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If I had a accident in Feb 2014 have heard nothing, was told they are still waiting on blood test..how long does this take?
Should I still be concerned whether they will charge me or not?
Until the statute of limitations for a DUI has run, you should be concerned, BUT in situations like this NO NEWS is...
How long is the statute of limitations for a DUI in Georgia?
I was arrested with DUI less safe 26mos ago. I have not received a letter of accusation from Fulton co. yet. It has been over 2 years since my arrest. I do have a lawyer & have heard nothing on that end as well.
Contact your lawyer with your inquiry.
Can you get a pouring permit in the city of Alpharetta with one dui charge?
I was charged with a dui and just recieved a job serving in Alpharetta. I know the laws are a lot stricter on receiving your pouring permit and I can't find any information online that says what can deny you from getting one. I have no other charges and was wondering if the dui will not allow me to get a pouring permit.
I did a very quick search and it looks like you will not have an issue with a DUI. However, I would recommend that you...
How do I take a DUI course in Georgia for an offense that happened in North Carolina?
I was convicted of a first time DUI in NC. I moved to GA before I completed the adets course. Am I able to do an assessment and take a course here in Georgia that will be acceptable in NC so I can get a Georgia license? Thanks for helping!!!
That would be determined by North Carolina law and regulations. You would need to contact the DMV in North Carolina to...
What can I do to get my license in Georiga?
I got a DUI in California about 3 years ago, I did not complete my DUI 1st offenders program due to financial issues and I now live in Atlanta, GA. California DMV has a block on my license for non completion of the program and would like to know what my best option is to obtain my license here in Georgia. I have looked into the 1650 Waiver but it is very difficult to get through the DMV mandatory actions line, can I ask a California judge for a transfer and might be able to take a program here in GA?
You can try and transfer the probation to Georgia. But would be far more likely to be successful if you retained an...
Can I pay a fine for a suspended license and a reinstatement fee anywhere in Georgia? my license is suspended in Georgia...
My license was suspended in Peach County, GA in 2000. Since then, I have been homeless. I am getting back on my feet, and would like to reinstate my license, but I cannot get to Peach County to pay it...
The reinstatement fee is paid to DDS, which is a statewide organization. However, you likely have a fine due to Peach...
Criminal falsification of test results by police are routine. One attorney discovered his client's alleged 0.22% BAC was the same exact score that 20 other DWI arrestees had been accused of in a row. There is no way this "coincidence" could have been unnoticed by police.Oftentimes, a government officer will require the citizen to submit to several BAC tests. The government officer might then keep the highest reading and destroy all evidence of the lower readings. Or if all the readings are low, it is perhaps in the government's interest to destroy that evidence ("negligently misplace" it). Use of an alcohol swab before inserting the needle will give a false BAT result. It is more difficult for the government to keep track of the chain of evidence when blood is drawn at a hospital. There are differences in venous blood and arterial blood, depending on time from the last drink. The hospital will probably require a citizen to sign a waiver of legal liability before drawing blood (of course you can still sue if something goes very wrong).
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