of in 2012 and later got two dwlr conviictions. The dwi was in Brunswick county and the two dwlr were in New Hanover county. So my questions are will I have to take a seperate assessment and set of classes for each charge or can the three be consolidated? and also, can these assessments and classes be taken anywhere in NC regardless of the county of conviction?
How much time separated the two DWIR convictions in New Hanover county? Were they consolidated or handles separately?...
Is there any use in hiring a DUI attorney? Or any advice at all would help, really.
I was recently pulled in Shallotte, Nc and charged with DWI, possesion of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. I am 17 years old and am aware of NC's zero tolerance policy towards underage drinking. My mother isn't very willing to help me, luckily i have my grandparents to fall back on for support. Any legal advice whatsoever would be an incredible help. I know i'm loosing my license for at least one year, but am more worried about the effect this will have on my grandparent's insurance, and my record.
You should really consult a good defense attorney, the sooner the better, as there may be some defenses to your charges....
My son was ticketed in Wilmington,nc for underaged possession of alcohol. do we need a lawyer?
My son has a clean record, is a full time college student with a part time job. Is it recommended for him to retain a lawyer foHe states he drove an adult to the ABC store where he stayed in the car as the adult purchased alcohol alone. Once the adult returned to the car, the police confronted everyone ine the car,, (3 minors, 1 adult) and charged all of them although only the adult was in possession of the alcohol. However, my son states that the police were informed that the adult was "spotted" the cash he was lacking to buy the alcohol before leaving the residence with the understanding the adult was going to reimburse the cash to the19 year olds later.
Yes, your son needs to hire an attorney. The good news is that if this is his first offense, most DA offices will...
Do I have any chance of getting off a DWI arrest bc of a possible 4th Ammendment violation?
I was charged with a dwi in NC(2013) It is a unique circumstance where I was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for speeding. The driver was arrested for a dwi and taken away and I was told not to drive. I was then pulled over for operating the vehicle about 30 minutes after the original driver was taken away. The original driver was let off of her convicted dwi on the basis of the police conducting an illegal stop. My question is do I have a case of getting off based on the illegal stop and evidence obtained whichthen the police used to stop me. Any thoughts?
You should talk to an experienced DWI attorney asap to see what your options are. It is hard to evaluate the merits of...
I pled guilty to DWI in district court today and got unsupervised probation. If I appeal to superior court next week, is it
possible that the DAs will be willing to reduce or dismiss my DWI to avoid a full blown jury trial? the DA in district court told me that they will fire him if he reduces a dwi
Chances are great that your DWI charge would not be dismissed simply because you appealed the case. A "full blown"...
It's been 12years since my dui in Florida.
Did my 1 night in jail never paid fine or community service or probation. Was told there is a warrant for my arrest after 12 years. Is there a statute of limitations for this. Never tried to get my license back but would like to now but afraid will be arrested. I now live in North Carolina and have for last12 years. Left fl right after court for dui.
North Carolina will not allow you to get your license until you are in compliance with all all of your obligations out...