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Both DUO's have been taken care of, no pending legal matters for either. Was checking for a "just in case" situation. I've heard different stories from several non legal sources, needing clarification. )
This is too fact-specific a determination for us to be able to give you an answer here on AVVO. Go to the MV agency,...
An office offers two clinical evaluations, non-DUI and DUI.
There is no such thing. It is likely you will be required to complete an alcohol and drug evaluation and follow any...
and can i be charged with dui while on private property not driving. i pulled into my drive way after a christmas party last year and bumped my neighbors cousin vehichle she called the police but i just sat in my car and it was not running.
The statute of limitations is two years. Yes, you can be charged with DUI on private property.
The driver of a vehicle that I was riding in wrecked into a brick wall. I lived at the complex where the driver hit the wall. I was a passenger and my brother was also a passenger. The driver took off running and my brother and I walked to my home. Police came to my door about 20 minutes or so later and arrested me for a dui because I was drunk and no one else was there to blame I guess. I told them that I wasn't driving but the officer could care less. So it's been over three years now and my attorney is yet to get this case resolved for me. The police has absolutely zero evidence that I was driving the vehicle. Muscogee county Georgia
I changed your area of inquiry to criminal defense since you have been charged with a crime - DUI. The person you need...
there are a few things with my arrest I'm curious are usable towards reducing charge. I was pulled over for my "tag" lights being out. But the were not out. The cop said he pulled me over for tag lights being out and asked had I been drinking. I said yes, a couple. He then asked me to sit tight while he ran my id. He came back and said a DUI cop was coming and told me to give him my keys, in case I decided to run. Was that legal? Also during the eye test of the field test I informed the officer I had a lazy eye. He laughed and said, yep ya do. He also gave it to facing the cop car with lights on with traffic behind it. What do you think? I blew 0.14. Thanks
I think with a .14 you are facing an uphill battle.
She was traveling so fast that upon impact her car went flying through the air and debris flying. Her car landed 2 houses away from impact. My car totaled. i went to the dr. the next day and hired an attorney. I went thru treatment but none of which really helped. I have severe back and neck spasms. some days i am in such neck pain that i cant move my head much less drive. with the attorney i was offered 14,000. Because of my pain which seems to be getting worse, my life has changed and i know i will need further medical. the drivers policy was 50,000. I feel especially because she was totally at fault and got dui + 3 tickets that i deserve more. i did not accept the offer and am thinking about a new attorney. or should i accept it?
You did not say when this happened and what treatment you had. You need to discuss this more with your attorneybsince...
Seven years ago I got a felony charge and plead first time offender and was sentenced 7 years probation. I still have 5 months left on that sentence. What do I do??
Hire a lawyer as soon as possible. The police officer probably filed a request to suspend your drivers license within...