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What happens if someone takes a car unlawfully and is charge and doesn't have a license
my brother is in the hospital and his ex stole his truck and don't have a license I'm his poa
Well, does the ex have an ownership interest in the truck? Did she get permission from your brother at all? If she does...
Why am i being made to attend 16 week treatment on my first offense? Had attorney he never said anything in court.
I was out of my car with keys in hand and was still approached and given a sobriety test (failed). Charged with dui, got license back but suspended for not complying with 16 wk treatment, was evaluated twice and was told every one must do classes..upon second eval., they had my information mixed up with someone else...since then two people i know have gotten dui's but didnt have to do classes...i just want to pay my fines and surcharges so i can get license...believe have been unfairly treated and the process was not done within my legal rights...should have been reduced to a lesser charge...please help me get out of these classes.
Sounds like it's too late to "get you out of these classes." Speak with your lawyer abou the outcome of your case and...
Confused about prior DUI arrest?
I'm a little confused, I was arrested in 1999 for DUI in PA, I have NJ driver's license. I completed the ARD program and there was no impact on my NJ license. In May 2010 I was arrested in NJ for DUI. Will this count as my first? I'm assuming it will because there is no history on my driver's abstract but I was not 100% sure. Thanks.
You'll find out when you go to court, most likely. The charging document will indicate whether you are being charged...
Certification of Disposition on DWI
I feel foolish asking, but will anyway. My ex got DWI and his cert of disposition says: IDRC 12h, LREK 2y, INST 1y, Jail 2d, CSER 30 day. finding guilty. He told me that this is not final and that after he is thru with 16 weeks of IDRC, they will determine how long he lost his license for. how can this be ? I think he is lying.
I would concur that he is also lying.
Charged with DWI. Didnt receive any discovery after requesting for a week. Is this ground for dismissal ?
I am charged with DWI. I have requested for discovery but didnt receive it after a week. The court date is coming up. Is this a ground for dismissal. Can I file a motion to dismiss ?
Not on your life. Try coming every month for six months and then maybe, but don't count on it then. DWI without a...
How can I go about taking care of a DWI I received 11 years ago?
I received a DWI 11 years ago and never went to court for it and now I need my license for my job. What should I do?
Your best bet is to reach out to an Attorney who practices in the DWI area. Many of us on here have dealt with your...
Charged with DWI. Original court date - April 4th. Received court notice - court date changed to April 4th - same as original dt
I am charged with DWI. My original court date is April 4th on the ticket. I received a notice from court that the court date is changed to April 4th. But I dont understand what has changed as its the same court date and time. Is this an error ? Do I notify the court the court date is the same and nothing changed. I am requesting to push back the court date by 30 days to receive discovery and review the discovery and discuss it with expert
The judge wants you there for a first appearance and to be arraigned (charged with the offense and told of the...